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Blah! BKC Unveils an Exciting and Experiential New Menu, Defying Culinary Boundaries

Blah! BKC is shaking up the dining scene with its latest culinary innovation—the Blah! New Menu. Brace yourself for a dining experience like no other as you delve into the realm of unconventional taste sensations.

Our review of Blah! BKC’s new menu

Prepare to be amazed by the inventive creations that grace the Blah! BKC’s New Menu. Picture yourself savouring the mouthwatering Mexican Mango Avocado Sushi Roll—a delightful fusion of Mexican zest and the artistry of sushi-making. Or immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of the Smoke Chicken Dimsum in Ramen Broth, where Asian flavours harmoniously collide. And don’t miss the chance to indulge in the Caesar salad with tahini dressing, a tantalizing blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences.

Blah BKC

Blah! BKC doesn’t stop there. They take you on a culinary voyage to Beirut with their Beiruti Platter, featuring a medley of flavours from this vibrant city. And for those seeking a touch of sweetness or savoury decadence, Blah!’s unique croissant selection will leave you spellbound. From the enchanting Baklava to the irresistible Black Forest and Raspberry options, these croissants cater to every craving.

Blah BKC

Blah! BKC’s New Menu is a testament to their commitment to pioneering flavours and redefining culinary norms. By pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards, they have carved a niche that sets them apart from competitors.

Niketa Sharma, the founder of Blah! has taken a keen interest in working with her chef, Rahul Desai in order to curate the 2.0 Menu, which serves unique dishes, decadent desserts and refreshing cocktails satisfying all palates.

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This exciting addition transcends traditional notions of cuisine, blending the vibrant flavours of Pan-Asian, Mediterranean, and Fusion Indian delicacies.

We recommend the sugar-free cocktails:

Harvest Moon

A sustainable cocktail masterpiece that blends vetiver-infused gin, late harvest white wine, spirulina powder, and a touch of absinthe, offering a harmonious ode to nature’s wonders, captivating cocktail enthusiasts with its extraordinary flavours and eco-conscious inspiration.

Italian Affair

A cocktail blending coconut oil fat wash vodka, Aperol, and vibrant watermelon juice, capturing the harmonious essence of nature. This captivating creation serves as a reminder to cherish and protect the Earth’s wonders, inspiring a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

Ruby Roots

Ruby Roots blends beetroot and rose petal-infused rum with clarified pineapple juice, showcasing the profound connection between nature and human creativity. This cocktail serves as a reminder to cherish and protect the soil, inspiring reverence for its secrets and the harmony it brings to life’s abundance.

Quick notes:

Embark on a remarkable culinary journey at Blah! located on the Ground Floor, G-4, The Capital, G Block BKC, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051. The restaurant welcomes guests seven days a week, from Monday to Sunday, between 12:00 PM and 12:00 AM.

Phone: 077108 05999

Prepare to have your taste buds dazzled and your culinary horizons expanded at Blah!’s extraordinary dining destination.

Blah! BKC Unveils an Exciting and Experiential New Menu, Defying Culinary Boundaries

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