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Coronavirus has its own playlist: Songs you can wash your hands to

There’s no time like the present to play Destiny Child’s ‘Survivor’ on repeat. 

Just three days ago, the World Health Organisation officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and more than ever we need to prepare ourselves and do our part in preventing a further spread. Beyond stocking up on toilet paper (let’s save that discussion for another day) or maintaining a healthy immune system, a key measure to do this is by regularly washing your hands. 

wash your hands songs

And yet whilst washing your hands should be among the top 10 things you learn to do as soon as you get to an age where you can do things, there is actually a right and wrong way to cleanse. For one, you definitely need to use soap (or sanitiser, if unavailable) and you definitely need to scrub for a significant amount of time. But that’s where it gets kind of fun. 

Whilst we’re still on the wall about how respectful making Coronavirus playlists on Spotify is, it has long been a known technique to use rhyme to ensure you wash your hands songs come through. In the past, this was usually a nursery rhyme or cute children’s song (we recall ‘Happy Birthday’ being the go-to during SARS), yet we seem to have graduated from kindergarten to take a whole new route this decade. 

Making use of the viral Wash Your Lyrics website, we have curated a wash your hands songs playlist to help you get through the virus in the most fun way possible. 

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