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Experience umami at these 8 authentic Japanese restaurants in Bangalore

From sushi to sashimi – an eclectic range of delicacies underline the culinary culture of the land of the thunder dragon. Savour them in all their authenticity at these popular Japanese restaurants in Bangalore.

Japanese cuisine – washoku – traditionally incorporates five cooking techniques (steaming, grilling, boiling, frying and serving raw), colours (black, white, red, yellow, and green), and flavours (sweet, spicy, salty, sour, bitter). Each of these cater to the five senses – sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. Combined, these factors give a typical meal of rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, seafood, and meat that quintessential umami nuance.

And while ramen, sushi, onigiri, and teppanyaki meats are pop culture standouts – there’s a range of other delicacies to discover, each of which promise unique flavours and fresh, seasonal ingredients. We’re exploring a few Japanese restaurants in Bangalore where you can savour all that and more.

Restaurants in Bangalore that serve delicious Japanese fare



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Housed centrally on Residency Road, Harima is one of the city’s most popular spots for Japanese fare. And for good reason. The menu here is extensive, boasting of sushis, ramen, okonomiyaki, miso soup, salads, sashimi, karaage, and more. The more talked-about options are negi ramen, shoyu ramen, beef teriyaki, shiitake mushrooms in teriyaki sauce, prawn tempura, pork okonomiyaki, matcha cheesecake, and green tea ice cream. The teppanyaki here is a must-try, with seafood being the recommended choice of protein. Round out a meal with some sake. To really up the ante on your overall experience, opt to sit in the space with traditional low tables.

Address: 131, 4th Floor, Devatha Plaza, Residency Road, Bangalore, Karnataka
Phone: +91 80415 10067

Azuki Japan Travel Bistro & Sake


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When it comes to authenticity, it doesn’t get better than this restaurant. Quaint and laidback, the space is an informational cultural centre and offers everything from Japanese classes to train passes for those heading to the East-Asian country. The menu here is extensive as well with soups, ramen, sushis, udon noodles, salads, and more. Of these, omurice, kakiage donburi, pork chashu, agedashi tofu, tamagoyaki sushi, and dorayaki matcha pancakes come highly recommended. The kakigori (Japanese shaved ice) in unique flavours is a must-try. Pair these with some sake, umeshu, or sochu.

Address: 11/1, Alfred Street, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Phone: +91 80 4121 4342



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Adding a fine-dining touch to Japanese fare, Yataii represents the philosophy of Zen – which makes its ambiance relaxing. The menu is eclectic – featuring a kaiseki-style option which involves thoughtfully-curated set menus in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options as well as a teppanyaki rollout. Both make for very authentic ways to experience this cuisine. That aside, the more popular option here is the sushi. Also popular? Gyozas, okonomiyaki, nimono, sashimi, salads, and soups. Those with a sweet tooth shouldn’t miss out on the ice creams – matcha, tempura, and goma. The matcha crepe hits the sweet spot as well.

Address: Ward 78, 56, 18th Floor, Palace Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore
Contact: +91 80451 26450



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Nestled in Lavelle road, this Japanese restaurant features at the top of most lists of recommended spots, especially when it comes to authentic fare. The ambiance is quaint, with options of private boxes, underlined by minimalistic, wooden furniture. Meal-times here are a planned affair, with lunch offering a set meal of rice, miso soup, salad, and small side dish – choice of pork, tempura, and more. That aside, the sushi, onigiri, miso ramen, maki, tekka-don, udon noodles, soba noodles, karaage, yakitori, and donburi rice bowls are highly recommended and available a-la-carte. Round out a meal with some sake.

Address: The Chancery Hotel, Lavelle Road, Bangalore
Contact: +91 95354 43377


This award-winning restaurant serves up some of the city’s most delicious, quality sushi, sashimi, tempura, and robatayaki. The live sushi counter, especially, draws diners from across the city and has some of the most skilled chefs at the helm. Give the bento meals, uramaki, maki, and miso soup a go as well and pair it all with some sake, green tea, or whiskey. The name of the restaurant is a reference to old Tokyo and every plate sings with fresh, seasonal produce. And if that doesn’t spell authentic Japanese, we don’t know what does.

Address: ITC Gardenia, 1, Residency Road, Bangalore
Contact: +91 96209 98527


Another quaint space serving Japanese flavours in the city, CrossTownJapan is helmed by trained chef Berley Thomas whose experience lies in Izakaya-style food, sushis, and ramen. The menu offers options like sushis, salads, ramen, udon, sashimi, poke, and street food like okonomiyaki and takoyaki. The temaki (handrolls), which come with ingredients like crispy prawn, crabmeat, salmon, tuna, leeks, tonkatsu sauce, are recommended. As are the teriyaki options with tofu, chicken, or mushroom. Round this out with sweet treats like dorayaki or lemon matcha cake. The space has a theatre-style kitchen, giving diners a front row visual of their food being prepared.

Address: 428, 5th Main Rd, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru
Contact: +91 95394 25811



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An eatery that celebrates all things sushi – the flavours here are authentic and the menu is eclectic. Popular options include aphrodisiac maki with avocado and artichokes, green wave maki with green apple and raw mango, and ebi maki with prawn tail and wasabi. The soft-shell crab tempura roll, unagi (eel) roll, and salmon nigiri are a must-try as well. These are served with Japanese mayo and teriyaki sauce, amongst other additions. The space also offers platters and large, freshly-made sushi cakes for celebrations. Pair these with some fizzy kombucha.

Address: Shop 969, 4th E Block, 10th B Main Road, Rajajinagar, Bangalore

Wabi Sabi

Rounding out this list with a certain elegance is this fine-dining space that’s named after a Japanese philosophy that appreciates transience and imperfection. The ambiance here is relaxed, tastefully done up in textured grey. This is complemented by tables with kintsugi crockery, a waterfall, and a 24-carat gold-leaf wall. On the menu are options like nigiri sushi, hosomaki rolls, hand-rolled temaki, omakase platters, gyozas, and more. Of these, the signature sushi with ingredients like mushrooms, smoked red chillies, citrus yuzu truffle mayo, eel, breaded prawn, flying fish roe, and more come highly recommended. Pair these with some fine Japanese whiskies or classic sake.

Address: The Oberoi, 37-39, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bengaluru
Contact: +91 80 2558 5858

Feature image: Courtesy Tamas Pap Zali/Unsplash; Hero image: Courtesy Jacub Dziubak

Experience umami at these 8 authentic Japanese restaurants in Bangalore

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