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Sober sips: Non-alcoholic wines in India to swirl at your next soiree

Whether you’ve been crowned the evening’s designated driver, have a baby on the way, or just haven’t hopped on the booze train yet – nursing the same glass of soda all night isn’t the only option out there. For the love of all things grape, we’re sipping our way through the best non-alcoholic wines in India.

Luscious and layered – a glass of wine offers an experience that few other libations can provide. For starters, the opulence and depth of flavour vinos bring are quite unique. In addition to this, their antioxidant content makes them one of the healthiest choices of poison. In fact, studies have linked these tannin-rich beverages to better heart, gut, and brain health. However, if you’ve chosen to tread the sober path, you don’t have to miss out on all that a glass brings with it.

Instead, look for bottles that come with the promise of no hangovers. Often confused with unfermented juice, non-alcoholic wines are fermented with yeasts and go through a vinification process (much like regular wines). Post this, they go through an additional process to have the alcohol removed. This helps maintain their nutritional properties. Best part? You can’t tell the difference in flavour. And while grape juices marketed as non-alcoholic wines are a dime a dozen in the market, a few brands bring authentic wine flavours to your palate. Snag these non-alcoholic wines in India.

Grab a bottle of these non-alcoholic wines in India

Jacob’s Creek UNVINED Shiraz

non-alcoholic wines in India

Australian winery Jacob’s Creek is a popular face in vino circles. With a host of flavour-packed options to choose from, the brand is most known for its sparkling wines. However, the still renditions, particularly reds, are just as flavourful. The non-alcoholic shiraz comes with dark fruit characters, complemented by notes of oak. Marked by a rounded palate, you’ll also discover hints of plum, blackberry, and chocolate spice in every sip – complemented by soft tannins. Pair a glass with savoury, spicy creations.

Price: Rs 1,200 approx. (1000 ml)

Fre Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

Promising the flavours of some of California’s most coveted, acclaimed vineyards, Fre’s non-alcoholic wines are a must-try. Their bottle of red features deep ruby hues with intense, black cherry aromas. Underlined by a rich and smooth palate, the fruit flavour is complemented by a smokey character. Each sip comes from a carefully carried-out spinning cone process of removing alcohol, allowing delicate aromas to remain intact. Pair a glass with grilled salmon, roast chicken, tomato-based pasta, or earthy mushroom risotto.

Price: Rs 600 approx. (750 ml)

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon

An award-winning brand that’s committed to preserving the integrity of wine, even when dealcoholized, Ariel’s oak-aged cabernet sauvignon has all the strong flavours of ripe black cherries and blackcurrant. Every sip also offers notes of blueberries and chocolate, with soft tannins and a dry finish. Pair a glass with wood-fired pizza, Spanish cheese, or chilli. Unlike most others on this list, this particular non-alcoholic wine may be limited to larger or isolated stores across India, making it tricky to source.

Price: Rs 1,500 approx. (750 ml)

Patritti Non-Alcoholic Billabong Red

non alcoholic wines in India

Another award-winning brand, Patritti’s non-alcoholic range of wines are made from 100 percent South Australian grapes. Promising full flavours in every glass, the Billabong Red is a ruby-hued number that blends shiraz, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon. Every sip offers a soft dryness with notes of oak. As versatile as they come, you could pair this vino with most anything. However, to truly let it shine, have it alongside Indian and pan-Asian delicacies.

Price: Rs 700 approx. (750 ml)

Carl Jung Wine Red, De-Alcoholised

non alcoholic wines in India

French wines, undoubtedly, are in a league of their own. Capturing their spirit, Carl Jung – a brand that’s reportedly been around since 1908 – promises an authentic wine-sipping experience. This particular red is medium-bodied with a dry, pleasant flavour. Robust and rich in tannins, you could pair this red wine – like most others on this list – with most anything.

Price: Rs 650 approx. (750 ml)

Daivik Chula Red Wine

non alcoholic wines in India

This non-alcoholic beverage has the quintessential complexity, acidity, and sophistication of red wines. Made with ripened red grapes, each sip offers rich flavours with distinguishable tannins and bold notes of black cherry. This is enhanced by hints of smoke and spice. The finish with this red is smooth and the ageing process is authentic. This one’s versatile as well, pairing well with most foods.

Price: Rs 750 approx. (750 ml)

Hero image: Courtesy Roberta Sorge/Unsplash; Feature image: Hermes Rivera/Pexels

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is non-alcoholic wine?

Answer: Non-alcoholic wines, which are frequently confused with unfermented juice, are fermented with yeasts and go through the vinification process (much like regular wines). Following this, they must go through another procedure to have the alcohol removed. This helps in the preservation of their nutritional properties.

Sober sips: Non-alcoholic wines in India to swirl at your next soiree

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