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Richa Chadha & Ronit Roy starrer ‘Candy’ is a slasher served with a side of mystery

In the small town of Rudrakund, behind its unmatched beauty, dark secrets linger. Candy, an eight-part series, was released on Voot on September 8. Here’s everything you know to know about this mystery thriller. 

The Story of Candy, Series Cast & more

The basic plot of the web series revolves around an unknown unity named Masaan, mysterious deaths, and an operation to save people. It is one of those trailers that promises to keep viewers glued to their seats. It unveils that Rudrakund is a beautiful and peaceful town, but it has numerous dark secrets that await the viewer. The mysterious death of a teenager (Mehul Awasthi) in the jungle leads to a hunt for the truth, which involves Deputy Superintendent of Police, played by Richa Chadha, and the deceased’s teacher-mentor, essayed by Ronit Roy. 

Jayant (Ronit Roy) thinks that the other students could have been involved in the boy’s death. Meanwhile, Ratna (Richa Chadha) warns the schoolmates about the teacher, who she claims was too interested in the case to intervene. The case delves into various mysteries. Among these are the students’ fears of getting caught with drugs and the police’s scrutiny of a young boy who seemed to be a troublemaker. The story goes across the town that anyone who consumes the candy and ventures into the forest gets killed brutally, stabbed and stuck on a tree. 

Jayant believes that there is a connection between the death of the child and the candy he was given. The journey towards the end of the series seems to be towards the identity of the mysterious character Masaan, which people are not aware of, if it is a human being, animal, or another dangerous entity, as Jayant and Ratna go about their quests.

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Richa Chaddha & Ronit Roy in Candy series on Voot

Is Masaan a figment of the imagination, a result of Candy’s effect on the brain? Or is the creature creation of Ranaut (a corrupt politician of Rudrakund), who will go to any lengths to maintain control of his fiefdom? The show’s creators cast the net of suspicion far and wide. Almost every major character has a back story. This is the reason why the show is so credible. Viewers can suspend their disbelief and go along with the action.

One of the dialogues from the series, which gives an idea about the plot, is “Issher mein, sabke apne secrets hai”. The makers have used the hashtag ‘Unwrap the Sin’ for the series.

Watch the trailer here –

Candy, the thriller web series, is directed by Ashish R Shukla and based on a story by Agrim Joshi and Debojit Das Purkayastha. If you are a true fan of crime, thrillers and mysteries, you need to watch Candy.

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