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Sushi spots in Bangalore that promise to ‘maki’ every date night memorable

Over the past few years, the delicious combination of fresh seafood, umami-packed nori, and zingy vinegared rice has made its way from the kitchens of Japan to the culinary culture of India. Bangalore, in particular, boasts of restaurants that serve up the most authentic sushi. Here’s looking at a few that we find ourselves making reservations at time and again.

The star of Japanese spreads and a popular go-to for elegant date nights – sushi has firmly established itself in the dietary habits of the entire world. Beyond its health benefits – courtesy of its protein, healthy fats, and micronutrients – the culinary creation’s popularity possibly stems from its versatility. Toss it with mayo, top with deep-fried crab, or pair with avocado – you’re bound to be delighted. Traditionally, however, it includes fresh seafood – raw squid, yellowtail, salmon, crab, eel, or tuna – as well as soy sauce, pickled ginger, seaweed, and wasabi. This can be traced back to the ninth century – when Buddhists who abstained from meat took to seafood as a staple, pairing preserved fish with vinegared rice (nare-zushi).

Cut to the 19th century and Edo city – now Tokyo – played host to chefs who placed a layer of cooked, vinegared rice with a layer of fish in small wooden boxes before slicing. Soon enough, Hanaya Yohei, a chef and restaurateur, had created the nigiri sushi – balls of rice with fresh, raw fish. Sushi has since seen many innovations and iterations – the California Roll being one of the most ordered, standing the test of time. However, only a few spots have truly mastered the delicate dance of flavours that it boasts of. Fortunately, if you truly enjoy the delicacy, there’s plenty of spots in Bangalore that do sushi justice. Here’s a reckoner of a few that are worth their salt.

Best spots in Bangalore for a bite of authentic sushi


Best Sushi in Bangalore

Few places in the city can boast of being as authentic as this destination on Residency Road. The menu here is eclectic, with recommended options being ramen, okonomiyaki, karaage, miso soup, and beef teriyaki. The teppanyaki is quite popular as well. That said, most diners rave about the sushi. The nigiri offerings include choice of salmon, raw tuna, tiger prawns, cuttlefish, and eggs. Additionally, the maki rolls – which include vegetarian options – are a must-try. When in doubt, try them all with an assortment of their sushi platters. Pair with sake cocktails and round out a meal with their matcha cheesecake or green tea ice-cream. For the best experience, ask to be seated on the low tables.

Address: 131, 4th Floor, Devatha Plaza, Residency Road, Bangalore, Karnataka
Phone: +91 80415 10067


Best Sushi in Bangalore

Perhaps one of the most popular spots in the city for authentic, delicious Japanese fare – a dining experience at Azuki promises to sweep you off your feet. On the menu, the miso ramen, omurice, donburi, chashu, udon, yaki soba, and dorayaki matcha pancakes come highly recommended. However, the sushi is bound to steal the show. Nigiri comes with protein options like shrimp, salmon, tuna, beef steak, squid, crab, and grouper. There are also rolls with avocado, mayo, cucumber, corn, and other delicious plant-based ingredients. For a meal, opt for their combos – which give you a taste of everything. Pair these with sake, umeshu, or shochu and end the meal on a sweet note with some kakigori (shaved ice).

Address: 11/1, Alfred Street, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Phone: +91 80 4121 4342


The new kid on the block, Kuuraku has a charming ambiance, complete with wooden details and an open kitchen. While the ramen, yakitori, and teppan gyoza here are quite popular, the sushi steals the show. The most recommended is the jumbo prawn roll, crispy and flavourful. Other delicious options include salmon cheese roll, tuna mayo roll, and avocado cream cheese roll. Pair these with their Yakult cocktails – creamy and delicious and engage in a fun game of rock-paper-scissors to stand a chance to get a larger drink. Don’t miss out!

Address: 202, 1St Floor, Forum Rex Walk, Shanthala Nagar, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Contact: +91 95997 80020

Lucky Chan

The only spot in town that offers diners the experience of eating sushi off a conveyor belt – a common sight in Japan – Lucky Chan is a wildly popular dining destination. Nigiri options include salmon, tuna, kani, avocado, cucumber, and carrot. The spicy avocado maki roll with jalapeno, asparagus cream cheese maki with panko crumbs, California roll with crab stick, and tiger maki with tuna come highly recommended. These aside, there’s a whole range of protein, spice, and vegetable combinations to explore. And if you can’t choose, opt for platters which offer a whooping 24 bites of varying types. Pair these with their mimosas, sake, or bubble teas.

Address: 594, HAL 2nd Stage, 12th Main Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Phone: +91 82960 31044


One of the most elegant spots for Japanese delicacies in the city, Shiro’s teppanyaki draws diners in scores. However, the sushi is just as delightful, if not more. Options include a choice of Scottish salmon, red snapper, tuna, and prawn. You could choose a platter with an assortment of sashimi and maki. Choice ingredients meet delicate plating styles to curate the most exquisite experience. Pair these bites with their unique, creative cocktails and wrap up the meal on a sweet note with their chocolate cherry bomb, tiramisu, or pecan tart.

Address: 2nd Floor, UB City Mall, Vittal Mallya Road, Near Lavelle Road
Phone: +91 72590 21119


An award-winning, elegant restaurant – Edo boasts of the most delicious, quality sushi and sashimi in Bangalore. Their live sushi counter draws diners in scores – with skilled chefs putting together the most exquisite bites. Popular options include the Aspara Uramaki with cream cheese, Spider Uramaki with soft shell crab, and Unagi Uramaki with grilled eel. You can rest assured of fresh, quality ingredients here. Wrap up the meal on a sweet note with their green tea tiramisu. Interestingly, the name of the restaurant is an ode to old Tokyo – the birthplace of sushi. If that doesn’t spell authentic, we don’t know what does.

Address: ITC Gardenia, 1, Residency Road, Bangalore
Contact: +91 96209 98527


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Sushi spots in Bangalore that promise to ‘maki’ every date night memorable

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