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Vinita Chaitanya’s first-ever collection of carpets, Inde Rose, a collaboration with Jaipur Rugs

Vinita Chaitanya, a renowned personality in the architecture and design industry, collaborates with Jaipur Rugs, the largest network of artisans in India, creating her first-ever carpet collection, Inde Rose.

Vinita Chaitanya creates livable art, a concoction of client requirements and Vinita’s artistic vision. Her love for travel helps her get inspired and collect whimsical objects of d’art from all over the world for which she finds the perfect home. Visible in Vinita Chaitanya’s work is her drive to promote and showcase art and Indian heritage. She describes her style as a contemporary classic, a euphoric blend of sumptuous silk, reflecting perfectly in her carpet collection with Jaipur Rugs.

The carpet collection, Inde Rose, features five carpet pairings, each with a graphic-heavy piece accompanied by a visually lighter one. The coordinated carpet pairings allow users the freedom to create combinations, opening up a broad spectrum of options. With Inde Rose, Vinita Chaitanya presents a luxurious material palette that also showcases the outstanding craftsmanship by Jaipur Rugs.

Here’s what Vinita Chaitanya had to say about the Jaipur Rugs collaboration and more:

How would you describe your association with one of India’s largest manufacturers of hand-knotted rugs, Jaipur Rugs?

Both Rutvi and Yogesh are very passionate about their craft and about their brand, and I personally veer towards an India proud brand. I was in Jaipur visiting their showroom/office to choose carpets for a client, and during our conversation at dinner, they asked me if I would like to collaborate with the brand to form a new collection, I was truly excited! For me, it was unexplored territory, and this is something that happened pre-covid. We started working together and the creatives went back and forth for almost a year till the first carpet was produced. Rutvi worked very closely with me and she and her team perfectly understood my design aesthetic, which was marvellous for me. Even the subtle changes in colours and the smallest details have been translated so beautifully. It was a soul-satisfying experience honestly.

What is the idea behind your first-ever collection of carpets with Jaipur Rugs, Inde Rose?

Inde Rose is an experience. The carpets are almost like a painting. Each graphic carpet is a story with gorgeous flora and fauna, beautiful architectural elements from Rajasthan and then the magnificent elephants walking thru. For me personally, it’s a story of elements I love. The most important part of this collection is the coordinated carpets. The jalis/shadow carpets are an extension of the main graphic and can be ideally used in pairs or alone. This is something that has not been tried before. Coordinated carpets are genius. The colour palette is muted, kept very chic and totally international and carpets had to be in silk for the luxury that was required.

Where do you find your inspiration for your designs and aesthetics?

I read all kinds of magazines; I keep a close tab on Instagram as it provides huge inspiration since all the designers upload their latest work on the app. It feels like it’s altogether a new world that’s opened up for me. Travel is also a big inspiration as it brings me close to nature and the life around it.

In your travels, what are some of the most whimsical items you have come across and collected?

I have collected so much. Most of my collection contains antiques and objects of local crafts. I love collecting textiles and crockery as cushions and plates/stemware are easy to bring back. Recently, I carried back over 30 meters of chintz fabric and now, I need a new duffel to keep the fabric to keep it safe.

How do you balance your work and giving back to society with running your charity school in Coorg?

Our life is all about balance. Being a working woman, wife, and mom, when we built our home in Coorg, we wanted to be sensitive and were very conscious about our surroundings. We wanted to give back to the community as much as we could, not just by providing employment, but also creating opportunities for the future generations. We have tried to help in small ways and when we got the opportunity to adopt the primary school, we grabbed it. My husband is extremely involved in the affairs of the school. He is truly the philanthropist in the family.

Are there any new projects or collaborations to look forward to in the coming new year?

 I have a lot of interesting projects lined up. I guess we will have to wait before they come live.

Hero Image & Featured Image Courtesy: Vinita Chaitanya Instagram

Vinita Chaitanya’s first-ever collection of carpets, Inde Rose, a collaboration with Jaipur Rugs

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