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Need coffee on the go? These are the best packaged cold coffees in India

Coffee is that one elixir that refreshes, wakes one out of a slumber and makes for the perfect day date scenario. But what if you’re travelling? These delicious packaged cold coffees are the best in India that you can carry with you, anywhere!

A kick of caffeine is what most of us swear by when we need a pick-me-up – whether it be drowsy mornings or pulling all-nighters at work or to study. What also makes it so special is the beverage’s versatility. Be it hot or cold, milky or black, sugary or bitter, each brew has its own charm and flavour, and the variety of beans used in the processes give the coffees a distinct, characteristic flavour.

When on the go, coffee is that one beverage that you can find almost everywhere – from the in-room sachets at hotels to small chai stalls selling milky brews of instant coffee to cafes specialising in the brew. However, what makes the beverage all the more special is the ease with which one can simply open a can and sip on a chilled cold brew when in the middle of nowhere, for the perfect energiser that’s delicious, soothing and filling.

So, if you are looking for brands that sell coffee in a can, these are the best packaged cold coffees in India that are definitely worth the space in your backpack!

Best packaged cold coffees in India for your endless travels

Sleepy Owl

best packages cold coffees in India
Image: Courtesy of Sleepy Owl

Sleepy Owl has emerged among the leading brands in India that sell refreshing cold brews and packaged coffees. The brand recently launched three flavours in their canned coffee range, which are classic, hazelnut and caramel. Each of them is a refreshing, milky brew perfect for a hot summer or a sultry monsoon day, when you need to be out and about!

Check them out here.

Bonhomia Coffee

Another favourite, Bonhomia specialises in gourmet coffees and teas, and their cold brews are simply the best. Their coffee concentrates come in a bottle, and are great to be enjoyed as an espresso shot, as an americano and/or ice for a cold brew, or added to milk for a refreshing kick to the plain white liquid.

Check them out here.

Zago Cold Coffee


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Zago is another popular brand that is available in online grocery stores, and makes for a super easy, drinkable packaged coffee. The brew is available in a bottle, which makes carrying and storing it easier, and means you can drink as much as you want, without feeling the pressure of finishing the entire can lest it spills.

Check them out here.

Cohoma Coffee

Cohoma makes delicious farm-to-cup coffee brews, which include roasted beans, coffee powders and ready-to-drink cold brews, ensuring there’s a variety for you no matter where you are. Brew the beans at home for the perfect cup, or carry their packaged cold coffees on your travels for a caffeine kick in the wilderness!

Check them out here.



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Among the oldest names in India associated with coffee, Nescafe launched its packaged cold coffees in India a few years back, becoming an instant hit (just like their instant coffee!) and being termed as among the best in the country. With various flavours and variants, this is a cold coffee can that is delicious and just the right amount of nostalgic!

Check them out here.

Raw Pressery


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Raw Pressery has been long known for its healthy, fresh juices, and the brand has also expanded into several milk and protein-based beverages over the years. Among the same is their packaged cold coffee, which provides flavour as well as a protein kick to your mornings or whenever you need a filling refresher!

Check them out here.

Amul Kool Cafe

This one is a memory from childhood days! Amul, the pioneer in bringing about a milk revolution in India, continues to be the most-loved milk-based brand in India. It is their packaged cold coffee, the Amul Kool Kafe, that most millennials and Gen Z have grown up consuming. That’s not all – the brand continues to retain its flavour all these years later, making it a trusted, must-have brand in your travel kit (or purchased from any food stall around you!)

Check them out here.

Blue Tokai Cold Brew Cans

One of the most popular brewed coffee brands, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters have several coffee shops across the country. Along with this, they also have an online shop where they sell their brews and coffee powders. The variety of flavours and ease of use make this a must-have in every travel kit, and their cold brews in a can are what you need for the perfect refresher!

Check them out here.

Tata Coffee

best pakaged cold coffees in India
Image: Courtesy of Tata Nutri Korner

Tata is another brand known for its various beverages. The brand has a cold coffee range available in tetra packs, making it easy to consume and carry around. Oh and did we mention, the flavour is absolutely delicious!

Check them out here.

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Dannie Sorum/Unsplash

Need coffee on the go? These are the best packaged cold coffees in India

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