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Pernod Ricard India Foundation sets up Ladakh’s first COVID-19 testing lab

Pernod Ricard India Foundation helped the Union Territory of Ladakh in setting up its first COVID-19 testing lab.

Landlocked from all sides, Ladakh, one of the most picturesque and remote regions in India, remains inaccessible by road for almost one-third of the year. In the wake of COVID-19 and lack of local testing measures, testing has been conducted by aerially lifting samples to Delhi every day. This tedious process has led to delays in results, increasing financial strain on the territory.

Covid-19 testing lab

The Pernod Ricard India Foundation has come forward to provide aid for this situation. Continuing their support for communities across India, PRI Foundation has helped Ladakh in setting up its first COIVD-19 testing lab by supporting the equipment. It is a fully equipped BSL-2 lab compliant with Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) standards that will ensure timely and cost-effective testing.

COVID-19 testing lab
Image: Courtesy PRI Foundation

They have also provided 45,000 medical masks, 500 N95 masks, and 1,000 hand sanitisers for the healthcare professionals on the frontline in the region. Committed to filling the demand-supply gap for critical equipment like respiratory systems, ventilators, and ICU beds, the PRI Foundation has planned an investment of Rs 15 crores in healthcare systems and frontline professionals.

They intend to provide crucial infrastructure support and preventive commodities and enable vulnerable communities to remain safe and healthy through social and economic adversities. 6o ventilators, over 100 ICU beds have been supported to state governments. Currently, over 2.5 lakh litres sanitiser and 3.5 lakh masks have been supplied to support our COVID warriors.

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