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12 biryani spots in Bengaluru to take care of your cravings

There are a lot of topics that lead to heated discussions online, and one of them is biryani. Which region makes the best, which restaurants serve the best flavour, which family secret recipe is the best, what should or should not go into it, is it a pulao or a biryani – so many points to haggle over. If you’re looking to order the best, take a look at this list of 12 biryani spots in Bengaluru.

Restaurants in Bengaluru serving the best biryani in the city –

The Supper Club by Zafran

biryani spots in Bengaluru

It’s hard to come by good Kashmiri food in Bengaluru, but with home chef Neetu Jalali Singla that has changed. Besides a range of dishes she offers, is the Kashmiri lamb pulav. “Since Kashmiris eat a lot of lamb dishes with rice, the term biryani perhaps does not apply here. I cook my lamb pulav with whole green moong dal that is soaked overnight with a lamb stock that is steeped in whole spices. The lamb is ghee roasted and cooked in milk before adding to the pulav. It is had with monj aanchar (Kohlrabi pickle), or Chok Mujh (dry, tangy radish) and mango pickle too,” she explains. 

Tip: Request to get onto her WhatsApp group where she shares tidbits of information around Kashmiri culinary traditions.
Connect: Whatsapp on +91 95389 54242

Karavalli – Vivanta Bengaluru, Residency Road

biryani spots in Bengaluru

Karavalli in Bengaluru is like a rite of passage whether you are living in Bengaluru or passing through it. The food, representative of the Southern states of India, is phenomenal, and it’s thanks to executive chef Naren Thimmaiah. His team has worked their way through scores of home kitchens to understand traditional cooking methods and have even sourced cookware from these regions to cook classics. Dishes are presented as they traditionally would be, and each dining experience is a delight. You can now order the Moplah Chemmeen biryani, which comes with dry coconut chutney, yoghurt relish and accompaniments like onion papad, urad papad, and lemon pickle from Karavalli.

Tip: The chilli garlic pickle that comes with the biryani. It is gold!
Connect: Qmin (app available on Google Playstore and AppStore), IHCL’s gourmet food delivery service or call toll-free number 1800 266 7646 

Slice Slice Baby

biryani spots in Bengaluru

Home chef Arthi Singh Rathore says that biryani for her is a happy dish to make and is made on most celebrations in the family as a mark of tradition. And nothing is more important than sharing food for the joy of it, she believes. Rathore makes four biryanis that you can try. The Buhari Biryani that looks light but packs a punch in flavours as it is cooked in the fat and water of the meat. There is the Mumma’s Biryani (an ode to her memories of the dish as made by her mother), which is spicy. She also makes the Hyderabadi Kacchi Ghosht biryani where the meat is marinated for up to 32 hours and is cooked on dum and the Muslim biryani made with a simple array of spices. The biryanis can be cooked by the kilo and in bulk as well. 

Tip: Biryani pop-ups that are announced on Instagram where smaller portions are made to order.
Contact: For bulk orders on – +91 99456 85182 or DM on Instagram.

Travencore Tasties 

biryani spots in Bengaluru

Home chef Tresa Francis will leave you spoilt for choice. She makes a wide range of biryanis – meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetable as well. Her chicken and mutton biryanis are quite popular and have received great reviews. Biryani for Tresa is comfort food, and that’s what she hopes her customers get from her biryanis. The simplest way to know what she is making and connect with her is through her Instagram. 

Tip: Her generous portions – one serves three hearty eaters
Connect: DM on Instagram

Mom’s Barkat Kitchen

biryani spots in Bengaluru

Not all biryanis and their makers will you find with social media handles and weekly changing menus. Many of them go old school and are known only thanks to word of mouth, like Mom’s Barkat Kitchen. Hadiya Junaid’s mother cooks a range of biryanis from recipes that have been handed down for generations. “We have the classic Muslim style biryani, the Hyderabadi style of biryani, and the very popular Shaadi ki Biryani. All order sizes are customised based on what the client would like to have”, says Hadiya. 

Tip: Ask for the Shaadi ki Biryani
Connect: Whatsapp on + 91 6403 0400

Biryani Bait

biryani spots in Bengaluru

Bait means house in Arabic, and Mohammad Aasim (managing director) Salma Banu (home chef) aim to do justice to the name by serving a biryani typical to the one you would indulge in at any Bangalore-Muslim home. “However, ours is a variation of Ambur Biryani and Bangalore Shaadi ki Biryani,” explain the duo. The portions are on a kilogram basis, and Biryani Bait has three different packages – Diamond, being the most indulgent, is inclusive of Biryani, Raita, Baingan ka Khatta, Chicken Kabab, and a dessert. Gold, the classic package with Biryani, Raita, Baingan ka Khatta and a dessert. And Silver, the most humble yet satisfying package with Biryani and Raita. A kilo is good for around three people with moderate appetites.

Tip: The fact that the biryani is cooked with the aqni (meat and masala) at the bottom with the rice layer simmered over it in a sealed degh; a classic dum biryani.
Connect: DM on Instagram or Facebook or Whatsapp on +91 70192 39975

Sulemani Chichas

Sulemani Chichas is not a new brand. “Sulemani Chicas focuses on the wedding cuisine of Hyderabad. We make only the authentic Hyderabadi Kacchi Gosht ki biryani that has uncooked meat covered with half cooked basmati long grain rice and is cooked on dum for 45 minutes to an hour. The three variants of Chicken Biryani includes the regular Hyderabadi Kacchi Chicken Biryani, Chicken 65 Biryani, Chicken boneless biryani and the two variants of mutton biryani includes Mutton Kacchi Ghosht ki Biryani and Mutton Kheema Biryani.

Tip: The recipes have been perfected over four years and have been painstakingly collected from old Ustads of Hyderabad who have parted with their signatures.
Connect: DM on Facebook and Instagram. Menu also on Zomato, Swiggy

Bohra Bohra Thaal

biryani spots in Bengaluru

Home chef Rehana Nagaria has already secured for herself the undisputed position of being much sought after for Bohri style food. From Dal Samosas to meat khichda, Dabba Ghosht and more. Recently Nagaria launched a new menu, and on it features a Chicken Sheekh Biryani. Usually, Sheekh biryanis are variants that combine sheekhs with biryani rice, and the result is often a disconnected mix of flavours. Nagaria’s biryani is an example of how to make this work well. 

Tip: The Nalli Nihari with sheermal on her new menu is something you may want to order alongside.
Connect: Call or Whatsapp on +91 97426 61909/ +91 98801 01051

Sameera Turab

Home chef Sameera Turab has been in the catering business since 2003. Word of mouth about her cooking is what has made her initiative such a success. “Our main speciality is the Memon Mutton Biryani. We make chicken, seafood, and vegetable biryani as well. You can order biryanis by the kilogram, with a minimum of one kilogram for the order,” Turab explains.

Tip: Ask for the tender coconut pudding
Connect: Whatsapp on +91 98455 18384

Anisa’s Kitchen

biryani spots in Bengaluru

Anisa’s Kitchen was founded by the late Mrs Anisa Siraj, the chef behind a successful name. It is today managed by Yassir Siraj and Saad Siraj. They make the Cutchi Memon Dum Biryani. This is made with Basmati and Zeeraksamba rice which is layered with meat and gravy (the khorma) with the rice layered over it. It’s served with curd raita and brinjal gravy. You can get biryanis of mutton, chicken, fish, prawn, beef, egg, and vegetable as well. The portions come as single serves, half and one-kilogram packs. 

Tip: The rice kheer or mutanjan/muzzafar, a traditional dessert that goes along with the biryani makes for a brilliant end to a meal.
Connect: Whatsapp on +91 98458 78300 / +91 98458 13198 or DM on Instagram; view full menu here

Karnivore Kitchen

Karnivore kitchen biryani

If it’s meat you are craving then Kalyan Gopalakrishna, owner and chef of Karnivore Kitchen, is just the person to connect with. While he has a range of delectable goodies in meat, his chicken pulao with green chillies for heat, coriander and mint to balance it out, and moist and flavourful chicken is what you should consider ordering. And for an indulgent weekend, his Bannur Mutton Biryani with fatty mutton and rice cooked in mutton broth is what you want to make it the best weekend yet. 

Tip: The chicken is antibiotic-free, and that adds to the flavour
Connect: DM on Instagram

Rati Dhananjayan

biryani spots in Bengaluru

Dhananjayan serves up traditional Malabar style home food. Anything you order from her comes wrapped in a ‘Vaattiya’, a fire-softened banana leaf. It gives the food a lovely smoky flavour. When you see it pop up on her menu, you must order her prawn biryani which is generous to serve two. It comes with a beetroot-date pickle, chammandi (coconut chutney), raita, and papad. She also makes the Thalassery Moplah biryani in chicken and beef. 

Tip: That beetroot date pickle! She makes them in bottles as well, and you should get yourself one.
Connect: DM on Instagram

You will also want to check out these biryanis: 

Naati Crew

As the name suggests – good old Naati style of cooking – the Naati mutton pulao and Nellore pulao are solid bets. 

Wullar Kitchen

Biryani at Wullar Kitchen

Look out for their Aloo Ghosht Pulao, Chicken Pulao, Mutton and the Kashmiri Pulao on their weekly updates. 

Ghiza Kitchen 

This is a never-fail option, and their Mutton biryani, combined with a portion of chicken qorma is what happiness is made of.


She makes amazing Aloo Ghosht Qorma with Khushka, Bangalore style biryani, and Chicken Tehri. Follow her on Instagram for updates.

Mrs Khan’s Biryani

The focus is on the Muslim style of homemade Biryani in mutton or chicken. The portions are available on a per plate as well as kilogram basis.

Connect: Call on +91 98457 90893

All images: Courtesy brands; Featured images: Courtesy Getty

12 biryani spots in Bengaluru to take care of your cravings

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