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Why you need to check out Home Blend Coffee, the finest speciality coffee on the block

Home Blend Coffee is the homegrown artisanal coffee you should be sipping, and here’s why.

Spearheaded by Akshay Jaggi and Saumay Khandelwal, Home Blend Coffee Roasters was conceived when the two young entrepreneurs were sipping quality coffee outside of India, only to realise it’s actually Indian export-grade speciality coffee. Feeling discontent with how casually terms like ‘artisanal’ or ‘speciality’ were thrown around without reason, the duo studied the coffee market in India and decided to deliver real speciality grade coffee at people’s doorstep.

home blend coffee

That was back in 2018. Today, Home Blend delivers across India, North America, and UAE, and offers the most exotic selection of speciality coffee beans from India and Indonesia. It includes the famous Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold from the highest peaks of Baba Budan region (the place that marks the inception of coffee plantations in India) and Sumatra’s Finest Mandheling–Grade 1, a non-fed, pre-civet, cruelty-free version of the favourite Kopi-Luwak. They also have Arabicas from Indonesia and Malabar coffee from India and are soon introducing other international blends along with whiskey cask fermented coffee.

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Drip Coffee

What sets them apart is their plantation-based sourcing of coffee beans, which are pre-deemed speciality grade by the Coffee Board of India, SCAA, SCAE, Q & R Graders for both processing plants and client end. And how is speciality coffee different from the regular blend? Coffee graded 80 points and above by Q graders is deemed as speciality grade. A cupper first scores coffee on several attributes, such as aroma and sweetness. Then, they add those up to create a final score out of 100–and it’s this that decides the value of any particular coffee.

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Green Beans

Home Blend Coffee is also amongst the first brands to introduce the equipment-free, convenient pour-over concept of Drip Coffee Bags in the country. Drip Coffee Bags contain freshly-roasted, speciality grade grounds that brew the perfect cup of coffee without any equipment or unnecessary hassle. It’s as simple as–tear the seal, place the drip bag on a cup, pour hot water through the bag, and your freshly brewed cup of coffee is ready!

home blend coffee

The founders have themselves worked with the curing and processing of raw coffee and want to share their in-depth knowledge with the consumers. They’ve spent six years understanding speciality grade coffee in Indonesia. Khandelwal is also a Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified coffee connoisseur, holding eight certifications in all the five fields of coffee: Green beans, roasting, sensory, barista, and brewing. In their endeavour to educate patrons about developing and recognising the authentic taste of speciality coffee grounds, they use a tailor-made approach that allows their customers to make a selection that best suits their needs using a ‘Coffee Recommender’ on their website. You can choose from desired roast levels, flavour profile, grind sizes, and bean variants.

home blend coffee

Whether you’re a connoisseur or only getting started into the world of coffee, Home Blend Coffee makes it easy to get your hands on your personal perfect cuppa joe.

All images: Courtesy Home Blend Coffee

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