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Wallet-friendly whisky: Bottles under INR 8000 by the best brands in the business

The smooth sip of a Japanese single malt or fruity hit of a sherry cask number doesn’t have to be a wallet-emptying endeavour. Here’s our pick of the best, most delicious drams by popular whisky brands that will only set you back by INR 8,000. Budget drinking has never been this flavourful.

India’s long-standing passion for smoke and oak has paved the way for the most eclectic set of bottles – from homegrown single malts to American blends. In fact, a quick peek at the aisles of grocery stores will reveal a range of flavour notes – fruity, nutty, spicy, sweet – as well as ageing periods and barrel types – an option for every season and occasion. Naturally, there’s a bottle for every budget as well. Several popular brands have options that don’t break the bank – all while ensuring you’ve the best whisky-sipping experience. Here’s our pick of malts under INR 8,000 that are worth an addition to your repertoire. Check out our complete guide to whiskies in India

Wallet-friendly whisky: Best big-brand bottles under INR 8000

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old whisky

Glenfiddich Home to some of the world’s best-selling single malt whiskies – Glenfiddich is a classic choice for the daily dram. The 12-year-old expression is aged in oak, Spanish sherry, and American bourbon barrels. The payoff? A complex amber that presents notes of fresh pear and wood on the nose. Every sip, meanwhile, is flavourful – reminiscent of peach, wood, and butterscotch. The finish is luxurious and elegant.

Price: INR 7,000 approx.

Ardbeg 10 Year Old whisky

Best whisky brands under 8000 In the whisky game since 1815, Ardbeg has quite the stellar reputation. The 10-year-old expression does justice to this – having won the World Whisky Of The Year title in 2008. The amber comes with the aroma of black pepper, menthol, dark chocolate, lemon, pear, and baked pineapple. Every sip offers hints of bananas, smooth buttermilk, toasted marshmallows, currants, and cappuccino. The hit of spice is perfectly balanced by a distinct creaminess, making it a delight to savour.

Price: INR 6,800 approx.

Amrut Intermediate Sherry whisky

Amrut The brand that led the single malt revolution in India has produced some of the world’s most coveted bottles. The Intermediate Sherry expression is popular in connoisseur circles. The amber is first matured in bourbon casks, transferred to sherry, and back to bourbon – a sherry sandwich, if you will. The payoff is a fruity, juicy number with hints of moist cake, dried fruit, juicy sultanas, chocolate, marzipan, and spice. Every sip will also offer notes of orange. The finish is long and luxurious. This one’s for those who enjoy sweet sips.

Price: INR 6,000 approx.

Paul John Bold whisky

Best whisky brands under 8000 Known for quality malts, this homegrown brand from the sunny sands of Goa is no stranger to success. In fact, it has given the whisky world some delicious, award-winning options – catching the attention of seasoned drinkers and amber curious alike. The Bold expression lives up to this reputation. The peated number pours a liquid gold, with notes of smoke, Manuka honey, red liquorice on the nose. Every sip, meanwhile, is silk-like, with notes of spice and molasses. The finish is light, with the lingering touch of copper and mocha.

Price: INR 6,000

Jameson Black Barrel whisky

Best whisky brands under 8000 Another wildly popular brand when it comes to malts, Jameson is known for some of the best Irish blended whisky options. The Black Barrel expression lives up to this reputation. A fusion of small-batch grain and single-pot Irish whisky – this amber is aged in double charred barrels for up to 16 years. The payoff? A sweet and spicy number that comes with hints of fruit, butterscotch, toffee, and fudge on the nose. Every sip, meanwhile, is full and creamy with hints of spice, nuts, and vanilla. The finish is rich with a touch of wood.

Price: INR 5,700 approx.

Indri-Trini whisky

Best whisky brands under 8000 Translated to ‘the senses,’ in Sanskrit, this award-winning number is currently on every whisky aficionado’s radar. And for good reason. Flavourful and full, it’s distilled near the Himalayan foothills by one of the country’s largest producers of malt spirits, Piccadilly. Six-row barley that’s grown for hundreds of years in Rajasthan is harvested manually before being malted, fermented, and aged in three types of casks – ex-French, ex-bourbon, and sherry. The payoff is a gentle sip that pours sunset and comes with hints of caramelised pineapple, oak, vanilla, raisin, honey, and sweet cherry. You’ll also discover hints of nuts and wood. The finish, meanwhile, is balanced and elegant.

Price: INR 5,000 approx.

Akashi White Oak Single Malt whisky

Akashi Few things spell elegance in the whisky world like a Japanese single malt. Akashi’s flagship single malt export lives up to this reputation. Aged in barrels made with oloroso, shochu, bourbon, American oak, cream, and Pedro Ximenez barrels (amongst others) – it has no age statement. Every sip comes with notes of nutmeg, sweet cereal, black pepper, and walnut. On the nose is the delightful aroma of buttered hot cross buns, lemongrass, chocolate peanuts, and spice. The finish is medium, with hints of oats and dried apricot. A mellow, breezy sip.

Price: INR 5,000 approx.

Suntory Toki whisky

Suntori Introduced to the world of malts by the oldest distillery in Japan – Suntory Toki features a blend of whiskies from three distilleries, namely Yamazaki, Hakushu, and Chita. On the nose are hints of soft orchard fruits, peppermint, thyme, and honey. Every sip, meanwhile, is reminiscent of green apple, melon, pink grapefruit, toasted almonds, vanilla, and oak. The finish, meanwhile, comes with a touch of ginger and white pepper. Its mellow, floral quality makes it the perfect addition to a Highball, especially when garnished with citrus. The distillery’s official recipe recommends adding lemon peel and using a chilled glass, which enhances the flavour of the concoction and brings out the fullness of the whisky.

Price: INR 5,000 approx.

Monkey Shoulder whisky

Best whisky brands under 8000 Perhaps one of the most popular whiskies across the globe – Monkey Shoulder features in most bars and restaurants. And for good reason. The Speyside malt is bright, versatile, and a delight when savoured neat. Every sip is reminiscent of orange, honey, and vanilla – with distinct hints of oak spice, nutmeg, and cloves. The finish is bold and spicy, perfect for those who’d enjoy adding a kick to their whisky ritual.

Price: INR 5,000 approx.

Each of these whisky options promise the best sipping experience, courtesy of the brands they come from. Which are you adding to your repertoire?

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Wallet-friendly whisky: Bottles under INR 8000 by the best brands in the business

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