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10 things that reveal just what ‘typa girl’ BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim is

From an affinity for cameras to appreciation for all things avocado – there’s so much more to BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim than what meets the eye. Here’s looking at a few things about the pop star – both endearing and inspiring.

A fierce ‘YG Princess,” while on stage and sensitive “Mandu,” (translated, dumpling) when off it – BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim has quite the unique personality. The lead rapper and vocalist of one of (if not the) biggest girl groups in the world leads a busy lifestyle – with buzzing world tour itineraries, frequent studio sessions, and major brand deals. No surprises why she is one of the most recognisable stars of the generation. A further testament to her popularity?

In 2018, she held the crown for being the fastest Korean idol to hit two million followers on Instagram. That said, her time in the spotlight isn’t her only defining characteristic. Whether you’re a BLINK keen on discovering something new about their bias or a new admirer keen on getting to know the pop icon better – we’ve rounded up a few fun facts that truly make up Jendeukie.

Things you may not know about BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim

Her dietary staples include oat milk, avocado, and detox juices

Jennie Kim facts

Jennie’s mornings – as per her LA vlog – involve a quick breakfast of toast and cereal with oat milk. In a live stream with her fans, she also revealed that she enjoys vanilla tea with oat milk. All about that porridge lifestyle, she avoids salty food, South China Morning Post notes. It’s also been reported that she enjoys avocado piled on toast or tossed in salads. However, her go-to – she added in a live stream – remains avocado on rice with pollock roe. Another staple? Detox juice. While the ingredients of the same haven’t been revealed, what has been is the fact that fellow BLACKPINK member Lisa often has a glass of it alongside her.

She’s quite the MasterChef

The rapper and vocalist has noted on several occasions that she enjoys cooking – going so far as to consider being professionally trained. In a livestream, she revealed her recipe for the perfect avocado on rice with pollock roe. That aside, she’s seen leading the charge for all things baked and cooked like pancakes and macaroons in the reality show BLACKPINK House – prompting her band members to jokingly call her “Jennie Ramsey.” Jennie has also attested to whipping up scrambled eggs for the band and has tried her hand at mandu (dumplings) and tanghulu (candied fruit) with Jisoo. She can also make a mean kimchi fried rice.

Her biggest beauty secret is a good diet

Jennie Kim facts

The star undoubtedly has flawless “glass skin,” despite hectic schedules and multiple makeup switches. To do this, she doubles down on wellness. In an interview, she’d noted that while she earlier would take to using two face masks a day, she’s switched focus to her diet more recently. This includes indulging in collagen soup and detox juice, while ensuring she eats healthy throughout to help heal her skin from the inside out. She also noted the golden ticket to healthy skin – drinking plenty of water.

When it comes to skin and bodycare, she swears by scrubs

Jennie is an early to bed, early to rise kind of a person. In a recent vlog on her official YouTube channel, she reflected on her night-time wellness routine – remove makeup, take a shower, let hair dry, and go to bed. Peppered within are scalp and body massages. However, a recurring theme in the video was scrubs – the kind that exfoliate dead skin cells while nourishing skin. In particular the idol noted that she has to constantly switch lip colours for shoots – using wet wipes in between which damage her lips. “So I like to take care of my lips,” she said, pointing to her lip scrub. “I like to put it on when I have the time,” she added. She later reflected on her skin’s quality. “I do tend to have soft skin,” she chirped, “It’s because I took care of it.” The secret? A body scrub with honey, sugar, and nourishing oils.

She is a loud and proud shutterbug

Jennie has a dedicated photography page titled simply ‘J’ (lesyeuxdenini). The bio reads, “A story that eye witnessed,” and the account itself is a potpourri of cafe-lined streets, concert stills, couples in love, and children playing tag with water fountains. Each is a reflection of the idol’s affinity for cameras – old-school film photography to be precise. She – a report by South China Morning Post notes, uses Contax cameras – T2 and T3 to be precise.

When it comes to music, she’s a renaissance woman

Apart from being a rap goddess, Jennie is known for her bold vocals and electric stage presence. Over the years, she’s tapped into several other aspects of the music industry, including songwriting with BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls. She plays the guitar, taking to the stage in 2019 to perform her cover of Best Part by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R (BLACKPINK Private Stage). Reportedly, she also plays the piano and flute.

The fashion icon is often called the “Human Chanel”

When she first debuted, Jennie would often sport Gucci apparel – earning her the title ‘Human Gucci.” As per SBS Australia, she commented on this with, “I’m embarrassed to say the nickname myself. I think people gave me the nickname because they kindly perceived the outfits I wore to award shows and on stage.” However, more recently, this has switched to “Human Chanel,” with the rapper-singer sporting the brand while out and about in Seoul, in concerts, or just lounging at home. We’re talking everything from tweed two-pieces and breezy sundresses to crop tops and baseball caps. In an interview, she revealed that she’d often hunt for vintage Chanel in her mother’s wardrobe as a toddler.

To stay fit, she turns to flying yoga and pilates

Although elaborate choreographies are workouts in their own right, Jennie enjoys adding yoga – particularly flying yoga – and pilates to her routine. Reports note that she goes for several hour-long sessions (or longer, depending on her fitness needs) about five days a week. She often posts pictures of her sessions on a trapeze table on Instagram. In the 2020 documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, she reveals how she’s always hurt after a concert and hence needs to strengthen and heal her body simultaneously. Pilates, which gently takes you through vigorous routines – fits the bill perfectly. The scenes spotlight Jennie on a reformer, stretching it out while having a casual, fun conversation with her instructor – who’s also a good friend.

The social butterfly has quite a few friends in the K-pop industry

Jennie Kim facts

Jennie has several long-standing friendships in the K-ppp industry. The most popular of these is with fellow YG artist and Winner member Song Mino. The idol has supported her friend by heading to his art showcases and cheering on his song releases. Other popular friends include Red Velvet’s Irene and Yeri – each of whom replicate each other’s dance performances in a gesture of support, while on stage for promotions. Twice’s Nayeon, Weki Meki’s Doyeon, former Melody Day member Chahee, and Canadian singer songwriter Grimes. Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Squid Game’s Hoyeon Jung have all been spotted with Jennie.

She enjoys everything about La Ville Lumiere

While every celebrity has their pick of travel destinations, for Jennie, it’s undoubtedly the ‘City of Love Paris.’ She’s often seen out and about in La Ville Lumiere – popping by cafes, sipping wine in elegant restaurants, and eyeing the iconic Eiffel Tower. While she does head to the city for the Paris Fashion Week quite often, she’s also vacationed at the spot with her mother. In fact, browse through her Instagram and you’re bound to find a Parisian capture every other second.

All images: Courtesy Jennie Kim

10 things that reveal just what ‘typa girl’ BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim is

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