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Sip sip hurray! Alcohols to add to your bar, according to your zodiac signs

A good glass of whisky, a flavourful vodka for your next cocktail, or a large bottle of champagne to celebrate your success, a bit of indulgence harms nobody. We got your stars to align with your favourite alcohols for the season. Here is a list of fine alcohol drinks based on your zodiac signs!

Best alcohols for the festivities 2021 —

Aries – CÎROC Red Berry Vodka


Aries are known for having great ideas and incredible leadership qualities. We think they can be great party hosts, and therefore, they deserve the CÎROC Redberry Vodka. It fuses the remarkable aroma of berries with a smooth and silky finish. The fruity sweetness is ideal for creating a variety of ritzy cocktails. It is also worth noting that CÎROC vodkas are five times distilled from fine French grapes and not grain, giving CÎROC vodka a fresh and citrus taste.

Price: Rs 4,010 for 1000ml

Taurus – Chivas Regal Ultis


Taurus are ambitious and determined, much like the Chivas Ultis. It is the first blended malt whisky from the house of Chivas. It is a mixture of five single malt whiskies created by Master Blender Sandy Hyslop to honour his five predecessors who played a pivotal role in Chivas’ history. For Regal Ultis, each cask is hand-selected and nosed to ensure only the best quality. This whisky commands a powerful aroma similar to peach and red apples fused with cinnamon, fudge and honey.

Price: Rs 16,000 for 750 ml

Gemini – Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve


Geminis are social butterflies blessed with an extrovert personality. They are liked wherever they go. We think you could be great with a glass of Captain Reserve. Glenlivet’s Captain Reserve is a rich combination of raisin-fuelled cognac and signature citrus notes paired with the distillery’s signature smoothness. Infused with sweet and fruity aromas and made using the traditional American sherry casks, Captain’s Reserve is fit for any special occasion. Moreover, the rich flavours of mandarins in syrup, ripe poached pairs and chocolate-dipped raisins make it extra special.

Cancer – Rampur Asava

Cancers are known for their loving personality. We think the Rampur Asava shares some of your characteristics. Asava, a whisky carefully matured in American Bourbon barrels and refined in Indian Cabernet Sauvignon casks, giving it a perfect balance. Apricot, blackberry and plum with a faint hint of tobacco and spices delight your nose, while the pallet is a remarkable mixture of manuka honey, spicy oak, vanilla and Indian red wine.

Price: Rs 6,466 for 750 ml

Leo – Grey Goose La Poire


Leos have a reputation of being bold and charismatic, and we are sure you will find a great pairing in La Poire. This Grey Goose vodka marries Picardie winter wheat and natural spring water with anjou pear to deliver a vodka that is floral in aroma and fruity in taste. La Poire benefits from the company’s signature production process, designed to bring out the natural characteristics of ripe fruits. La Poire seems like a perfect vodka for your next fruity cocktail.

Price: Rs 3,070 for 750 ml (approx.)

Virgo – Glenfiddich 21 y/o


We know that you Virgos are fussy with the details and like to do things with utmost perfection. Hence, we find Glenfiddich’s 21 y/o ideal for you. Made with exotic notes of ginger, fig, lime, and banana, complemented by toffee — this whisky is patiently matured for 21 years. The richness of the ingredients and the long maturation period makes Glenfiddich 21 y/o an exclusive drink with the potential to make any event special.

Price: Rs 14,632 for 750 ml (approx.)

Libra – Suntory Toki


People with the zodiac sign Libra strive for balance and perfection. Therefore, this Japanese whisky is for you! Toki means ‘time’ in Japanese and the name really is a testament to the careful attention to detail and quality gone into making it. Toki is also a mixture of three splendid whiskies – Yamakazi, Chita, and Hakushu. It brings the special characteristics of these three flavours into one well-judged bottle. The aroma is dominated by orchard fruits with a faint trace of honey peppermint. Herbs and toasted almonds are also felt on the palate with a touch of oak.

Price: Rs 3,960

Scorpi0 – Bowmore 18 y/o


Scorpios are determined, loyal, and honest. We think you deserve the Bowmore 18 y/o. Bowmore is the world’s first licenced Islay distillery, having started operations in 1779. To this date, Bowmore uses traditional techniques of whisky making, which enable them to attain each step of the process. Their 18 y/o is made in hand-picked oak casks and is allowed to mature at its own pace. It is one of the brand’s rarest whiskies with creamy caramel toffee, ripe fruit, and smoke aromas, along with a chocolaty, faintly smoked taste.

Price: Rs 9,209 (approx.)

Sagittarius – Ruinart Rosé


Sagittarius have the centaur as their symbol that depicts half-horse and half-archer and represents optimism and ambition. For the calm, intellectual, and goal-oriented Sagittarius, we have picked the Ruinart Rose. It is famed for its unique balance of chardonnay, Ruinart’s symbolic grape variety and Pinot Noir vinified as red wine. Rosé presents itself in a sublime pink with scatters of orange reflections and persistent foam. The nose is fresh with a pallet of tropical fruits, small berries, rose and pomegranate. The taste makes the fine aromatic balance one with the freshness of mint and pink grapefruit.

Capricorn – Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009

Capricorns are hardworking and goal-oriented. For your ability to make it happen, no matter what, we think you should get nothing but the best. Dom Pérignon, a division of LMVH, is well-known for producing vintage champagne. Hence, all their champagnes are vintage, with ‘Vintage’ just the name of one of their collections. Each of Dom Pérignon’s Vintage collections is unique and strives to bring out the character of that year and of Dom Pérignon. The Vintage 2009 offers notes of guava and spice green grapefruit and complimented by vanilla and toasted brioche. The exclusive champagne is sure to pair well with a wide array of exotic dishes.

Aquarius – Aberlour A’bunadh Scotch Whisky


Aquarius are not afraid of being themselves. Hence, we propose the Aberlour A’bunadh to our fellow Aquarians. A’bunadh means ‘the original’ in Gaelic and this whisky is a homage to Aberlour’s founder, James Fleming. This handmade whisky boasts aromas of mixed spices, praline, spiced orange and Oloroso Sherry, and the palate is comprised of dried fruit, ginger, bitter chocolate, oak and sherry. It is bottled at cask strength which results in a strong and intense finish.

Price: Rs 7,250 for 700 ml (approx.)

Pisces – Beefeater London Dry Gin 


Pisces are super creative and to get your creative energy flowing, we recommend the Beefeater London Dry Gin. It is said to be the world’s most awarded gin, made from citrus notes and promising an authentic gin flavour. This is a perfect gin to unleash your creativity on a variety of cocktails for your next big party.

Price: Rs 2,820 for 750 ml (approx.)

Image: Courtesy Brands

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Sip sip hurray! Alcohols to add to your bar, according to your zodiac signs

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