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Celebrate a jolly Christmas in Bengaluru with the most memorable cakes

Even though Christmas is still a month away, you may have to start getting your orders in at these bakeries for their delicious cakes.

6 bakeries in Bengaluru you can trust will have the jolliest Christmas cakes

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It isn’t Christmas in Bengaluru for most families without Koshy’s rich plum cake, with fruits, nuts and Jamaican rum galore. The dry fruits are marinated with all sorts of aromatic spices and sugar. With their legion of dedicated customers, you’d have to prepare in advance to make sure you get your hands on Koshy’s plum cakes.

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Locals of Bengaluru all have a fond memory of Nilgiris, renowned for their dairy and bakery products. Founded in 1905, Nilgiris is vital to Bengaluru, and their Christmas desserts are part of the reason why. When the holiday season sets in, their rum and plum cakes, rose cookies and marzipans are all found on Nilgiris’ shelves.


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Lavender Bakery by Fresh Pressery

Just because your body can’t handle flour doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the best part of Christmas i.e. desserts (in addition to family, the holiday spirit and so on). Serve Lavender Bakery’s gluten-free treats at your dinner party and no one will feel left out! Try out their Gluten Free Almond Flour Christmas Cake. If gluten isn’t an issue, then we suggest their Boozy Mandarin Brownies. A single bite will make you swoon.

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House Of Stu

Along with their delectable boozy Christmas cakes, House Of Stu has the cutest Christmas cookies, fragrant spiced maple pecan granola, lemon blueberry shorties and macarons on offer. Get your hands on as much as you can for a sweet little feast!


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Marzipan Café And Bakery

Soaked fruit cake, gingerbread houses and marzipan cookies for Christmas anyone? Known for great coffee and flavoursome Greek meals, the Marzipan Café and Bakery is definitely a place to hit up for sweet yuletide treats.


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Charm’s Homemade Goodness

There’s something warm and comforting about home bakeries. Their deliveries feel more special and personal. Celebrate this Christmas with a wholesome and heartfelt cake from Charm’s Homemade Goodness. This time, you genuinely have to get your orders in well in advance because Charmaine, the home baker, has her cakes rest and mature for a month after they’re baked.


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