Tarot reading holds a unique place in our culture that goes well beyond the pop-culture stereotypes. Unlike the stereotypes, it doesn’t predict the future but helps us figure it out. If the magic of these cards bedazzles you, then these tarot readers in India can help you with a quick glimpse into your unpredictable future.

Tarot Inseeya

tarot readers india

Inseeya is internationally renowned for her Tarot card reading and Reiki energy healing. A qualified engineer by profession, she is a holistic and wellness specialist with nearly two decades years of experience under her belt. Her list of holistic experiences includes tarot-card reader, reiki grandmaster, Fengshui consultant, and numerologist. The price at Tarot Inseeya for individual tarot ready is Rs 3,500 and for couples is Rs 6,000.

Judy Balan

tarot readers india

Does the words psychological astrology interest you? Then Judy Balan is the person to follow for your readings. Judy Balan is a consulting psychological/archetypal astrologer apart from being a writer and novelist. Balan has published six novels, including the bestselling Two Fates: The Story of My Divorce, and is currently working on her first book on psychological astrology. You can DM her on Instagram for readings.

Zohra Shakti

tarot readers india

Zohra Shakti or Woodstock Witch has become a popular name in the tarot reading world in India. She is an uber millennial-friendly reader who talks extensively about aligning your chi and attaining positive vibes. She writes for many publishing magazines, both online and in print, and has a strong following on Instagram, which is just as strong as her psychic abilities. Follow her to know your monthly readings.

Zorian Cross

Celebrated from his expertise in yoga, tarot, astrology, spirituality, metaphysics, and numerology, Zorian Cross or AJNAJOG has been doing wisdom readings for quite some time now. When not updating his Instagram with the yoga poses getting right, he is busy writing tarot readings for major magazines. You can check out your readings on his page or DM him for personal sessions, too.

Devina Badhwar

tarot readers india

Devina Badhwar is an intuitive card reader with a focus on mental health. Her rich background in the industry — learnt Reiki at the age of 13 from a Japanese master, studied crystal healing, psychology, and hypnotherapy — makes her an expert and a go-to tarot reader in today’s time. You can email her to request one-on-one sessions or DM her on Instagram.

Monisha Singh Dudaney

Also known as Mystic Monisha, this Bandra-based tarot reader specialises in crystal ball reading, coffee and tea leaf reading, angel cards reading, and more. Been in the psychic business since 1992, Monisha charges Rs 5,000 for 45 minutes. She will come home for readings if it’s a big group or if someone cannot come to her office in Bandra. At the moment, due to the lockdowns, you can email or contact her for online readings, too.

All images: Courtesy respective tarot readers; Hero image: Courtesy Getty