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This is the perfect cup of coffee for you, as per your zodiac sign

In the sea of speciality beans, craft blends, and brewing techniques, zeroing in on the perfect cup of caffeine can be tricky. We’re letting the cosmos take the lead on this one with our guide to the coffee order that perfectly complements each zodiac sign.

Coffee is woven into the fabric of morning routines across the globe. And the choice of what goes into that cup of Joe involves arriving at a flavour to caffeine ratio that best suits one’s lifestyle. This task often involves years of experimentation.

That’s where zodiac signs come in. By spotlighting dominant personality traits and, in turn, lifestyle choices, astrology might just make it easier to determine what coffee best complements different people. For instance, go-getters and hustlers might benefit from befriending black coffee, which offers megadoses of energy throughout the day. Meanwhile, social butterflies might enjoy the latest trend or flavour in coffee. We’re allowing the stars to brew our morning ‘Joe with this guide to the coffee best suited to each zodiac sign.

Place the perfect coffee order based on your zodiac sign

Aries: Macchiato

Image: Courtesy @menottis/Instagram

This fire sign is bold and competitive. Aries individuals are always up for a challenge and like to get cracking on the day’s tasks as soon as they hit the snooze button. They’d find their match in the equally strong, intense, and bold macchiato.

This Italian coffee is underscored by one (or two) shots of espresso and just a dash of milk. The heavy dose of caffeine offered by this drink will fuel Aries through the day, while the flavourful addition of milk will have them indulging in several cups without being put off by the bitterness.

Taurus: Cappuccino

Image: Courtesy @barista_huu/Instagram

Creative, strong, and admirers of art, Taurus is an earth sign that truly embodies the spirit of self-care. They’d enjoy a drink that’s indulgent, comforting, and a feast for the eyes, like a cappuccino. These are rich, sweet and flavourful, with a strong hit of caffeine mellowed by the addition of equal amounts of steamed milk and milk foam.

Cappuccinos also serve as the perfect canvas for baristas to experiment with. Many come in microfoam patterns that the Taurus would enjoy capturing for their Instagram feeds. This sign is also known to be a foodie and would appreciate being able to experiment with the host of flavours this coffee drink often comes with, such as caramel, peppermint and raspberry.

Gemini: Flavoured Cold Brew

Coffee zodiac
Image: Courtesy – @elephantjoescoffee/Instagram

The socialites of the zodiac, Geminis are known to have their finger on the pulse of pop culture. Their ideal drink needs to be refreshing and sweet, helping them fuel conversations and stay on top of trends.

A cold brew uses coarse ground coffee and is brewed for about 12-24 hours. It’s sweet, low in acidity and goes down smoothly, which the air sign would prefer over more intense blends. Cold brews also come in a host of fun, seasonal, trending flavours. Think pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha, yuzu, or even cola. This will keep the easily-bored Gemini engaged.

Cancer: Latte

Image: Courtesy @lydian_latte/Instagram

Laidback and domestic, Cancers are creatures of comfort. They’d enjoy sweeter, indulgent flavours over astringent, bitter ones. Lattes are creamy, milky coffees that are mellow and sweet. The drink comes with a single shot of espresso drowned by a large portion of steamed milk, topped with milk foam.

Lattes are some of the most ordered coffees, making them a regular and dependable feature on most menus. Cancers, who enjoy stability over risk-taking and impulsive decisions, would enjoy being able to have their go-to drink wherever they go. Lattes also often come in comforting flavours like vanilla and caramel, which will appeal to this water sign.

Leo: Affogato

Image: Courtesy @eight8cups/Instagram

The outgoing royalty of the zodiac enjoys having the spotlight on them. Common blends and options won’t do for Leos. Their ideal drink needs to be bold and make a statement. Affogatos, a quirky, off-beat coffee order, feature a shot (or two) of espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla gelato.

The flavours of this coffee are bold yet sweet, and the experience of consuming one is theatrical, which Leos, known to have a flair for the dramatics, would appreciate. Affogatos are also the subject of much debate in the coffee world. While some spots list them under the beverage menu, others insist it’s a dessert. Leos will enjoy having the conversation centred on their choice of coffee, eagerly adding their inputs to the mix.

Virgo: Cortado

Image: Courtesy @m.expert.b/Instagram

The perfectionist, traditionalist of the zodiac, Virgos are known to be intelligent. Their drink of choice would have to be just as efficient and precise. Cortados require the perfect balance of espresso and steamed milk that’s not frothy or textured.

There’s a clear set of instructions, outlining the ratios of ingredients, to make this Spanish drink. Rule-abiding Virgos will appreciate the simple yet detailed process that goes behind each cup and the strong hit of caffeine will help them focus on their tasks throughout the day.

Libra: Café Au Lait

Image: Courtesy @thediaryofchelle/Instagram

The charmer of the zodiac, Libras are approachable and seeks harmony and balance. A flavourful coffee that’s a crowd-pleaser and has just the right balance of ingredients will appeal to this air sign.

Cafe Au Lait is a French drink that blends equal parts steamed milk and strong drip-brewed or French-pressed hot coffee to produce a mellow, delicious blend. The yin and yang nature of the ingredients in this drink mirror that of this sign’s symbol, scales. Silky, smooth, and mild on the palate, this simple drink is as popular as Libras themselves.

Scorpio: Espresso

Image: Courtesy @forthecrema/Instagram

Intelligent, straight-shooter Scorpios are known to be bold and intense. Espresso, a concentrated bold form of coffee served in small strong shots would appeal to them. A properly pulled shot of this drink would have notes of rich caramel, with layers of complexity that mirror that of a Scorpio’s personality.

The no-frills drink is highly caffeinated, provided you have several shots of it, and its intense flavour is popular among coffee aficionados. Scorpios, who are known to deep dive into everything they’re interested in, would enjoy noting the different flavours as well as the origin of the beans. Drinking a shot of this coffee needs a certain zest and gusto that only this zodiac sign can bring to the table.

Sagittarius: Irish Coffee

Coffee zodiac sign
Image: Courtesy @kevin_kos/Instagram

The adventurous, fun-loving Sagittarius is always up for a vacation or party. The Irish coffee features freshly-brewed black coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and fresh cream and makes for a smooth, delicious, and energy-boosting drink.

Besides helping them switch gears from work to a night out in the city seamlessly, this drink’s cultural aspect will delight the explorer within a Sagittarius. The sugar, when combined with alcohol and coffee, will fuel this fire sign enough to keep them going through the night into the wee hours of the morning. Besides, only this sign would be sport enough to have a glass or two of this coffee first thing in the morning.

Capricorn: Long Black

Coffee zodiac sign
Image: Courtesy @mn.nizar/Instagram

This ambitious, dedicated earth sign is known to be one of the most hardworking of the zodiac. As such, they often have a packed schedule and would need something to keep them alert and on their A-game through the day. Long black, made by pouring a double shot of espresso or ristretto over hot water, will do just that.

The drink is a no-nonsense option much the no-frills Capricorn who sees the world in black and white would appreciate. It’s meant to be savoured through the day and is had without milk, making the flavour strong and bold. This luxury-loving and detail-oriented zodiac sign would insist on the coffee being artisanal as well.

Aquarius: Yuenyeung

Image: Courtesy @dietician_kaiyi/Instagram

Like Sagittarius, Aquarius is known to be a wanderer and traveller. This air sign doesn’t conform to the norm. Cofftea or Yuenyeung perfectly captures their spirit and originality.

The drink, which hails from Hong Kong, is a refreshingly unique twist on the usual coffee and includes brewed black coffee, Hong-Kong style milk tea with condensed milk, and sugar. The drink is one-of-a-kind and has a strong and sweet flavour, with the energy boost being significant. This coffee is also quite popular, much like the zodiac sign. Aquarius will also enjoy the rule-bending and cultural aspects of the beverage.

Pisces: Mocha

Coffee zodiac sign
Image: Courtesy @veganmontreal/Instagram

The dreamy, imaginative, and romantic Pisces is known to have a sweet tooth. This water sign is also kind and affable. The bold-flavoured, dessert-in-a-cup beverage that is mocha is right up their alley.

Featuring a delicious blend of coffee, milk, and chocolate, mocha has a deep, layered, and luxurious taste. It’s popularly known as the grown-up version of hot chocolate and Pisces will enjoy the indulgence, warmth, and romance of the drink. The fish is also popularly known in astrology as one that’s often straddling the divide between fantasy and reality and Pisces will find a kindred spirit in the cup of coffee that also marries the practicality of caffeine and the indulgence of hot chocolate.

Featured and hero image: Courtesy Nathan Dumalo/Unsplash

This is the perfect cup of coffee for you, as per your zodiac sign

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