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Samira Koppikar and Paresh Pahuja on making music and their journey

Singer, composer and performer, Samira Koppikar and actor Paresh Pahuja talk about their journey, new music and collaboration in this exclusive interview.

Samira Koppikar is back with a brand-new set of songs that are destined to top the charts. She is set to build on the popularity of her previous album, Prem Scam, by releasing new songs like “Tuje Pyaar,” “Beliya,” “Das Ki Kariye,” “Khush Qismati,” and Raahatein Manchale. For her upcoming song, she is collaborating closely with popular actor Paresh Pahuja who was recently seen in motion pictures like Lakadbaggha. With acting he is also very passionate about music and made his music debut in 2021. In this exclusive interview, we chat with them about their journey and more.

Samira Koppikar and Paresh Pahuja tell us about their new music and journey:

Sameera Koppikar:

Samira Koppikar

What made you want to make a career in the music industry? 

Music as a passion has been ingrained in me from a young Age. I used to sit in front of the TV and sing ad jingles as a child. That’s when my parents realised this & enrolled me in music classes at the age of 3. 

Tell us about the new collection of songs.. which is your favourite from the collection. 

It’s like asking someone to choose between your mother and your father. Hard to choose. Every song is special as it is original and speaks about love… the most relatable and universal feeling. We’ve covered different moods & shades of this. 

What was the inspiration for the new songs and how was the experience working on the new releases? 

The inspiration is life itself and the people. It was a beautiful and unique experience working on 16 Original Songs, where one gets to express so many shades and colours of love, rendering them on a blank canvas.

How was it working with  Paresh Pahuja for your song? 

Paresh has a distinctive voice and it was fun working with him.

One thing you think is missing in the Indian music industry and how do you wish to bridge that gap? 

I feel that sound and music production has gained too much significance over … good melody and lyrics.  For me, a beautiful song needs to have a good melody and lyrics… it needs to be timeless. The shelf life of songs which are dependent on modern sound is very less. Attention spans have reduced, but we need to bring the timelessness back.

Paresh Pahuja:

Paresh Pahuja

How was your experience working with Samira Koppikar?

My experience of working with Samira was delightful from the first conversation we had to the recording to the shoot, she is so supportive. She makes it so easy to collaborate. She was just like this ball of positive energy and very, very encouraging. And in every sense, I think I would love to do more and more music with her. Also, a musical sensibility, something that I really, really enjoy. You know it’s very authentic. It’s very original and at the same time, it’s very fresh.

What are you more inclined towards, acting or music? 

You know I get this a lot, and I always end up saying it’s both, you know because both are expressions of creativity. But let me tell you, today, for the first time in an interview, it’s music. I realised it’s music because music is so personal. I could be sitting alone in my room just with a guitar or even without any instruments, and I could just sing, Hum, right? It’s so personal. It’s so personal and so direct. While for acting, it’s more of a collaborative effort, which I enjoy, and absolutely love. But that music is like therapy for me. It’s healing. And I plan on doing a lot and a lot more music this year. A lot, a lot, many collaborations with different artists. And I’m trying to put out at least one song every month and see how that plan is.

Who is your inspiration in the music industry? 

My inspiration in the music industry would be Diljit Dosanjh. I think he is living the kind of life that I would like to live in, which is, you know, travelling the whole world doing concerts, making fresh music, doing films at the same time, and all of this while still balancing a very healthy, personal, private life. So, yeah, he’s totally inspiring. And I worked with him. We were in a film called Jogi, and he’s such a grounded human being and he’s absolutely, absolutely inspiring.

Hero And Featured Image: Courtesy Samira Koppikar and Paresh Pahuja

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