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Coconut water to buttermilk: 8 healthy drinks for pregnant women

If you’re expecting, regular intake of healthy fluids is crucial to keep a check on mood swings, nausea, blood circulation, and more. Here are 8 of the healthiest drinks you can have to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Healthy drinks for pregnant women


pregnancy drinks
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Packed with the goodness of multiple nutrients, milk had to top the list. This is one of the most important beverages to have during pregnancy as it contains calcium, vitamin B12, protein, among other nutrients. All three of the nutrients are extremely necessary for your baby’s development. Scientifically, the consumption of milk during pregnancy is linked to taller, healthier kids with better brain development.


pregnancy drinks
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Not all expecting mothers are lactose tolerant, and if you are one of them then don’t worry, soymilk is the answer for you. This beverage is a low-fat, plant-based option that has lesser cholesterol levels. However, it can compete with milk in terms of the goodness of necessary nutrients like protein and calcium. Soymilk is a good choice and helps with the proper growth and development of your unborn child.


Pregnancy drinks
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When life gives you lemons, have lemonade. In case you are dealing with mood swings, this drink can work wonders to calm you down. A glass of water mixed with lemon juice not only prevents nausea but helps detoxify as well. Lemons are citric acid and contain vitamin C, which helps in a baby’s brain development. This cold drink can also soothe you during summers.

Coconut water

Pregnancy drinks
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Coconut has multiple health benefits, and pregnant women should not think twice before consuming coconut water. While expecting a baby, it becomes crucial to retain electrolytes, mineral salts in your body. This is because heat and high temperature can drain all that through sweat. So, coconut water keeps dehydration and constipation at bay.


Pregnancy drinks
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Smoothies are one of the healthiest beverages ever. Be it summer or winter, just blend a few veggies and make a juice snack during the evenings. These vegetable drinks are loaded with iron, calcium, vitamin C and fibre, which are crucial nutrients for pregnant women. All of them fulfil your body’s daily requirement and works well for the development of the baby. Green smoothies are considered a perfect option for nausea, heartburn and digestion.


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Buttermilk, also known as chhaach in India, is the go-to drink to boost your mood and gut health. Available in different flavours, sweet, salty and mixed, this drink works wonders in maintaining your body’s daily requirement of the necessary fluids and salts. Buttermilk is the ideal drink for expecting mothers as it heals constipation which is quite common during pregnancy.

Ice tea

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A lot has been said about avoiding coffee and tea during pregnancy as they can trigger insomnia and worsen irritability. However, if you have been habitual of these beverages it is hard to give them a miss. But, don’t worry, try ice tea as an alternative for caffeine intake. This cool drink can suffice your caffeine cravings in a healthier way.

Fruit mocktail

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If there’s anything more harmful than tea or coffee, it’s alcohol. Needless to say, that liquor is strictly prohibited for expecting mothers. Instead, try fruit mocktails as a healthy drink during pregnancy. But make sure that the drinks are not aerated and carbonated. Fruits come with several vitamins and minerals that work well for the baby’s development.

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Coconut water to buttermilk: 8 healthy drinks for pregnant women

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