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Glenmorangie’s ‘A Tale of the Forest’ Enchants Mumbai’s Couture Scene

In an exquisite fusion of luxury, nature, and artistry, Glenmorangie recently unveiled its latest limited-edition variant, ‘A Tale of the Forest,’ at Shivan & Narresh’s inaugural couture showcase in Mumbai, aptly titled ‘Florists at Work.’ The brand’s showcase was a celebration of the harmonious blend of botanicals, couture, and the natural world, bringing about a noteworthy and vivid experience for attendees.

Glenmorangie A Tale of the Forest

Lush and deliciously herbaceous, A Tale of the Forest is Glenmorangie’s first whisky ever crafted from barley kilned with woodland botanicals. Inspired by the natural, everchanging wonder Glenmorangie’s Director of Whisky Creation, Dr Bill Lumsden, encounters as he wanders the woods near his home, this experimental limited edition evokes the scents, sounds and sights of the forest itself. The latest limited edition luxury drop was exclusively previewed for guests at the Shivan & Narresh Couture Showcase in Mumbai this month.

The experience zone, transported guests into a lush, wooded wonderland where they could embark on a journey of discovery, guided by the captivating allure of foraging for delicate paper flowers. Each flower bore the name of a unique Glenmorangie cocktail, inviting attendees to pluck their choice and venture to the bar, where mixology met artistry. This immersive setup allowed guests to savour the exquisite fusion of nature and whisky, creating an unforgettable experience that embodied the very essence of ‘A Tale of the Forest.’

Dr Bill Lumsden, the creative force behind this remarkable whisky, shared his vision, saying, “Every time I go into the woods where I live, I notice something new, be it the fragrance of last night’s rainfall or the sound of leaves rustling a particular way. I began to imagine how we could bring the forest to life in a whisky, by kilning barley with materials from the woodland, the way our ancestors did.”

Commenting upon this exciting, limited-edition release, Ms. Smriti Sekhsaria, Marketing Director, Moët Hennessy India said, “Glenmorangie strikes again with yet another delightful twist to a single malt, this time by taking a walk on the wild side. A Tale of the Forest is sure to woo consumers by offering a truly exceptional, botanical-infused whisky crafted to perfection. In its pursuit of elevating moments of consumption, Glenmorangie’s herbaceous and fruity new blend is sure to add splendour and panache to all celebratory moments, be it intimate or grand”.

Glenmorangie’s choice to showcase ‘A Tale of the Forest’ at Shivan & Narresh’s ‘Florists at Work’ couture showcase exemplifies the perfect fusion of luxury, botanicals, and artistry. It brought forth an unforgettable, out-of-the-box experiential launch that resonated with a select audience appreciative of the finer things in life. ‘A Tale of the Forest’ emerges as a testament to Glenmorangie’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of whisky craftsmanship while simultaneously creating an exquisite sensory journey through the heart of nature and luxury couture.

This limited-edition release has unsurprisingly garnered excitement among connoisseurs and collectors alike. Glenmorangie’s A Tale of the Forest is set to become a coveted gifting option in the upcoming months, offering an exceptional, botanical-infused whisky crafted to perfection.

A Tale of the Forest will be exclusively available in World of Wines at Nariman Point, Mansionz in Lower Parel, and other top premium spirit stores in Mumbai and Gurgaon starting September 2023. The limited-edition variant will be priced at INR 11,500 in Mumbai and INR 7,500 in Gurgaon. Whisky enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing this limited-edition botanical-infused delight.


Glenmorangie’s ‘A Tale of the Forest’ Enchants Mumbai’s Couture Scene

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