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5 takeout and delivery menus curated for the lockdown in Chennai

After getting your groceries sorted in Chennai and learning some ace cooking at home, I’m sure you’ve gained some kitchen skills. But, sometimes we’re just lazy and frankly, we miss takeout, don’t we? If you’re craving a hot bowl of Khao Suey or an artisanal pizza, then these takeout and delivery menus during lockdown are for you. Don’t worry, it requires zero Masterchef skills. Sit back, relax, order, and eat.

The Park

delivery menus for lockdown

The Park offers up a small, but the power-packed menu, guaranteed to satisfy your food cravings. They’re serving biriyani, pizza, pasta, and more. We seriously recommend their pizza, real comfort in these times.

Contact: +91 99622 88601/044 42676000

You can also order on Zomato or Swiggy.

The Leela Palace

delivery menus for lockdown

What are you craving? Pastries, burgers, fish fillet, green curry? Their menu is extensive and has a separate section for kids too. Whether you want to indulge or eat healthily, The Leela has you covered. Just give them a call to discover and avail your options.

Call: 044 3366 1234

Pumpkin Tales

delivery menus for lockdown

One of our favourite restaurants in the city is still selling a few select items from their menu & bakery, like frozen burger patties, accompanied with buns, so you can easily put it together at home, or ready-to-mix-and-eat Khao Suey. And if you’re looking for bread, their sourdough loaf is back in stock every day.

Call: 044 2499 5510

You can also order on Zomato or Swiggy.


delivery menus for lockdown

While they don’t exactly have a circulating menu and it’s hard to find them on Swiggy right now, you can get in touch with their F&B team for some customized takeout options. I’m sure they can manage to whip up a storm.

Call: +91 78248 08009

Grow Fit

delivery menus for lockdown

Grow Fit’s catering services are available on Swiggy, like the rest of the restaurants, or you could give them a call! For those of us who count calories, all of their meals come with a calorie count. They’re simple, delicious, and mostly Indian. If you like a wholesome rajma chawal with brown rice or millet curd rice, here’s a great option.

Call: +91 80471 12993

You can also order on Zomato or Swiggy.

Restaurants are only open in for certain hours in the day, so please call, Whatsapp, or check Zomato/Swiggy for instructions.

5 takeout and delivery menus curated for the lockdown in Chennai

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