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As we all find ways to get through this time and work towards maintaining wellbeing, here’s some help at hand. If you’re looking for ways to utilise all this time at home, these online courses during quarantine are the best way to up-skill.


online courses during quarantine

This online platform offers courses affiliated with universities and organisations, including degrees and certificate courses from the University of London, Imperial College London, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University, amongst others. The options span across any genre of your choice–psychology, business, personal development, languages, IT, health, social sciences, and many more–literally making the digital world your oyster.


online courses during quarantine

Founded by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, EdX is a platform that has the top universities of the world as its members. Brown University, IIT Bombay, Princeton University, Sorbonne University, University of Oxford, Georgetown University are only a few of its members. Not only are you getting the best possible education but you’re also getting it across all genres such as architecture, medicine, design, law, art & culture, music, finance to name a few in offline courses. They have any and every degree you may want to pursue online.

The New School

online courses during quarantine
Victoria Beckham at The Parsons School of Design. Image: Courtesy The New School

As the name suggests, The New School moves away from traditional teaching methods and strives to employ a modern age technique. Parsons School of Design, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, the College of Performing Arts, The New School for Social Research, the Schools of Public Engagement, and Parsons Paris are a part of The New School umbrella. They upload videos on Youtube through which you can learn about video, multimedia, fashion, artworks, animation, etc. For the creative souls inclined towards these lines, this Youtube channel is a refreshing welcome.

How to Win at Working from Home Habit

online courses during quarantine
Dane Sanders, the course guide. Image: courtesy Tell MeYour Dreams

Work from home isn’t easy, and especially difficult for some. If you have young or old ones who need your attention, if you’re staying alone and managing everything singlehandedly, and so on…it’s simply not possible to ace the WFH life seamlessly. But this course is here to help you. It helps you reach your maximum potential. This is done by guiding you in creating healthy habits, a structure that is beneficial to you, your co-workers, as well as family at home. So, if you’re looking to make the work from home life work for you, sign up for this one.


online courses during quarantine

They’ve got certificate courses, diplomas, and learning courses, and are ideal for those looking to up-skill for their career. Again, there’s no dearth of the nature of the courses–which span across all sectors. Their ‘Learning Path’ courses are under 20-hours modules which help you broaden your knowledge in a chosen topic. They also give career guidance and have courses for specific jobs so you can acquire targeted excellence in your field.