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Pet grooming services in your city to pamper your pets silly

Pet parents will understand how difficult it is during these times to get their pets groomed and looked after. Here are some services across cities that you can call to give your pets some TLC.

Pet grooming services in Bengaluru

The Blue Ridge Pet Specialty & Research Centre 

pet grooming services

If you are looking for the gentlest and kindest hands when it comes to your pet, then you must have heard of Dr Michel G Morton. Besides, a vast range of specialised medical care facilities for pets, The Blue Ridge Pet Specialty & Research Centre has a 2000 sqft pet store and a pet spa for both dogs and cats. The team, Dr. Morton assures, is trained to handle different temperaments and sizes.

While home-based services are not on offer – the centre has implemented a series of safety measures. “We use masks for all our team members and insist that all pet parents wear them too. Temperature checks are done at the door for everyone before they enter the premises. We have sanitisers at the door and reception areas and encourage patrons to use them. Social distancing inside the clinic is a must,” explains Dr. Morton.

Contact: +91 91089 80086 (Blue Ridge Clinic)

Furry Fairy

pet grooming services

Furry Fairy offers pet grooming (for dogs and cats), along with boarding in a cage-free facility and swimming for all breeds of dogs. Grooming goes from basic to styling and hair-cuts. Skin and hair treatments like de-shedding treatment, deep smoothening for dry hair, oil massages for relaxation and arthritis pain relief are also offered. For pet parents bringing their babies to Furry Fairy, they are requested to drop their pet off for a service. 

“We follow sanitisation protocols and take precautionary steps like disposable gloves and masks. We also offer home grooming and pick up and drop for pets from home. Due to the COVID-19 situation, if pet parents are home quarantined, we offer boarding for pets. We sanitise the pet and then pick them up for boarding,” explains Ramya Gowda, owner, pet stylist, animal rescuer, holistic healer.

Contact: +91 99864 50438/94482 00842


pet grooming services

Pet grooming services at Wag-ville are available both in-house as well as home-based (not in containment zones). These services range from shampooing to trimming, ear cleaning, aromatherapy massages, speciality haircuts and trimming, de-shedding treatments, de-matting, de-ticking treatment, and more. Wag-ville also offers breed-specific show grooming.  

For anxious or aggressive pets, there are grooming, canine behaviourists offering grooming desensitisation programs. “When you visit with your pet, your temperature will be taken, and you will be seated in a socially distanced area. Else, the pet can be dropped and picked up. The pet will be sanitised with a spray and then taken into the grooming parlour. 

All equipment is sanitised after every use. The staff maintain social distancing and are always kitted in masks and gloves. All payments are online. For home grooming – a designated space will have to be allotted, and sanitisation protocols are followed before and after,” explains Kishan Vasudevan, managing partner, Wag-ville. 

Contact: +91 94499 29024

Fuzzy Wuzzy Pet Styling Studio & Spa 

pet grooming services

 Fuzzy Wuzzy provides a range of grooming services from maintenance to hygiene to creative, cosmetic, show and corrective. All of this is customised according to the requirement of each pet and their skin condition. Because of the quality of services offered and the state-of-the-art infrastructure, Fuzzy Wuzzy functions exclusively out of their centre. All of the equipment is regularly sanitised and sterilised. Additional precautions are taken to ensure the pet, owners, and staff all follow safety protocols. 

“We provide a variety of grooming services for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and birds. We regulate the visits of the pets and their owners to ensure social distancing. We have enough time between appointments to sanitise and keep everything hygienic,” says Radhiya Hemchandra, international master groomer, professional pet stylist, pet psychologist and canine communicator.

Contact: +91 93414 33040 / fuzzywuzzyradhiya@gmail.com

Pawz and Care 

pet grooming services

Pawz and Care offers both home-based and centre-based pet grooming services. All standard clean-ups, stain removal, dental hygiene, shampooing, conditioning, trimming, de-matting, and de-shedding, as well as face trimming, are offered. Medicated treatment for ticks and fleas, treatments for itching and dryness, sensitive skin, bacterial and fungal infections are also undertaken. This is available for all breeds of dogs and cats. 

“In the current COVID-19 situation, we make sure we have no contact with pet parents. They are requested to drop their pets at the gate and pick them up at a fixed time. Pets are taken for showers first, followed by the grooming. In home-based services, we request for a designated space, says founder-director, Prateek Ashok. 

Contact: +91 98803 38844

Pet grooming services in Mumbai

Yes Says Doggie Pet Grooming Salon

pet grooming services 

 Based in Navi Mumbai, this pet grooming salon offers grooming services such as bathing, conditioning, haircuts, nail clipping, ear cleaning, de-matting, brushing, pet spas, and more. They cater to dogs of all breeds and cats. Currently, they are not offering home services.

“We provide limited appointment slots, thus limiting staff strength. The staff is equipped with protective gear like face masks, disposable gloves, and all grooming equipment is regularly sanitised. Pick up and drop off of pets are done outside the salon. All furry friends’ leashes are cleaned and sanitised on entry, and we encourage contactless methods of payment,” explains owner Shweta Verma. 

 Contact: +91 98205 13050

Petgascar Pet Spa

pet grooming services

The spa offers pet grooming services at the salon and at client homes too. Their services include bath and groom, breed style haircuts, hair colour, oil massage, spa, de-shedding treatment, deep conditioning, tick and flea treatment, medicated baths, nail art, hygiene trim, dental care, ear care, pawdicures, de-matting, dry bath, show grooming, and scissoring. The grooming area is clean, sanitised after every groom, well ventilated, and is equipped with streaming music. 

The safety measures include wearing a face mask and shield and gloves while receiving a pet. Pet parents cannot enter salons, and pets once received will have their leashes sanitised. Baths are now compulsory for all pets for safety reasons. Temperature check for staff is done daily. “If the pet parent wants to watch over a pet during trimming, we video call clients or send them pictures,” says founder and head stylist Leisha Motwani. 

Petagascar has four branches – Oshiwara, Powai, Bandra West, and Santacruz West. 

Pet grooming services in Kolkata


Pratik Mondal’s Paw-Leash caters to dog grooming in Kolkata. His is a purely home-based service and offers nail cutting and filing, trimming, ear cleaning, brushing, anal gland cleaning, among other services. “We use only sanitised instruments, and once we finish grooming a client’s pet, we don’t use it on another till sanitised. We are currently taking appointments for three clients a day. The groomer, as well as the pet parent, will have their temperatures measured,” Mondal explains. 

Contact: + 91 89616 23680


pet grooming services

Pawsome is a wellness centre that offers a wide range of facilities for a pet – pet shop with supplies, medicines, supplements, food, toys, doctor consultations, a pet bakery as well as grooming and spa. 

“We regularly sanitise the entire clinic and have fumigation services for our operation theatre. Doctors and para-vets wear masks, face shields, gloves, and PPE kits. Sanitisers in every room and entrance for the clients is mandatory. We also have a thermal screening of clients, and not more than three patients are allowed inside at any given point of time. Only one family member is allowed with a sick pet. We also give pet parents detailed information on how to wash the paws of pets after they come back from their walk to avoid getting germs/virus into the house,” explains Ravneet Kaur Bhatia, director, Pawsome. 

Contact: +91 70039 94699 / Pawsomekolkata@gmail.com 

Pet grooming services in Delhi

Wiggly Tails 

pet grooming services

Wiggly Tails is a mobile pet grooming service that grooms your furry babies in the convenience of your home/office. They offer all types of grooming services for pets like massage bath with warm water, coat brushing, fluff drying, haircuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, pet-safe spray cologne, aroma massage, treatment for ticks and fleas, among other services. All grooming products are chosen to care for pet’s skin and coat. The service is for all breeds of dogs.  

“The van contains a bathtub, hot and cold-water supply, a genset, grooming table, state of the art equipment, all-natural products, lighting and an air conditioner. The stylists are kitted in mask and gloves. Pet parents are not allowed into the van but can watch from a distance. The stylist will not enter the home of the client, and the van is sanitised after each session,” explains Richa Aggarwal, co-founder. 

Contact: +91 84473 36945


pet grooming services

PetPipers is a Delhi-based brand, run by Garima and Srishti, offering in-house/indoor grooming services in Delhi/NCR. They have a range of customisable services. Grooming is for dogs, cats, and rabbits as well.

“At PetPipers, all groomers are equipped with sanitisers, gloves, bottles of disinfectants, and masks. Before every booking, we ask about the travel history of the customer and the status of their vicinity. Groomers stay six feet away from the customers and sanitise their hands and change into a new set of masks and gloves when they enter a house. Grooming is done in a designated spot, and payment is done online. Space is then thoroughly disinfected,” explains Garima Khanna, co-founder. 

All images: Courtesy brands; Hero and featured images: Courtesy Getty

Pet grooming services in your city to pamper your pets silly

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