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10 home chefs in Pune to consider for your next delicious dinner order

There is nothing as well-rounded as a home-cooked meal. It is delicious, fresh and made with loving hands. With many of us still preferring to not go out for a meal, these home chefs in Pune have taken up the challenge of serving lip-smacking and delicious food at your doorstep. From snacks to desserts — here’s a round-up of the best home chefs in Pune you can order from.

Home chefs in Pune to bookmark —

Kitchen Cornucopia by Cloves Catering

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Kitchen Cornucopia takes great pride in the back-to-basics approach of making a dish. They make their items in small quantities and don’t employ a preservation process for their ingredients. All their raw materials are fresh with special emphasis on attention to detail and hygiene. Kitchen Cornucopia is best known for making biriyanis, sea-food and spicy non-vegetarian options, and their variety looks mouth-watering. We have our eyes on their grand Shahi Mutton Dum Biriyani. Do note that this kitchen does not take orders on Mondays.

How to order: WhatsApp on +91 98220 07315

Peppercorn The Home Chef

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If you live in Pune and are craving Bengali food, Peppercorn is the place you should ring up. You can choose from a variety of Bengali dishes like Mustard Fish Curry, Shorshe Maach or sweets like Paathishaapta and Pithe. Comfort foods like rice with Kalai daal and aloo postho are also available. Biriyani lovers can treat themselves to the delicious Kolkata Biriyani.

How to order: Call on +91 97301 15725

The Art of Spices 

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The Art of Spice was started by Vaishali with the intention of providing healthy homemade food to college-going students. However, along with warm and comfortable food, The Art of Spice has ventured into more interesting items like Spaghetti with meatballs, Indori Khopra Patis, and a host of traditional Marathi dishes. There is no fixed menu, but you can tell this home kitchen what you want and they can deliver it to you. It must be remembered that The Art of Spices caters to a small audience of up to 25 people.

How to order: Call on +91 88054 08244

Rock & Roses 

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For the best and the widest selection of continental affairs in Pune, look no further than Rock & Roses. At your doorstep, they will bring dishes from Mexico, Morocco, Spain, and Japan. Rock & Roses claim themselves to be sushi experts, and you would be spoilt for choice looking at their vast sushi menu. Also on offer are interesting desserts and cakes. All the items are made to order, so you only get the freshest taste of ingredients. They also take party and corporate orders.

How to order: Call on +91 96077 16925

Hazel’s Home Kitchen 

Hazel’s Home Kitchen deserves a look if you are craving some good south Indian food or want something delicious in non-veg. Chicken seems to be a star in their kitchen because you have so many options with chicken in it! You can opt for the Chicken Dum Biriyani or Kerala Chicken Stew. A host of salads and some north-Indian dishes are also available.

How to order: Call on +91 72192 09977

The Yellow Slice 

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Craving for some good cheese but don’t know where to find it? The Yellow Slice has got you covered. This small creamery based in Pune makes a wide range of cheeses like Mascarpone, Ricotta, Mozzarella and Blue Cheese. They don’t just make amazing cheeses but also sell cheesecakes under ‘The Cheesecake Nation’. The Yellow Slice also makes amazing cheese platters.

How to order: Contact on +91 98508 81264, 90750 02233 or email contact@theyellowslice.com

Greeny Tales 

Often fitness enthusiasts don’t find home chefs catering to their specific dietary schedule. With Greeny Tales, you needn’t worry. This home chef aims to deliver healthy salads, soups, and smoothies to your doorstep. Rich in nutrients and proteins, their salads would be an ideal morning meal. Within their soup section, we think the Celery + Potato soup and Carrot + Ginger soup are our favourites.

How to order: WhatsApp on +91 93095 23256

Cheese & Cakes Co

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“Life is a mess. Cheesecakes aren’t” reads Cheese & Cakes Co’s Instagram bio. We agree! There is nothing better than sinfully sweet cheesecakes. Thankfully, you will find them in abundance here. From the much loved and hugely popular Biscoff Cheesecake to something unique like Baklava Cheesecake. A choice of cookies and brownies is also available. It is recommended that you place your orders in advance for some amazing at-your-home cheesecake experience.

How to order: DM on Instagram


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Jikoni is another great place in Pune to feast on some delectable Bengali dishes. Their menu consists of specials like Darbari Gosht, Kakrar Jhal and Bhuna Gosht. It is not just Bengali dishes that they make good, they often experiment with cuisines from across India. You can contact them for a detailed menu. The kitchen also delivers in Mumbai.

How to order: WhatsApp on +91 93591 76814

Two Ladies Cooking 

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Two Ladies Cooking will have you spoilt for choice. With an almost restaurant-like wide and diversified menu, there is so much to choose from these home chefs. From the traditional Kerala fish curry to the exotic Peruvian-style roast chicken to fish tacos, it is unlikely that you won’t find what you want from this kitchen. Dessert and salad options are aplenty too, ensuring that a full meal is taken care of.

How to order: Call on +91 98505 02670 or e-mail on tlc.in.pune@gmail.com

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10 home chefs in Pune to consider for your next delicious dinner order

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