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10 home chefs in Kolkata whose divine menus we are ordering from

One of the pandemic trends that we hope is here to stay, is the recent rise of home chefs who are serving up authentic treats with the guarantee of safe and sanitised kitchens. There’s an array of different cuisines to choose from spanning burgers to baked goodies and ghar ka khana.  Here’s our round-up of the best home chefs in Kolkata. 

Some of the best home chefs in Kolkata you can order from –

Devil’s Lure

home chefs in Kolkata

Let’s start by addressing those sweet cravings. Devil’s Lure by Laila Mallik is pure joy. Her desserts range from classic tea cakes like Victoria Sponge to Lemon and Lavender and Coffee Walnut, tarts, pies and puddings like Sticky Toffee Pudding, Banoffee Pie, and more. “The Devil’s Lure is my attempt to share with others all the desserts I grew up enjoying, some of which are now lost in time,” says Mallik. As if that wasn’t enough, she has branched into a curated weekend three-course specials (starter, choice of mains, and dessert). You can choose from Thai, Burmese, Chinese and Continental cuisines.

Recommended Dish: Butterscotch Cake with Toffee drizzle, Dark Chocolate and Orange Brownies.
Availability: Items need to be ordered 24 – 48 hours in advance.
Location: Golf Green area
Delivery Mode: Call +91 99033 04212 to arrange pickup or delivery.

Geetika’s Goodies 

home chefs in Kolkata

Geetika Seth is another home baker that we can’t get enough of. “Everyone needs a little sugar and solace during these difficult times,” says Seth, who finds comfort in baking. “Baking is my ikigai! Each recipe is baked with love and has a different emotion.” And we find comfort in devouring her delicious Key Lime Pie, Nutella Cheesecake, and decadent Chocolate Ganache Cake with Almond Nougat. There are eggless options available, and she also takes custom orders. 

Recommended Dish: Chocolate Ganache Cake with Almond Nougat
Availability: Items need to be ordered a minimum of 24 hours in advance, so it’s best to order in advance.
Location: Alipore
Delivery Mode: WhatsApp or call +91 98311 31863 to arrange pickup or delivery.

Trufire Kitchen

home chefs in Kolkata

This is the brainchild of home chef Madhavi Puri. “I love cooking. Very often my friends would request me to make a dish or two for their parties, and I would always be happy to oblige,” she says. Finding herself free without any upcoming travel she decided to start Trufire Kitchen. “People do not wholly trust restaurants at the moment, so I decided to give them a safe and trusted option.” There are several choices ranging from Mutton Yakhni PulaoGoan Prawn Curry and Appams with Stew to continental bakes such as Tetrazinis and Casseroles (Veg and Non-Veg.)  

Recommended DishChicken Chettinad
Availability: It is preferable if you order 24 hours in advance.
Location: Ballygunge area
Delivery Mode: WhatsApp or call +91 90389 66999, 033 4008 5599 to arrange pick up or delivery

Thy Hungry Panda 

home chefs in Kolkata

Bombay-based lawyer Arnab Ghosh had quit his job to follow his dream of starting a food truck when the pandemic struck, and he found himself back in Kolkata. And he has certainly come a long way since then to be on our list of best home chefs in Kolkata. “I’m on Keto, and I noticed that the city has hardly any Keto-friendly deliveries, so I decided to start one.“ What began with Keto-friendly cakes and bakes has expanded to a full menu, which caters to any special dietary requirements or allergies, and to which end Ghosh has armed himself with certification on food and nutrition. From Keto Garlic Naan and Afghani Chicken to Pork Chops with Garlic Balsamic Glaze to Delicious Flourless Cakes, you can find them here. 

Recommended Dish: Pork Chops with Garlic Balsamic Glaze
Availability: It is preferable if you order 24 hours in advance.
Location: Palm Avenue
Delivery Mode: WhatsApp or call on +91 98187 04317 to arrange pickup or delivery or DM on Instagram

Nilufer Babaycon 

home chefs in Kolkata

If you are looking to try some authentic Sri Lankan or Parsi home cooking, Nilufer Babaycon is the one to call. “Since my mom is from Columbo, I used to visit my grandparents there every summer, and Sri Lankan food is what I grew up with. It has now become the comfort cuisine of my entire family, and I wanted to share my love for Sri Lankan food with more people.” Her menu includes dishes like String Hoppers, LumpraisBrinjal Pahi, Chicken Badun, Seeni Sombol, etc. Being Parsi she also has a lot of Parsi dishes on offer such as Iranian Berry PulauChicken Sali, and Fish Biriyani. 

Recommended DishString Hoppers, Lumprais
Availability: Items need to be ordered 24 hours in advance.
Location: Bhawanipore
Delivery Mode: Call +91 98303 60358 to arrange for pick up or delivery 

Sima’s Kitchen Secrets

home chefs in Kolkata

For years Sima Ahmed has been delighting her friends and family with her homemade biryani, the recipe which has been passed down in her family for generations. Her secret is the special mix of spices that she grinds herself. After many years of being badgered to cater professionally, she has finally started Ahmed’s Kitchen Secrets. In addition to her famous Murg and Gosht Biryani are a whole host of Kebabs including Chaapli KebabShami Tikiya (Gosht,) Murg Khaas Kebab, and other dishes such as Murg Pasinda and more.

Recommended Dish: Gosht Biriyani
Availability: Items need to be ordered a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
Location: Hastings area
Delivery Mode: Call +91 87775 90538, +91 98315 54588 to arrange for pick up or delivery. 

The Fat Little Penguin

home chefs in Kolkata

These artisanal ice creams are made from fresh ingredients and churned in small batches at home by pastry chef Jayatri Biswas. “I love playing with flavours, and I have always been a science nerd, and ice cream is a lot about science,” says Biswas. “When I returned from abroad, I realised this city has very few options for artisanal ice cream, so I decided to combine my love for science and ice cream.” Pretend you are on a tropical vacation with their Pina Loco, a sherbet that combines pineapples and coconut cream; or try Mulato, a mix of dark coffee and white chocolate. They have a whole host of flavours and dairy-free vegan options as well.

Recommended Dish: Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
Availability: Pre-order 24 hours in advance to get your hands on the flavour of your choice
Location: Palm Avenue
Delivery Mode: Call +91 96545 31646 to arrange for pick up or delivery

Dre’s Burgers

What can be more comforting than a good old-fashioned burger? Thanks to Andre Dragwidge, we have a variety of yummy homemade burgers to choose from. Try a Pulled Pork Burger (slow-cooked shredded pork shoulder tossed with melted cheese, and topped off with homemade BBQ sauce). Or even a Vegan option made with chickpeas and kidney beans. “I didn’t know how to cook when I first left home. I used to call my mom and ask her for tips! I slowly got into cooking and experimenting with flavours. Working for an airline opened up the world for me and gave me exposure, but it’s been my dream to open a restaurant and the great reactions Dre’s is getting gives me confidence,” says Dragwidge.

Recommended Dish: Dre’s Special
Availability: Order 24 hours in advance
Location: Palm Avenue
Delivery Mode: Call +91 98199 70755 to arrange for pick up or delivery 

Joyee’s Weekly Bake Sale

If you are searching for freshly baked tarts, flatbreads, focaccias, quiches, pies, or anything fresh from the oven, look no further. Bijoyini Sarkar, the home chef behind Joyee’s, grew up in a family of cooks and restaurateurs and is an expert baker. She has some boozy bakes such as Rum Chocolate Mousse and Gin and Lime Cheesecake; or try her Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate brownies to satisfy your sweet cravings. She also has an assortment of savouries and snacks such as Cheese Sesame Herb Biscuits or Ham and Cheese Quiche. There are also Keto options available.

Recommended Dish: Gin and Lime Cheesecake
Availability: Order 24 hours in advance 
Delivery Mode: Call +91 96745 62633 to arrange for pick up or delivery 

Baked with Love

Hunting for eggless vegetarian bakes can be tough. Baked with Love started by Puja Tandon is a great place to start. In addition to a variety of freshly baked breads like Thyme Romary and Olive Focaccia, Cheese Garlic Pull Apart Bread with melting cheese inside, Spinach and Beetroot Loaf, etc., she has fresh pasta dishes and risotto as well. Try her homemade Ravioli stuffed with Spinach and Cheese or Gnocchi in Pomodoro Sauce. “In the lockdown, I started out experimenting with different bakes. When my friends found out they began requesting me to bake for them and through word of mouth it grew into a full-fledged service because of the high demand,” says Tandon.

Recommended Dish: Gnocchi in Pomodoro sauce
Availability: Order 24 hours in advance
Location: Alipore
Delivery Mode: Call +91 98363 54054 to arrange for pick up or delivery

10 home chefs in Kolkata whose divine menus we are ordering from

Diya Katyal is a full time procrastinator and part time writer from Kolkata.

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