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Clean living 101: Get your organic food from these sustainable farms in India

Sources of finding organic fruits and veggies are restricted to farmers markets or supermarkets and even then, you may not know the extent to which these offerings are organic. So it really boils down to locating an authentic source. If you’re looking for healthy and holistic produce to improve your lifestyle, we scoured out 9 organic produce at farms in India where you get guaranteed chemical-free, seasonal produce.

Krishi Cress, Delhi

organic farms in India

Former chef Achintya Anand started Krishi Cress in 2015, and in just four years it became the go-to farm for fresh produce.  Lavaash, Le Cirque at The Leela Delhi, Fig & Maple, Together at 12th, Tres, and many more popular restaurants swear by their produce from this farm in Chattarpur. They offer vegetables, herbs, kombucha, and on-request culinary requirements. They do home deliveries as well. If you’re looking for quality organic produce, this is your place.

Tijara Organic Farm, Alwar

organic farms in IndiaJust two-hour drive from Delhi is Tijara Organic Farm. From local produce to exotic vegetables, leafy salads, and herbs, they contribute to the farmers’ market in Gurgaon. Started by Sneh Yadav in 2011, she and her husband practice Vedic and bio-dynamic farming through eco-friendly modern day technology at their 100-acre farm. They welcome farm visits and stays for a first-hand experience in organic and sustainable farm life.

Back2Basics, Bengaluru

After experiencing his share of health scare, S Madhusudhan started Back2Basics as a way to give people access to organic produce using natural, sustainable methods. Besides growing indigenous vegetables and exotic fruits, they also export the produce to different parts of the world.

The Farm, Chennai

organic farms in IndiaStarted in 1974 as a dairy farm in Semancheri village, The Farm eventually started organic farming and sustainable plantation. Greens, root vegetables, seasonal rice fields, and fruits are available here. Besides procuring produce, there’s also a restaurant situated in the middle of the farm. Relish the ambience over a cup of tea and organic breakfast.

Swadeshi Mushroom, Delhi

Pranav Bahl took the 32-year-old mushroom spawn supplying Swadeshi Mushroom and turned it into an extensive organic farm in 2012. Button, oyster, medicinal, and other specialty mushrooms can be sourced from the lab-farm on the outskirts of Delhi. Mushroom lovers, head to this mushroom haven now.

Herbivore Farms, Mumbai

organic farms in India

The city’s first hyper-local farm, Herbivore Farms, in Andheri East was started by two youngsters who were inspired by Krishna Mckenzie of Solitude Farm in Auroville, Puducherry. Today, they use hydroponic methods to cultivate about 2,500 kinds of greens. Sent to the customers on the day of harvest, they have pesticide-free kale, Swiss chard, lettuce, roquette, and many more varieties. They do home deliveries and manage a subscription farm box, where you get 300 gms of assorted greens every month.

Aman Bagh, Gurgaon

organic farms in India
Freshly harvested moong seeds

Just 14 km from Gurgaon at the foothills of the Aravalli range, Harsh Lohit started Aman Bagh to practice farming like it was done before the Green Revolution. Locally sourced, seasonal, chemical-free veggies are grown here. They also allow for guests to try meals made with the homegrown produce at the farm. Try it the next time you’re around.

Tapovana Organic, Chennai

A tool of the Pasumai Organic Farmers Association, Tapovana Organic brings produce directly from the farm to your doorstep. An online-only platform, it is an organisation for small farmers, helping alleviate their economic conditions and simultaneously providing people with fresh, chemical-free vegetables, fruits, and other groceries.

The Weekend Farms, Mumbai 

A venture of Vrindavan Organic farms, The Weekend Farms was started in 2015 with an aim to make India switch to ‘the organic way of living’ by 2020. Besides growing organic fruits and vegetables, they also enabled organic tourism at their farm to help you setup terrace and vertical gardens, and farm development. Only 3 hours from Mumbai, this farm in the neighbouring Somnath area is one of the most holistic spots to source organic produce. 

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Clean living 101: Get your organic food from these sustainable farms in India

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