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Three big releases this weekend that are worth watching in theatres

The weekend is here and has a lot up its sleeve. If you weren’t already aware of these money-spinners, here are the three big releases this weekend that are worth watching in theatres. 

The Gentlemen
releases this weekend

This gangster epic follows a powerful drug lord (played by Matthew McConaughey) and “the gentlemen” he has to deal with on his way to striking a massive drug deal. Writer-director Guy Ritchie created dark, distinct yet relatable characters. Designer Michael Wilkinson’s larger than life costumes depict the British class system with ease and add to each characters’ personality. With a stand-out cast of Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant, Michelle Dockery, Henry Golding, Colin Farrell, Jeremy Strong and Eddie Marsan, this super edgy action-comedy is a must watch.

Jojo Rabbit
releases this weekend

Set during the second World War, this story of a 10-year-old ambitious boy who dreams of becoming Hitler’s personal guard is the perfect combination of quirky and overwhelming emotions. The film explores the dilemma of the child when he finds out that a 17-year-old Jewish girl is being hidden in his attic. Director Taika Waititi’s attempt at a Nazi-era comedy with himself playing a version of Adolf Hitler is substantial. Starring stellar performers by Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie, and Scarlett Johansson, this Academy-nominated film has something for all ages.

releases this weekend

The Bong Joon-ho film is not your regular drama-mystery. Nominated for the Academy Awards in six categories, this gut-twisting story is a hybrid of rich performances, visual wit, and social satire. In the least spoilers possible, this urgent film showcases a symbiotic relationship between the Kims, who are young street-smarts and the Parks, a rich but naive family. Their lives intertwine in unimaginable ways, when the Kims con their way into the Park household by offering to tutor their children. The film is unsettling and will keep you on your toes throughout.

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