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Where to eat at 32nd Avenue, Gurgaon’s best food hub

The iconic 32nd Milestone of the millennium city has returned for a second inning.

The 90s ‘it’ place with a nightclub, salon, six dining spaces, footfall from the likes of Michael Jackson, Saif Ali Khan, and Karisma Kapoor is in the limelight, thanks to its culinary offerings. The revamped space, called 32nd Avenue now has 35 F&B establishments finally; and will also house an indoor sky diving arena, a roof deck with an infinity pool, offices, convention centre, shopping arcade, and more. As yet, a number of restaurants are already up and running, making it Gurgaon’s best food hub. And here we’ve rounded up the must-try eateries on your maiden or millionth visit to 32nd Avenue.

Carnatic Café

32nd avenue

Delhi’s popular Carnatic Café found base in Gurgaon at 32nd Avenue. One of the first restaurants to open here, the South Indian delicacies offered by them remain unparalleled in terms of taste and quality throughout Delhi NCR. The dosas made with ghee and laden with the heaviest of masalas are still light and fluffy, the airiest idlis, chutneys bursting with freshness and flavors, handmade ice-creams – if there was ever a happy meal, Carnatic Café sure knows how to make one. Don’t forget to dig into their coconut ice-cream when here.


32nd Avenue restaurants
Image: Courtesy Greenr

Healthy food stopped being synonymous with ‘not tasty’ a while back, and Greenr is a substantial contributor to this movement in the city. Back in 2015, it was one of the first restaurants to have all this in one space – vegetarian-only food, gluten-free, plant meats and milk, co-working space, and events space. This boutique café exudes a positive energy as soon as you enter, and the quirky sounding menu is just as interesting on the palate.


When in the mood for Southeast Asia fare, head to Mallacca. Serving authentic Singaporean, Malaysian, and Indonesian cuisines, try dishes like Murukku Doughnut, Coconut Crème Brulee, Singapore Chilli Lobster, Nasi Lemak. Don’t forget to try the traditional drink made of fresh fruits and garden bean sprouts, ‘Rojak’.

The Piano Man Jazz Club

32nd Avenue restaurants
32nd Avenue restaurants

Another popular Delhi entry here, The Piano Man Jazz Club promises to be Gurgaon’s first-of-its-kind music space. Jazz you can hum, swing, sing along to, with a side of cocktails and a dining space if you’d like – it’s an experience the city was in need of.


Gurgaon’s favourite Spanish restaurant, Pinxto, had closed in Galleria Market a while back, but has now made a comeback at 32nd Avenue. Relish the flavour of authentic tapas, paella, chimichurri sauce, prawns, chorizos and more here.

Como Pizzeria

32nd Avenue restaurants
Image: Courtesy Como Pizzeria (Instagram)

Traditional Neapolitan pizzas and small plates inspired by the owners’ travels, Gurgaon finally has its own authentic pizzeria. Light, buttery, airy crusts, a setting that makes one feel as if they’re sitting in Italy, if you like Italian cuisine (and chances are that you do), this one cannot be missed! Homemade sausages, new combinations like pepperoni and spicy honey, smoked charcoal chilli oil, garlic and onions oil, and sumptuous traditional desserts is what you’ll get here.

Fifth Avenue Bakery & Café

32nd Avenue restaurants
32nd Avenue restaurants

Indulge the sweet tooth here with their American desserts. Other than cheesecakes, cupcakes, cakes, shakes, cotton candy, and sundaes, they also have savoury options such as pasta, burgers, and sandwiches.

The House of Celeste

new restaurants in delhi
Delhi 6 Taters

Indian food reinterpreted through international techniques it what you’ll find here. But more than pomp and show, deep knowledge of the cuisine and craft is what shines through. Head to Michelin Starred Chef Suvir Saran’s homecoming restaurant to know Indian food like you never did.

Where to eat at 32nd Avenue, Gurgaon’s best food hub

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An innate love for travel and food has translated into many a trips since childhood for Megha; it also fed her curiosity to know about local cultures. When not writing, she is on the lookout for three things: A great dark chocolate dessert, a beautiful pool where she can practice her backstroke, and art that she can save up for.


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