The ever-evolving world of social media is known for cool elements making their presence felt. And this week the spotlight is on duo Porus Vimadalal and Prayag Menon–both professionals in the fashion industry and churning out Instagram videos that you don’t want to miss.

At a time when the world has been bogged down for months–mentally, physically, and financially — Porus Vimadalal and Prayag Menon are trying to make it a shade brighter. And it’s working. The photographer and stylist, respectively, have taken to Instagram to post short clips that’ll bring a smile to the viewer. Their skits are a dramatic representation of everyday and some not-so-everyday activities, such as cooking or romancing in a garden, albeit, with style.

What makes these stand out? Think fun, quirky caricatures, done with thought. It’s over the top but not jarring. It showcases videos we indulge in regularly, and perhaps unintentionally makes you reflect and laugh at yourself. And lastly, the aesthetics are impeccable–no surprises there, given their professions!

prayag menon
Prayag Menon

Dividing their time between Mumbai and Toronto, Vimadalal and Menon have built impressive portfolios over time. Both have worked with the likes of fashion brands (like Bodice and Miuniku), and Vimadalal was the ELLE Photographer of the Year 2016; Menon has been featured in Vogue Arabia and GQ South Africa, to name a few of their accomplishments. It doesn’t take much to reassure that their videos are a visual treat. And as you check those out, here’s the couple on their behind-the-scenes creative framework.

porus vimadalal prayag menon
Porus Vimadalal

How did the idea for these videos come about?

We returned from Mumbai in early March after which the quarantine/lockdown began a few days later. Realising that we had no avenue to continue our creative work via photoshoots, we began to think of other ways during this time. The idea of making these videos arose organically between us. We decided to share more of ourselves and our daily lives with a stylish and quirky twist. Our audience on social media enjoyed them, which encouraged us to make more.

How do you decide on an idea and conceptualise it?

We usually write down ideas as and when we think of a scenario. Keeping our respective personalities in mind, we generously infuse them into the scenes. We then exchange notes and arrive at a concept or theme for the video. There isn’t too much brainstorming, we leave it to improv (which often happens while we are actually shooting the video). Above all, we make sure to enjoy the process.


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What goes into creating these?

The concept is primary. Once we have the idea in place, we figure a location and how to make use of the space in different ways. There is generally no production involved (so far). Fashion is an important part of our personal and professional life, hence clothes/accessories are picked based on the theme. We wear our own clothes or sometimes collaborate or lend from designers and brands we like. Creating the videos can take up to 3-4 hours or more since it is just the two of us managing everything. The most time-consuming part is editing the footage (all done by Porus). Once we do a preliminary edit, we get a sense of the video’s tempo and then select music to match its mood.


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Is it all done by only you both?

Everything is done by both of us. Apart from the times we collaborators or lend outfits/accessories from designers or brands, we are at present a two-person team.

How’s the experience of creating these together?

Absolutely fantastic. We already work together extensively, so this is a new dimension for us. It has been so much fun and we love directing each other.


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What is your vision, will you make it a regular series?

Honestly, we feel it’s so important to enjoy the process of making the videos and what better way than to share this on social media with our community who can also be a part of it. Right now, we make them as and when we have time, but we hope to make it a regular series!

All images: Courtesy Porus Vimadalal

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