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Spruce up your spirits stash with these all-new Indian gins, rum, and vodka

Featuring unique botanicals, crisp flavour notes, and eclectic aromas – a sea of new spirits now adorn the aisles of stores across the country. From invigorating gins to smooth rum – these heady beverages are elevating the Indian drinking culture, one sip at a time. Here’s our pick of bottles that are worth being added to your home bar.

Over the past few years, innovation has been the name of the game for homegrown spirits. How else would you explain the kaleidoscope of experimentative flavours and unique collaborations that have underlined the industry lately? Take for instance the world’s first Indo-Japanese gin that fuses botanicals from two cultures. Or the one-of-a-kind coffee-infused gin that brings the aroma of cold brew to a glass of juniper berry goodness.

Combine this with a thriving bartender culture – complete with pop-ups and new menus – and you’ve got yourself a new and exciting era of drinking in the country. In line with this, several brands have released all-new bottles – along with a few limited editions – that are a must-sip. We list out a few on our radar.

Grab a bottle of these Indian gins, rum, and vodka, pronto!

Trading Tides


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They brought you India’s first distilled cocktail – Perry Road Peru – and have now elevated the gin game with a limited-edition bottle that brings together distillers on either side of the Indian Ocean through their passion for quality spirits. The main inspiration? All the tides and coast that connect them. Australia’s Four Pillars Distillery adds Australian lemon myrtle, anise myrtle, river mint to the mix while Goa-based Third Eye Distillery’s packs on the mangosteen, kokum, and tamarind. A Stranger & Sons creation, this dry gin sings with coastal notes and offers hints of citrus, spice, and mint in every sip. This Indian gin is available in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa.

Price: Rs 3,500 approx.

Spice Trade Gin


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Next in line in the delicious collaboration of Four Pillars and Stranger & Sons is a spirit that’s been crafted to “combine the best of Australia and India in a bottle through the expertise of two diverse distillers at Four Pillars and Stranger & Sons,” as per Sakshi Saigal, Director & Co-founder of Third Eye Distillery. Featured here are turmeric, finger lime, teppal, long peppers, red chilli, and black cardamom. This is a take on modern India – with big bold spices underlying the sipping experience. If there ever was a celebration of gin, this Indian rendition is it. You can get a bottle of this in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa.

Price: Rs 3,500 approx.

Short Story London Dry Gin

Few things shaken and stirred are as refreshing as the classic London Dry Gin. Bearing this in mind, the good folks’ over at Third Eye Distillery joined forces with Pankaj Balachandran – co-founder of Asia’s fourth best bar Tesouro – to create the perfect London dry gin. The offering features the classic combination of botanicals with a juniper-forward flavour complemented by notes of citrus. Distilled wholly to a neutral spirit of 96 percent alcoholic volume, this one’s ideal for some good old Gin and Tonic. It also lends itself well to experimentation. This spirit is available in Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka.

Price: Rs 1,850 approx.

Short Story White Rum

White rum is known for its light body and sweet flavour. This particular one is no different – merging Indian molasses and Caribbean rum that are versatile enough to be dressed up or down – from shots to Tiki cocktails. This helps the brand achieve its motto, which is described by Balachandran as the “hope to be the brand that bartenders and consumers invariably reach for a drink, be it for themselves or someone else.” It’s recommended that you sip this one on ice or top it up with soda or cola. Grab a bottle in Maharashtra, Karnataka, or Goa.

Price: Rs 1,950 approx.

Short Story Grain Vodka

Like others on the list, the descriptors for this spirit are short – pristine, smooth, and robust. The triple-distilled charcoal-filtered grain vodka has all the makings of a go-to option – whether for impromptu shots or elaborate cocktails. With it, and others on this line up, the brand spotlights the need for true-to-style, quality Indian spirits – essential to cocktail culture and currently led by international brands in the country. “We, at Third Eye Distillery, wanted to offer the Indian spirits landscape with a portfolio of true-to-style essential spirits which set a standard for quality and are an effortless choice be it at home or a bar.” Balachandran notes. You can grab this vodka in stores across Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa.

Price: Rs 1,650 approx.

These unique spirits make for the perfect addition to any home bar, especially considering they’re versatile enough to be experimented with. That said, their limited nature might translate to low availability so be sure to get your hands on a bottle before they’re all out for the season. Happy drinking!

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Spruce up your spirits stash with these all-new Indian gins, rum, and vodka

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