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How to live ‘the good life’ is an idea that is at the heart of what we do at Lifestyle Asia India.  The best places to eat, labels to know, what to wear and how to wear it, where to travel, beauty trends, slick gadgets, and more – we tell people what’s the best out there, things they absolutely must experience.

But the very core of what ‘the good life’ is, has changed over the past five months.

The pandemic hit hard late March, and what seemed like a short-term lifestyle change of staying indoors, has become more permanent. Working from home, avoiding physical touch, not meeting friends and family, being sequestered, and finding new ways to stay centred have become our new normal. When everything that we associate with living a content, satisfying life is no longer available, what really constitutes ‘the good life’?

Our series looks this very change in the eye.

Going by readership patterns and what we see around us, it feels like happiness and joy have taken on a new meaning. The idea seems driven more by internal than external factors. Perhaps it is more time with family, loved ones you weren’t able to touch or see. Cooking that dish you couldn’t order in. Concentrating on one’s mental health. Wellness. Self-improvement. Having a sustainable, pared down life. Sensitivity towards the environment. Doing something for someone else.

So we reached out to 10 millennial-cool men and women from different walks of life to get the answers. Actor Jim Sarbh told us ‘the good life’ for him now meant enjoying the little things; singer Raja Kumari said it was being at peace with yourself. For photographer Anushka Nadia Menon, it was a life lived with gratitude, while for Chef Kelvin Cheung, it was time spent with family. Artist Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi, designers Nimish Shah and Rina Singh, fitness expert Namrata Purohit, model Diva Dhawan, and costume designer Niharika Bhasin Khan all weighed in with their thoughts.

What’s become evident is that COVID-19 has irrevocably rejigged people’s priorities. Read what they had to say on our specially created ‘The Good Life’ series microsite.

Preetika Mathew
Mathew has been a part of the luxury industry for over a decade now, writing on arts & culture, style, and watches for some of the leading publications in the country. When not working, she spends time tracking counter-culture trends.