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11 homemade dips that will make you the star of your party this New Year’s Eve

The star attraction of every house party is homemade dips. Paired with chips, veggies, crackers and cold cuts, dips alone can make or break a party. As we are gear up for year-end parties, sorting our plans and invitations, what can be a bigger need than good food and classic cocktails. We have curated the best homemade dips that will make you shine as bright as the menu.

Homemade dips that will make your guests go wow!

Sundried tomato pesto dip

If you want to take a different route from your regular basil pesto, this is the route to take. Sundried tomatoes in themselves are so rich in taste, making a pesto dip out of it will only elevate the richness of it and give it a texture that’s hard to resist. Use one of the best homemade dips out there to serve with your finger sandwiches or deep-fried pasta.

Persian yoghurt-cucumber dip

Welcome the unsung hero of homemade dips — yoghurt. Using yoghurt as a base in a dip can never go wrong. This Persian dip, also known as ‘Mast O Khiar’, is all about the creaminess and acidity of the yoghurt. Throw in grated cucumber, and you have a multipurpose dip for your entire party menu.

Guacamole dip

Guacamole does not need an introduction, does it? Whether or not you are an avocado enthusiast, the good ol’ guacamole is always a party favourite. Pair it with chips or nachos or some finger food, and you will have delicious, creamy goodness in a bowl.

Garlic yoghurt dip

Next on the list of homemade dips is this garlic yoghurt dip that brings together the best of both worlds. Garlic, yoghurt, spices — what’s not to like about this dip? Want a secret hack? Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on the top to add some extra punch to this gorgeous dip.

Turkish Muhammara Dip

This multipurpose dip’s origins lie in Syria and has slowly made its way to all the nooks and corners of the world. It is smoky, chunky, nutty, and everything good that a dip is supposed to be! The star attraction of homemade dips, a Muhammara is just what you need for your New Year parties.

Spicy carrot dip

Winter and carrots have an understated love affair, and with this dip, that will come to life. The sweetness of carrots, hotness of spices and the tangy kick of the lemon juice — this dip brings together a variety of taste palettes. That is what makes the perfect party starter for all your snacks.

Sweet potato hummus dip

Next on the list of homemade dips is what we would call a clear winner. What’s better than regular hummus? This is a bowl of rich chickpea goodness right here. Pair it with nachos or chips or pita bread or even flatbread, and you have a crowd-puller right there.

Quick cream cheese fruit dip

What is a party without a fruit platter? And what is a fruit platter without a fruit dip? This easy cream cheese dip is simple, rich and the perfect condiment for your fruits. One of the easiest homemade dips out there, even an amateur can whip this up!

Pineapple cream cheese dip

If you are a fan of pineapple and cheese on a stick, you have got to try this dip! The fruity zing of pineapple and the cheesy goodness of cream cheese come together to make this delish dip. And trust us when we say that you can finish this dip all by itself without needing any accompaniment for it.

Honey mustard dip

If you love your honey mustard sandwiches, this homemade dip will be a star! Sweet and tangy, this can go with anything that’s super spicy, to cut out the spice and be easy on your taste buds. Also perfect for your chicken wings, this honey mustard dip will never be lonely!

Garlic aioli dip

“I don’t like garlic aioli”, said no one ever. A garlic aioli dip can be paired with fried food, chicken wings, seafood starters and what not! An easy and classic homemade dip, a garlic aioli is a must-have for your party menu, in our opinion.

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11 homemade dips that will make you the star of your party this New Year’s Eve

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