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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

You are organised, enthusiastic, resourceful and quite detail-oriented this week. You may find yourself fixing, planning and even scrutinising every detail to make sure it’s perfect. Stay aware, if you’re not careful you may go too far, and end up developing a limited, fearful and controlling approach. With the full moon energy still peaking, you are releasing and healing, so it’s natural to feel unsafe or uncertain. You are beginning to step into your power again (after a rough period) and you have a chance to choose how you want to handle life. Empowerment is not an instantaneous reaction, it’s a journey, it’s a practice. Practice patience and trust towards yourself, others and the journey itself. Practice healing with water (intention-infused hydration, shower’s, salt soaks and proximity to natural sources of water) to reset and flow into balance with ease. There is a gift of good advice coming your way, be open to receive it.

Love and relationships:
Spend some time nurturing yourself and those you love. Practice a balanced approach to love.

Work and finances:
You have the victory card, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes, for that is how you grow. Helpful advice may come from an unexpected quarter.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

As you emerge into the new and navigate the energy currents of the full moon, you are encouraged to turn on your subtle senses, end certain chapters and move on. Doors are closing, if you are doing the closing, then do not linger in the hallway distracted by doubt or the past. It’s time to move forward. If a door is closed on you, then accept the situation and let it go. In either case, focus on the endless possibilities that are still available to you. Spend some time with the lunar cycle (practice Yoga or full moon meditation), as the energies of moon will soothe the restlessness in your soul. You are rare and special, you must embrace all that makes you different and become the very best you that you can possibly be. Do not conform to any fixed ideas. Use your intuition to explore the frontiers of your human spirit. Keep your mind clear and focused on the here and now.

Love and relationships:
Distractions may be affecting your relationships. Put your gadgets and other distractions away for a while and focus on love.

Work and finance:
Don’t linger, it’s time to move forward with focus and clarity. Be yourself, your ideas are unusual and inspiring.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

When in balance, you are calm, witty, curious, and love a great challenge, but when you are out of balance you feel edgy and pushy, irritated and tired. If you are feeling the later then this full moon is giving you the opportunity to let go and chill. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to suffer unnecessarily by holding on to people or relationships, situations or habits that hurt you. These make you tired and upset and unable to manifest from a space of love. You can lift the energy by bringing yourself into balance by doing the following; perform a pre- spring cleanse. This week, clear out the external clutter and cleanse your space… and cleanse the internal clutter through meditation, writing or any other form of creative expression. Practice chakra balancing and ground yourself. Try to stay away from all that is not good for you, including complaining about yourself or others. Remember, inside you there is an endless well of energy and positivity. Choose you.

Love and relationships:
Be aware of your reactions to people and relationships. Based on that, honor yourself and the other person.

Work and finance:
Know that you are self-reliant and can handle challenges with ease. A new adventure awaits.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You are a water sign and the full moon heightens your emotions, intuition and creativity. Patterns emerge giving you a chance to cut your ties to them, to move on swiftly. Let go of old tendencies and fear-based perceptions. Follow your inner wisdom, quiet the mind and do some solo time introspection. Ask yourself, Am I resisting change? What am I afraid of? Are my fears based in reality (that effect the now) or are they based in some concocted fantasy in my head about the future? Sometimes dear Cancer, we just become habitually fearful or worried. Change can be daunting but it is inevitable. If you like write down whatever comes in terms of an answer as a therapeutic exercise. It will help put things in perspective. You will remember the strength that is at your core. And even in the face of change you will flow gracefully. An inner voice is waiting to be heard, an inner vision is likely to be revealed. You have nothing to be worried about, be fearless.

Love and relationships:
Self- reflection will enhance your relationships and give you a chance to explore deeper.

Work and finance:
Don’t let people bully you because you believe they are better than you. Know your potential and go for new opportunities that are headed your way.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Weather you have a desire to delve deeper into a new project or relationship or you just want to get to the other side of something, this is the week, to just do it. The full moon is giving you energy to get stuff done (to achieve your goals and release your fears). Don’t be afraid to emotionally express yourself and don’t be afraid of challenges that might crop up. You have dealt with your share of challenges in the past and are now ready to make things happen. Know that you can depend on yourself, you are ready to learn and grow through new experiences. If you feel confused or unsure about how to proceed, then it is important to ask the right questions. Instead of wondering about whether this is for you or if it’s meant to be or even waiting for it to magically appear, focus on what action needs to be taken and whose advice you can seek. Be practical and stay focused on your path. Don’t get distracted, keep your unwavering focus on the task at hand. Spend some time with the moon and ground your energies for some peace and calm. Then create a vision board to bring your focus to the task. Be kind to you!

Love and relationships:
Express yourself openly in relationships. Take an active stance and communicate your desires.

Work and finance:
Don’t wait for something to happen, make it happen!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The full moon encourages you to look at life and your situation from a more playful point of view. You may be caught in an in-between moment, just like Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole. And just like Alice you may feel like this fall is endless. The journey into transformation must be gone through before the change is completely manifested and so you must keep moving forward, even in the face of uncertainty. However, this journey doesn’t need to be dull at all. You can infuse this experience with joyful and playful energies. Adopt an attitude of giddiness and reverence for life banishing doubt, worry and skepticism. As you fall down the rabbit hole open your awareness to all the new information and opportunities for growth. After all there is no new discovery without descent, without relinquishing some of who you are. This is the way you become who you are next meant to be. This week meditate to bring about the feeling of bliss.

Love and relationships:
Be playful in your relationships this week. Find balance and contentment.

Work and finance:
Remember you must go through the process. Have patience and think happy thoughts.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Allow this full moon to soothe and heal your spirit. This week you need to consciously balance the relationships between the fire and earth elements within you. Your passion, inspiration, strength, receptivity, sensuality and devotion are all aspects of the fire within you. In order to manifest this energy into momentum, freedom, power and expansiveness, you need to ground your energies and draw your boundaries. Use your time well, don’t let other people waste your time. Remember if you give endlessly then people/relationships will take endlessly until you are totally drained and too tired to actualise your own dreams. Conserve your energies and put them into your practice. Once you are grounded with loving but solid boundaries, the world will automatically respect them and you can focus on your energy levels and physical strength. Take a class or activity that strengthens your body and increases your stamina. Practice sun gazing or candle gazing to bring your mind into yourself. And spend some quite time bathing in the love of the moon while you make your connection to the divine mother (the earth). Remember there is nothing to fear in the stillness except the awakening of your own power.

Love and relationships:
Be more receptive in relationships. Allow the world to give to you instead of you doing all the giving and then feeling disappointed or tired.

Work and finance:
Draw solid boundaries at work. Don’t let people waste your time and resources.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The human race has moved far away from the ebb and flow of the natural world (seasons, day and night, cycles of the moon etc.), as a result of which we have moved away from the natural rhythms of the self. This week you are being asked to swim back into yourself. Of course, you have deadlines and responsibilities and you must and will meet each and every one of them. But first take a minute from the madness and consider; what would life look like if you woke it up? It’s time to exploring some of your untapped potential. The full moon is encouraging you to slow down, just enough to mindfully connect to your Shakti (the divine feminine within). Including a small mindful personal practice (Like grounding, yoga or stretching) in your day will increase your energy levels and power. Mindful body practices will help you draw energy from the natural world and once you’re in sync, then you flow uninterrupted.

Love and relationships:
Take time out for yourself that will ensure your relationships are balanced, supportive and full of kindness and love.

Work and finance:
Dynamic opportunities are coming your way, make space in your life by prioritising. Make a plan and stick to it.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

This week Look forward to new discoveries. You are after all in a period of transition. Be it internal or external, this shift could leave you with a feeling of wonder. Be open and curious to new possibilities, new circumstances and your own new reactions. The unfamiliar could just as easily become the fascinating. You may even find new talents and interest. During the full moon you are full of positive bustling energy and are a delight to be around. Great in a team, you enjoy the process and you’re passionate about getting the work done. You’re creative and sensitive and pick up on subtle information when tuned in. With such an influx of energy it’s paramount that you rest. Create a small grounding ritual like, walking barefoot on the earth or sitting and connecting with nature, anything that brings you back into yourself refreshed. Grounding will keep you in balance and allow you to take on all the high energy and not get irritable or burn out. Enjoy the high vibes!

Love and relationships:
There could be someone new coming into your life. There could also be new energy flowing into existing relationships or an interesting turn of events. Stay open to the new.

Work and finance:
This week you shine at your work. Don’t be afraid to put forth your ideas. Remember to rest and stay open to change.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

This week there is a need to open the bridge between the voice and the heart through music. When was the last time you sang? Or spoke your truth to/at the source of your concerns? Open communication happens from knowing who you are and what you bring to the table. It isn’t about a reaction that comes from fear or anger, it’s an exchange that happens from a space of love. When you’re in balance the energy rises up from your heart center into your throat easing communication. In order to balance the heart space practice self-forgiveness and self-love. Get a chakra balancing, say what you need to say, write it down, turn up the music and sing. As your vibration rises and you flow into balance, you will clearly understand your needs and be able to put them across gently. This full moon, listen to music that makes you happy and allow for the healing and opening to come through.

Love and relationships:
Don’t make assumptions, speak your truth freely and allow others to do the same.

Work and finance:
Don’t assume things while making decisions, check all the details before agreeing on anything. Speak freely and stay open to new ways of doing things

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

With the moon full Aquarius, it’s time to release something. This week you are urged to let go of any hatefulness or resentment you feel, and forgive. Forgive the person/ situation and forgive yourself for holding on to this weight for so long. The time to fester is over now let it go. If you can’t communicate with the person directly then write a letter or an email but clear the air. It’s also a great week to draw boundaries, be mindful of how you spend your time and who is taking up your time and why. Don’t let anyone waste your energies (including yourself). Notice all the extra energy you feel when you’re mindful about conserving it. Now take this energy inward and feel it fuel your sensitivity, it is time to travel to the fluid realms of writing, creating and reflecting. This potent and healing energy is not to be taken lightly. Your higher self has a message for you, a vision is coming, open your third eye (the eye that
opens within).

Love and relationships:
Healthy boundaries make for healthy relationships. Take some space to nurture your relationship with yourself.

Work and finance:
You can’t help everyone all the time. Know the value of your time and energy. When you respect your own needs, others will do too.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Like a bear coming out of deep slumber you awaken to something new. Spring is close but you are still warm and cozy, not wanting to move. There are two ways of looking at change: one is, you dig your heals in and refuse to move and the other is you say “what the hell, it’s an adventure” and you allow the wave to take you. The latter is a lot more fun for lot less effort. Change has either happened or is about to happen, follow your intuition and flow like the fish you are. Move your body (dance, sports, mindful movement that stretches the body) this will bring you more energy. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for messages from nonhuman friends. The natural world wants to communicate and bring you messages. These messages might come from animals or animal spirits. Your pets and other creatures might be needing your attention and help, keep an open mind about communication. By stilling the mind and your connection to the human world, and by tuning into the natural world you will know what to do. Be patient with the process.

Love and relationships:
Everyone is always going through a change most of the time. Know that to be true for those around you and yourself. Be kind and practice tolerance.

Work and finance:
Don’t assume that just because you want it a certain way it’s going to turn out like that. Open yourself to a new way of doing things.

Artwork: Vinisha Mohan

Rea Krishnatraye

Rea is a tarot therapist, performing artist, energy-worker, and lover of magic, who believes that answers are everywhere — we just need to open the proper channels. Currently a tarot therapist and facilitator for healing (life coach), Rea uses tarot cards, oracle cards, dice, crystals, and her intuition to interpret the messages. For more detailed, personalised readings, she can be reached via @dancingkrishna on Instagram, and @reakrishna on Facebook.