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11 places in Delhi to have the most wholesome and delicious burritos

As the world around us is locking down again, we are back to staying at home. Even though going out isn’t an option, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy delish food at home. Thanks to all the food delivery options, you can get anything delivered to your home. In this edition of home deliveries, let’s look at the best places which will deliver burritos in Delhi.

Where to order the best burritos in Delhi

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The paradise for all Mexican food lovers, Taco Bell is the go-to place. With multiple outlets across the city, finding the best burritos in Delhi is just a matter of a few seconds now. With an extensive menu of more than 20 kinds of burritos to choose from, Taco Bell will always take care of your burrito cravings.

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Chickeera with its six outlets in Delhi has proved to be a major hit for all things Lebanese and Mexican. They have a ‘Burritos’ and ‘OG Burritos’ section on their menus, and that’s how you know it’s going to be great. With both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to choose from, ordering one of the best burritos in Delhi is now easy-peasy.

Image: Courtesy Chickeera

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Chili’s does not need an introduction, does it? The ‘Tex-Mex’ section on their menu is where they bring the best of both worlds. Needless to say, their burritos are one of the best finds. With a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option to choose from, you can also customise your order according to your choice and never have to let your burrito cravings go to waste!

Image: Courtesy Instagram/davedice

This place in Saket is a food lover’s paradise. Even if you’re not feeling hungry, take one look at their menu, and you will end up ordering something for yourself. In our quest for the best burritos in Delhi that also deliver at home, this is our next stop. They have 18 different kinds of burritos, and the best part is that you can customise each one of them to suit your taste.

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Who said anything about what’s in a name? Because if you are craving good burritos in Delhi while sitting at home, this name should do the trick. The burrito section of their menu is called ‘Big Beautiful Burritos’, and we are sold. They have nine big beautiful burritos on their menu, and we wish we could try them all.

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This Greater Kailash II joint is known for its amazing fajitas, enchiladas and tacos. But they also have this amazing section of burritos. Trust us, you will be spoilt for choice because every single one of them on the menu looks amazing. Your search for the best burritos in Delhi might just end here!

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Consistently rated as one of the best places in Delhi, you will never be disappointed by Perch. They have their burritos on the ‘All Day Breakfast’ section of their menu. Well, if this was our breakfast every day, we would start falling in love with weekdays too. They also have a tofu burrito, so good news for vegans!

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Another Greater Kailash II outlet, Hambre Hombre will get you hooked right from the beginning. But if you move beyond their unique name, be prepared to be bowled over by their stunning burrito menu. Shrimps, mushroom, pulled jackfruit, minced mutton, fish, lamb, pork — name it and they have it. Issuing a fair warning ahead, but don’t blame us later if you cannot just order one burrito from them.

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If you stay in and around Shahpur Jat, ordering food can never be difficult. This joint in Shahpur Jat is perfect for a quick bite. But a special mention to their customisable veg and non-veg burritos that are the perfect late afternoon munchies to go with your favourite afternoon beverage.

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Located in Vasant Vihar, PCO is for all the good times for your taste buds. Featuring one of the best burritos in Delhi, PCO will get your swooning over their cumin-spiced lamb burrito, among the other options. Order in today and be ready to be bowled over!

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This is a North Delhi favourite and for reasons more than one. Ricos is one of those legends that does not need any introduction. And so are their burritos. They also have burrito bowls in veg and non-veg options, so for every burrito craving, treat yourself with the best burritos in Delhi.

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11 places in Delhi to have the most wholesome and delicious burritos

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