Raw Mango has released ‘Ghar’, a music album with seven soulful tracks that are Raw Mango’s reimagination of the Gharana style of music.

With roots in craft and community, Raw Mango continues to create new conversations in textile, culture, and politics through a range of apparel and accessories. To celebrate a decade of the brand in the industry, Raw Mango as a design house has launched a limited edition of collectable objects titled ‘RM 10 Objects.’ It brought to life India’s cultural repertoire, which in turn was a reflection of the Raw Mango journey.

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Out of the 10 objects designed by Sanjay Garg last year, he had decided to share his favourite sounds of music with ‘Ghar’. The brand truly believes in the power of an instrumental note in one’s life as it often evokes memories and moments of joy, and allows you to dream. The founder has reimagined the sounds which call out to a home, our ‘Ghar’ that hopes to fill you with nostalgia, hope, gratitude, and love.

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In collaborative efforts by Sanjay Garg and celebrated musician Suryakant Sawhney of Lifafa, ‘Ghar’ features seven tracks that are Raw Mango’s tribute to the Gharana style of music. This eclectic mix of melodies is a blend of inspiration that balances the present and imagines a safe and bright tomorrow. The songs include Pari, Tohfa, Tejeta, Baul, and more. The musicians include Mansur Fakir (Dotara & Percussion), Priyanka (Vocals & Harmonium), Kasim Fakir (Percussion), Lalchand Fakir (Gubgubi), Shishir (Tabla), among others. It’s available on Apple Music, Spotify, and iTunes.

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As we all adjust to the new normal of the lockdown life and brace ourselves to continue to battle against COVD-19, music seems to be the perfect place of solace.

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