We, living in India, have seldom found the words ‘cabin fever’ to be relatable. Sure we have used it figuratively in different situations, but never quite literally, never in the sense of being sequestered at home.

Come March 2020, and we saw the rise of a new normal. What started with a few regulations took a very real turn rather swiftly, upending lives overnight. And unfortunately, these were not numbers in the news happening in other parts of the world, but friends, family, and acquaintances. It hit too close to home.

Luckily, we are biologically engineered to adapt to adversity, which is what makes us resilient.

As we dealt with many changes — virtual meetings, online cooking classes, samaritans coming forward to help the needy, mental health awareness — the coronavirus pandemic also opened our eyes to something we have probably been taking for granted. Our health.

Our health is directly proportional to the way we live every single day. And it goes beyond what we consume. For years, sustainable brands and climate change activists have been saying this. Nevertheless, we are self-centred beings. What doesn’t affect us directly doesn’t warrant our urgent attention. However, this is what the pandemic has shown us. Both our health and the planet needs our undivided care, and it must happen right now.

Via our World Environment Day 2021 campaign, #TheGreenLifeWithLSA, we want you to connect with sustainable living and the champions promoting it. From June 1 to June 5, we will explore why people need to re-educate themselves about sustainability (in the least overwhelming manner), along with the ingenious and easy solutions many individuals have found to live sustainably at home. We will introduce you to the young eco-warriors of India that are leading the conversation around climate change. With brands such as Ecoware, Bare Necessities, Chopard, Doodlage, Denttab, Asa Beauty, La Fuori, Coco Leni, and more, we will unpeel several layers of sustainability that begins with a single step. And if this is not enough, there will be brand ambassadors talking about sustainable living via IGTV and Reels all this week.

As you indulge in our content — both on the website and our social media handles — participate in the #TheGreenLifeWithLSA contest to win an exciting hamper worth over Rs 50,000. The hamper comprises Asa Beauty, Coco Leni, La Fuori, Denttab, Bare Necessities, Doodlage, Naso Profumi, Hivado, and Ras Luxury Oils.

Life amidst the pandemic has done its share of damage, but there are still oceans of possibilities to navigate. After years of willful ignorance, once again, we have a chance to make things right. And this time, let it commence with you at home.

Harleen Kalsi
Harleen feeds off her nomadic spirit and incessant shenanigans on the road to stay alive. When not writing, she is busy searching for a good read/art/act.