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Up your health ante: 5 delivery services in Bengaluru promising the freshest groceries

It’s becoming increasingly hard to sift through the several advertisements and claims to find a good source of produce and products for a healthy meal. Here are five home delivery services in Bengaluru that give you all that you need, to stock your fridge well and, to put together a healthy meal every day.


delivery services in Bengaluru

Creamy milk and thick curds that don’t ooze water once open are perhaps the top-selling products with Akshayakalpa. The farms have farmer empowerment sustainable dairy technology in place which include milking machines, bio-digesters as well as topnotch cold chain management technology. The focus is on providing a stress-free environment for the cows, which naturally results in high quality nutritious milk as well as milk products. Akshayakalpa offers milk, paneer, curd, ghee, and cheese to consumers. The products are door-delivered across Bangalore and Chennai through the Akshayakalpa App (Bangalore only). They are also available through Suprdaily, BigBasket Daily, Fresh to Home, and select hyper-local stores and organic outlets.

Farm Made Free Range Eggs

delivery services in Bengaluru

The next time eggs feature in your cooking, give Farm Made Free-Range Eggs a try. At the farms in Palladam near Coimbatore, these free range birds, unlike their battery cage counterparts literally rule the roost. They are set up in barns that adhere to international standards – from nesting boxes, to adequate resting space for the hens, lighting modalities, nutritious feed, nipple system of water delivery and a prescribed level of ammonia on the ground is maintained. Present in 10 cities including Bangalore, these eggs are can be purchased at leading modern retail or be door-delivered through online stores like Amazon, Big Basket, Healthy Buddha, and others.

Living Foods

delivery services in Bengaluru

Have you always loved those little micro greens that come atop your salads at restaurants? Well thanks to Living Foods, you can now have a great range of micro greens home delivered. Living farms are a cutting edge climate-controlled vertical farms designed to grow 22 different kinds of micro greens from 13 different countries using hydroponics. And so, you have a constant rotation of these little wonders to choose from. The greens are also completely pesticide-free. Not only that – Living Foods also has some great sourdough bread and Kombucha made with premium Darjeeling Tea.

Gourmet Garden

delivery services in Bengaluru

It’s so hard to find veggies that are free from pesticides and soil contamination. Gourmet Garden uses a patented technique of farming – Naturoponics, where produce is grown with RO quality water, without soil, thus removing two major sources of contamination. Anything a customer orders is harvested only after an order is placed and so you know that it literally goes from the polyhouse to your home. Their Naturoponic veggies include spinach, tomatoes, coriander, a range of peppers and lettuce. Their selection of organic produce includes basic vegetables – carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, lemons, onions, brinjals, and a lot more.

Community Farm

delivery services in Bengaluru

Here is a brand that bridges the gap between producers and consumers. Their produce is labelled Organic/Natural/Safe-to-eat/ZBNF fruits (naturally grown) ensuring you know exactly what you are eating and its quality. Deliveries are done once a week and you can browse through their catalogue of products to put together exactly what you will need. Take your pick from a range of fruits, vegetables, probiotic foods, pulses, flours, oils and pickles.

Up your health ante: 5 delivery services in Bengaluru promising the freshest groceries

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