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AMADEO by Oberoi: Where Global Flavors Meet Artistry in Dining

AMADEO by Oberoi caters to both spontaneous diners and those who enjoy a meticulously planned meal. Located at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre, this standalone multi-cuisine restaurant is all about infusing excitement and intrigue into both its food and cocktails.

An Evening at AMADEO by Oberoi:

Amadeo by Oberoi
Smoked beetroot tikka

AMADEO by Oberoi doesn’t fail to leave a lasting impression. As you step inside, you’re met with an unexpected sense of sophistication, defying the casual expectations often associated with multi-cuisine establishments. The restaurant boasts a stunning high-ceiling lounge adorned with elegant features such as graceful pendant lamps that illuminate your dining area and cozy intimate settings, creating a well-crafted and focused dining experience. The true charm lies in the restaurant’s concept – four distinct cuisines under one roof, complete with live stations for each. Amadeo offers Chinese and Japanese delights for Oriental cuisine enthusiasts, Indian classics for those loyal to traditional flavours, and authentic Italian fare, crafting a diverse and exotic menu. While you might be skeptical about a place offering such a variety, a glance at the menu reveals the careful thought and curation that have gone into assembling these dishes.


Selecting a meal from their extensive menu proved to be a delightful challenge. With so many choices spanning four cuisines, I turned my attention to the cocktail menu in hopes of some liquid inspiration. The bar menu, too, features drinks inspired by each of the four regions and art, and I found myself drawn to ‘Warli’, an India-inspired cocktail. Combining tequila with coconut and curry leaves, it sent my taste buds on a thrilling journey. My culinary adventure began with the Prawns A-la-Plancha, a simple yet satisfying dish featuring succulent prawns smothered in butter and garlic sauce, with a hint of tomato to harmonize the flavors. My eternal love for Chinese led me to the “diy” baos, which featured crispy Taiwanese chicken enveloped in fluffy baos and drizzled with delectable chili oil – an absolute highlight of the evening.

Taiwanese crispy chicken

Given the opportunity to sample sushi at Amadeo, I couldn’t resist ordering the Maki Rolls. The Kani Tempura Maki was a revelation, striking the perfect balance between soft, sticky rice and crispy soft-shell crab. I recommend it to anyone dining at Amadeo.

Chef Kayzad Sadri then introduced me to the wood-fired pizza, and his passion for freshness and authenticity was evident. I opted for the Pollo Fior Augusto, which had a soft and thick bread, impeccably seasoned chicken, sweet peppers, mushrooms, and the ideal amount of cheese and sauce to let every ingredient shine.

Amadeo by Oberoi is a culinary delight, distinguished by its well-crafted menu and thoughtful curation. It’s a restaurant that can be visited repeatedly, thanks to its diverse offerings. Their extensive Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Indian menu allow you to explore different tastes and world cuisines under one roof.

Lobster tortellini

In addition to its savory offerings, Amadeo also boasts exceptional desserts, ranging from light custards to indulgent carrot cakes. However, it was the cocktails that stole the spotlight for me. The diverse concoctions, each showcasing ingredients from different corners of the world, underscored the artistry that permeates every aspect of Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre.


In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Amadeo, and I’m confident you’ll return time and again to savour something new with each visit.

AMADEO by Oberoi: Where Global Flavors Meet Artistry in Dining

Analita Seth

Managing Editor

Analita Seth has previously worked as an entertainment journalist with Filmfare. When off duty, she's either binging on some true crime documentary, exploring new eateries around town, day-dreaming about travelling to cities on her bucketlist or scrolling through make-up tutorials on social media.

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