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Where to find the tastiest and booziest alcohol-infused desserts in Mumbai

What if we told you that you can now get high on sinfully sweet indulgences? Bringing together the best of both worlds are these delectable alcohol-infused desserts in Mumbai. From ice-creams to cakes to chocolates — there is are a variety of alcohol-infused desserts to bring that extra sparkle to your gathering. We have combined the list of 5 places in Mumbai that serve irresistible alcohol-infused gems.

Sacher Torte – Cocoa Cellar

Coco Cellar alcohol desserts in Mumbai
Image: Courtesy Cocoa Cellar

Cocoa Cellar is one of the few pâtisseries in town that specialises in alcohol-infused cakes and pastries. Started by Devashree, a Le Cordon Bleu alumna, Cocoa Cellar uses only the best ingredients and merges them with imported liquors such as Amarula and Kirsch. They offer alcohol-based cookies, cupcakes, and chocolates. Our pick from their long menu is the Sacher Torte. It is a dense Belgian chocolate cake with apricot jam, soaked in Kirsch cherry liquor. This glazing cake seems like the divine combination of the tastiest ingredients. We cannot wait to try it out!

Price: Rs 350 per piece 

Dark Chocolate & Whisky Éclair

Dark chocolate and Whisky Éclair alcohol desserts in Mumbai
Image: Courtesy Country of Origin

For over a decade, Country of Origin has been serving some of the finest mouth-watering desserts. Their go-to item is the Desserts In A Jar, a rich and varied collection of desserts served in a jar. Country of Origin strives to bring you the best dessert experience from around the world. From their exhaustive menu of delicious desserts, we would place our bet on the Dark Chocolate & Whisky Éclair. Alcohol infused, capsule-shaped chocolate desserts sounds something straight out of fantasy. The generous size of it means one can indulge in the flavours just that much longer. We would not recommend sharing this.

Price: Rs 250 

Chocolate Truffle with Homemade Whisky Ice-cream – Gallops

Chocolate Truffle Ice-cream alcohol desserts in Mumbai
Representative Image: Courtesy Shutterstock

We love Gallops for it is a trendy restaurant offering enviable views of the Mahalaxmi race-course. Their menu is just as wonderful as their ambience and location. After a hearty meal, we would dig our spoons in the Chocolate Truffle with Homemade Whisky Ice-cream. This dessert would give even the pickiest person no reason to complain. The deliciousness of chocolate with the refreshing kick of whisky is what you need after their main course.

Price: Rs 385 

Run ‘n’ Raisin Ice-cream – Farzi Cafe

Raisin Ice Cream  alcohol desserts in Mumbai
Representative Image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Farzi Cafe has created a niche for itself as a brand that gives a flavourful twist to a range of Indian dishes. Think of their Parle G Cheesecake. That, and the cafes’ chic interiors have made Farzi a default choice for those who want that little extra with their dining experience. For an alcohol-infused dessert, we think their Rum ‘N’ Raisin Ice cream is satisfying. The rum brings an added dose of relish to an already delicious raisin ice cream.

Rum & Mascarpone Chocolate Gateau

Cheesecake Republic alcohol desserts in Mumbai
Image: Courtesy Cheesecake Republic

Based out of Goregaon, Cheesecake Republic specialises in organic cheesecakes. They feature a large variety of cakes and grazing platters. Our pick would be the Rum and Mascarpone Chocolate Gateau. It looks as loaded as the long name! Layers of moist chocolate cake are soaked in rum and then layered with delicate Mascarpone Cream and finally tossed with a large quantity of Dark Chocolate Ganache. This tempting dessert will leave your alcohol and chocolate cravings to rest.

Price: Rs 2400 for 1300 grams

Hero and Feature Image; Courtesy Shutterstock 

Where to find the tastiest and booziest alcohol-infused desserts in Mumbai

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