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Make your weekends at home great again with these indulgent quick bites

The pandemic may have driven us back into the four walls of our homes once again, but it doesn’t have to keep us from celebrating the arrival of 2022. And if you wish to celebrate your weekends at home, we suggest you make it more fun with these indulgent quick bites.

If you’re on board, put on your aprons and take a look at our curated list of delicious nibbles, inclusive of desserts, that are great to keep the festive spirit going this new year and pair perfectly with several glasses of your favourite alcoholic beverage.

Make these indulgent and fun bites at home

1. Sticky, crispy chicken wings

We’re starting this list off strong with an absolute crowd-pleaser. Sticky-sweet and finger-licking good, this recipe is easy to follow and the wings pair well with a side of chips. Prep this the night before or 2 hours in advance so you’ve got enough time to let the marinade soak into the wings. Whip up a large batch of these because your guests are bound to go back for seconds. If your bash has beer involved, it would be criminal not to have wings to go with it.

2. Stuffed mushrooms

A classic party snack and a great option for your vegetarian loved ones, this one’s a unique and quick recipe that’s got the earthy flavour of mushrooms and dense indulgence of cheese. With only 6 ingredients, there’s not a lot of shopping that you’ll need to do for this recipe. To make it vegan friendly, the chef recommends switching out the cheese with a vegan substitute. A bite of this goes well with a glass of martini.

3. Cheesy garlic pull-apart bread

The only thing better, and easier to make, than the usual garlic bread, is loaves of cheesy garlic pull-apart bread. All you need to do is grab a bakery loaf, cut it in a checkerboard pattern without slicing through, and stuff it with herbs, butter, and a lot (we mean, a lot) of cheese. Do this for several loaves if you’d like to have a large batch and stick it in the oven for 20 minutes right before your party begins. With all those carbs, cheese, and garlic, what’s not to love?

4. Spinach cups

This one is for those of your loved ones who can’t do without their fill of greens. And when combined with puff pastry, cream cheese, garlic, and sour cream, the leafy greens go from being the poster child for healthy food to a gastronomical delight. Even better, they fit perfectly into your muffin trays, don’t need a lot of cleaning up, and like others on this list, are easy to whip up, especially if you happen to make plans at the last minute. We can see the rave reviews coming in for this one.

5. Tomato bruschetta

If you’re a sucker for all things fresh and light, this Italian classic is a must-have on your party menu. The crunch of the toast combined and the zest of tomatoes make for the perfect companion to a glass of white wine. Be sure to keep your toasted bread and tomato topping separate until right before the party so you can keep the bread from going soggy. Drizzle on the balsamic glaze and a generous amount of olive oil to really drive home the flavours on this one.

6. Toasted ravioli

Mozzarella sticks and cheese balls are great but toasted, fried ravioli filled with cheese are even better, especially when served alongside a homemade marinara sauce. To pack on the flavour, use good quality, seasoned bread crumbs and sprinkle on a lot of cheese on the top. Whip up the marinara sauce in advance to let the flavour develop and cut through the cheesiness of the ravioli. Delicious!

7. Cornflake chicken sliders

While we’re on the subject of unique takes on classic sit-down meals, we couldn’t do without including this delicious recipe to the roundup. Flavourful, juicy, spicy, crispy and meaty, these offer all the goodness of a burger without any of the mess. And they only take 10 minutes to whip up! They also make for substantial bites for when everyone’s feeling a little more peckish. Besides, with a recipe straight from a celebrity chef like Gordon Ramsey, you get bragging rights at the party.

8. Shrimp cocktail

A last-minute, super quick recipe for when you’re running out of time, this shrimp cocktail recipe is a classic feature in most parties and for good reason. It pairs well with wines and are tender, juicy, and delicious. Since they’re served cold, you don’t have to worry about the food going cold. If you can find pre-peeled shrimp, you’ll cut the prep time in half but even if you don’t, this recipe promises great results in just 15 minutes. You could make the cocktail sauce the night before and spend the extra time getting dressed before your bash.

9. Red velvet truffles

If you’ve got a lot of red velvet cake at home, crumble it up to make these truffles. Not only are they delicious and easy to eat, but they also look pretty as a picture. Besides, who doesn’t love a good red velvet dessert? Make them ahead of time and present them in all their glory once the party begins.

10. Strawberry cheesecake bites

With all the savoury foods taking up space in your oven, we’re keeping our dessert recommendations strictly simple. A fun take on the classic flavours of strawberries and cream, this takes just about 15 minutes to whip up, doesn’t involve any baking, and makes for a fresh, fruity, and deliciously tart end to a meal. The real challenge is not to eat them all before the party begins!

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Make your weekends at home great again with these indulgent quick bites

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