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Budget brews: Best-tasting beer options in India at price points under INR 150

From bold affairs to fruity numbers — there are as many bottles of brewed malts in India as there are aficionados of boozy beverages. And if you’re in the market for something more wallet-friendly, there are plenty of beer options from some of the biggest names in the business that come at price points just under INR 150 (for a 330-500 ml serving). Best part? They are as sessionable as they come. Here’s a look at a few that we have added to our drinking rotation.

In the history of all things heady, beer is deemed one of the oldest to be produced. Mesopotamia was the first to witness (and savour) a barley brew that dates back to the 5th millennium BC. Cut to several centuries later — to the present day — and a quick peek at the refrigerated section of alcohol stores will reveal a sea of bottles. Options range from crisp lagers to toasty stouts, complete with an eclectic set of flavour notes to boot. We’re talking chocolate, caramel, vanilla, grass, coffee, melon, citrus, the works.

Not to forget, along with giving you variety, these beer options don’t break your bank. Curious to know the details? We have you covered.

Best beer options at price points under INR 150

Carlsberg Elephant Strong

Beer price

Boasting Denmark’s finest brews, Carlsberg has a bottle for every occasion. Its highest-selling variant — Elephant Strong — is a full-bodied pilsner with an intense malt flavour and a touch of caramel. It pours golden, with every sip offering notes of melon, apple, nuts, and oak. The bitterness is well-balanced in this beer, making it a delightful option at its price point.

ABV: 7.2 percent
Price: INR 150 approx.

Copter 7 Strong

Copter 7

Helmed by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Copter 7 is one of the most buzzworthy beer brands in India. The Strong variant is a malty amber lager that’s bold and pours orange. Every sip comes with hints of caramel and toasted baked bread. Crisp and low in bitterness, this one is quite sessionable.

ABV: 4.8 percent
Price: INR 150 approx.

White Rhino Lager

White Rhino

Popular amongst Indian beer aficionados, this brand boasts the country’s first craft brewery. As such, its bottles promise quality sips. The Lager is brewed with 100 percent two-row pilsner malt, hopped with only ‘noble’ varieties. Every sip is complex and elegant — as sessionable as they come.

ABV: 4.8 percent.
Price: INR 150 approx.

Susegado Dortmund Lager

Beer price

A popular brand from the sunny sands of Goa, Susegado’s bottles promise a refreshing sipping experience. The Dortmund Lager variant is no exception. Full-bodied, crisp, and smooth — it’s reminiscent of a tropical summer vacation.

ABV: 5 percent
Price: INR 150 approx.

Simba Wit

Beer price

One of the biggest names in the homegrown beer business, Simba boasts flavourful sips. The Belgian Wit rendition is full-bodied and pours golden with a fluffy head. Every sip offers notes of coriander, lemongrass, and orange peel. As crisp and fruity as they come — this one comes with a hit of spice that makes it quite delightful to savour.

ABV: 4.5 percent
Price: INR 140 approx.

Kingfisher Premium

Kingfisher premium

An icon when it comes to all things brewed in India, Kingfisher has several wallet-friendly sips on offer. The Premium variant flies off of shelves and is one of the most popular bar orders in the country. And for good reason. It pours a mellow golden with a white head. Every sip is hoppy with bready, grassy, floral notes. The finish, meanwhile, is light. If that doesn’t spell sessionable we don’t know what does.

ABV: 5 percent
Price: INR 130 approx.

Tuborg Green Beer


A popular name in beer circles, Tuborg promises to be the life of any party. The Green rendition is a bottom-fermented lager that’s brewed to ensure a refreshing, mellow flavour with notes of roasted cereal and flowers. Medium rich, the finish comes with a moderate bitterness.

ABV: 4.6 percent
Price: INR 130 approx.

Six Fields Cult

beer price

This wallet-friendly Indian beer from DeVans Modern Breweries, comes with fruity notes of citrus. Meanwhile, every sip has a lingering flavour of orange peel and hints of coriander. A Belgian-style wheat beer, Six Fields Cult makes for a refreshing addition to your home bar.

ABV: 7 percent
Price: INR 130 approx.

Bira 91 Boom

Bira boom

A household name in India, Bira 91 is home to the country’s most eclectic bottles. The Boom rendition is a rich, malty Munich lager that comes with the combination of two-row and caramel malts. The hops balance out the malt in this one. Crisp, with a hint of sweetness and medium bitterness — this one’s a breeze to savour.

ABV: 7 percent
Price: INR 120 approx.

Bad Monkey

Bad Monkey

Behind every Bad Monkey bottle is a secret recipe that involves adding hops, esters, and aromatics. The medium-bodied number is manufactured by Sinq Beverages Pvt. Ltd. and pours golden. With a lager-like aroma, Bad Monkey has a strong finish. It also does not sport any of the lingering bitterness that strong beers are known for.

ABV: 8 percent
Price: INR 100 approx.

Drink responsibly!

All images: Courtesy Brands/Shutterstock

Budget brews: Best-tasting beer options in India at price points under INR 150

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