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Refreshing white wines in India that are ‘grape’ additions to any collection

There’s a certain uplifting quality to a glass of zesty and floral green-grape number that its red-hued counterparts can’t quite compete with. Here’s our pick of the most swirl-worthy white wines in India, from chardonnay to Champagne.

If there ever was a beverage fit to be the life of a party, it would be a white wine. In fact, it can show up to a pool party with as much zest and pzazz as an elegant soiree. Vinos that fall under this category come from direct-pressed white grape juice. The process involves removing the skin of grapes prior to fermentation, which reduces the level of tannins and the intensity of colour. The payoff? A crisp crowd-pleaser that can be paired with most culinary creations or sipped solo.

Terms like light-bodied, airy, and bubbly are often used to describe these wines. Best served chilled, they pair well with seafood, cheese platters, and vanilla or fruit-based desserts. That said, most – rieslings to sauvignon blanc -are versatile enough to elevate any cuisine. The only catch? Considering they’re produced all over the world, there’s a host of bottles you’ll discover on the aisles of stores across the country. Picking one can be quite the overwhelming task. For the most luxurious experience, we’ve put together a list of the most exciting bottles of white wines in India that are on our radar.

Best white wines in India to invest in

Dom Perignon P2 Champagne

White wine in India

Few cultures know how to do justice to a vino like the French. Take this iconic brand for instance. Dom Perignon – named after a French Benedictine Monk who hailed from Champagne – is known for its vintage pours. Popular as James Bond’s most cherished alcoholic brand (move over, vesper martini), the brand promises to help you taste the stars. Its luxurious P2 champagne primarily features pinot noir grapes and is 16 years in the making. The flavour is sharp and full, with notes of orange, honeysuckle, and toasted almonds. At once smoky and refreshing – this medium-bodied wine is quite coveted. If there’s a grand celebration in store, we can’t think of a better vino to go with.

Pair with: Seafood, salads, red meat

Price: Rs 60,000 approx.

Querciabella Batar

Italian wines are just as exquisite as French and this particular bottle is no exception. Hailing from Tuscany, Querciabella has a plant-based approach to wine productions (vegans, this one’s for you!). Their elegant white wine Batar features chardonnay and pinot bianco grape varietals. It pours golden and every sip is reminiscent of chamomile, yellow peach, yellow plum, passionfruit, fresh pineapple, melon, acacia flowers, and cedar. The mouthfeel is blanched and the finish long. This delightful libation was described by notable journalist and wine writer Hugh Jhonson as a “dream of a white.” Need we say more?

Pair with: Steaks, curries, pasta with sundried tomato pesto

Price: Rs 19,000 approx.

Schloss Lieser Niederberg Helden Riesling

Underlined by grapes that grow well in cooler climes, rieslings are often sweet and refreshing. They also typically hail from Germany. This particular bottle of Auslese calls Mosel its home and has a delicious balance of sweetness and acidity. It’s quite popular with notes of peach, apricot, melon, apple, citrus, honey, and orange peel. Elegant and lush, it has a sensual character and a well-structured finish that make it a must-sip.

Pair with: Shellfish, spicy food, cured meats

Price: Rs 13,000 approx.

Ca’Marcanda Vistamare Toscana

From the house of Angelo Gaja – known for revolutionising wine production in Italy – this libation is one of Tuscany’s finest. Popular across homes in the region, this creamy white number has been aged for 12 months in different barrels. The payoff? A complex floral – acacia particularly – quality, with each sip being reminiscent of stone fruit, vanilla, honey, aromatic herbs, and balsamic. Refreshing and smooth with good acidity and a subtle finish – this one is the perfect addition to a connoisseur-grade collection.

Pair with: Seafood

Price: Rs 8,000 approx.

Robert Mondavi Chardonnay

American winemaker Robert Gerald Mondavi is best known for promoting labelling vines varietally as opposed to genetically – now a standard. His eponymous winery in Napa Valley, California produces some of the finest wines in the business. This particular one is quite popular and highly rated by wine critic James Suckling. It pours straw and has floral notes on the nose. Every sip is reminiscent of sun-ripened pineapple, guava, Asian pear, grapefruit, melon, lemon creme. Slightly smoky and full-bodied in character, its finish is crisp. If you’re keen on gifting someone a wine, this one fits the bill.

Pair with: Chicken pot pie, grilled cheese sandwich, fish

Price: Rs 8,000 approx.

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

White wine

Sauvignon blanc makes for clean and fruity sips – the ideal go-to for brunches and romantic dinners. This particular bottle from New Zealand’s premium Cloudy Bay estates put the country on the world’s wine map. Naturally, it’s quite popular. Here, the winemakers carefully select the right grapes and allow them to ferment separately before blending. The payoff? Intense and vibrant libration with notes of ripe passionfruit, white peach, and lime on the nose. Every sip is reminiscent of nectarine, green apple, dried pineapple, and candied ginger. The finish is long and compelling with hints of lemon verbena. This one ages quite gracefully, especially for a decade or more.

Pair with: Seafood, green salads with goat’s cheese

Price: Rs 5,000 approx.

Sensi 18K Prosecco Gold

Another excellent gifting option, this wine tastes as good as its bottle looks. An award-winning white wine, this one hails from Sensei – Tuscan wine-makers who’ve been in the business since 1890. With the promise of the use of organic grapes, the winery believes in fishing Italian tradition with luxury. Their 18k range boasts of the most exquisite, bubbly options. The Prosecco Gold expression is elegantly balanced and delicate. It pours bright straw and is clean and elegant with notes of fruit, pear, aromatic herbs, and apple. Full-bodied in character, it’s finish is fruity and delightful. This one’s a must-sip.

Pair with: Fried and raw fish, vegetarian appetizers

Price: Rs 4,000 approx.

Which one of these are you swirling this weekend?

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Refreshing white wines in India that are ‘grape’ additions to any collection

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