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Try bonbons, fancy dates, and gourmet modaks for Ganpati this year

If Ganesh Chaturthi is around, can modaks be far behind? The most popular sweets of the season will never be replaced. But, there are modern versions of the dumplings and even alternate ideas that are now being entertained. We picked out new sweets that will make your loved ones weep with joy this year. From exotic chocolates to candied dates, there’s a lot to explore in terms of sweets this Ganpati. Here is a comprehensive list of bonbons, chocolates and gourmet dates alongside gourmet modaks available to us this Ganesh Chathurthi. 

Places to have the best modaks and sweets this Ganesh Chathurthi 2021 

Bombay Sweet Shop

Ganpati celebrations aren’t the same without giving your taste buds an exotic treat with handmade sweets from the newest sweet shop in town, Bombay Sweet Shop. Their sweets are made with fresh mawa and are 100% vegetarian. Meet the Puran Poli Modak, a unique combination of Puran Poli and Saffron Peda, stuffed with Chana Dal, Jaggery, warming Pepper, Cardamom & Nutmeg. The Gulab Nut inspired modak is another big bestseller. The Lonavala Chocolate Fudge Modak, a decadent chocolate pedi inspired by Lonavala’s chocolate fudge, stuffed with dark chocolate ganache and peanut-cashew chikki, and the Pista Gulab Jamun Modak, inspired by The Bombay Canteen’s iconic Gulab Nut. Everything is made to order, all you need to give is two-days notice.

Bateel Dates

Dates as dessert? Bring it on. Bateel, an international label known for its finest premium dates, luxury gifting, and exquisite gourmet products bring some unique ideas to the table – there is the Kholas with Caramelized Macadamia, dates filled with orange peel, the traditional medjool dates, Roasted almond dates, candied lemon peel dates. Even those filled with pistachios, pecans and ginger are a treat. Though, for Ganpati, we recommend the Cassandra gift set with mouth-watering treats tucked inside for every palate. 

Mylk Chocolates

Bonbons for Ganesh Chathurthi? These beautiful, colourful chocolates made by Mylk Chocolates by a Le Cordon Bleu dessert chef are definitely Instagram-friendly. Created with the best chocolate sourced from France and Belgium, the label makes exquisite bonbons, truffles, almond rocks, and bars that can be customised in any flavour and colour scheme. This festive season, they have come with Modak Bonbons in exquisite flavours like Dark Raspberry, Salted Caramel and Coconut.


Khoya, a well-known mithai label with a great fan following has now introduced their own Ganpati Special Modaks in enticing flavours: Walnut & Pista Modak; Chocolate Chip Peda; Coconut Khoya Ladoo and Kesar Modak. If you are feeling a bit quirky, go for the pink motichoor laddoos.

St. Regis, Mumbai

The chefs have created modak boxes for you this season. There is a decadent mix of Chocolate Based Modaks, Indian Inspired Modaks and Classic Modaks in the packs of 4, 12, and 24, priced at 300, 1,000, and 1,900 respectively. The chocolate modak boxes consists of Iranian Pistachio, Turkish Coffee, and Madagascar Vanilla. Whereas the Indian-inspired modak boxes feature Gram Fudge and Caramelized Hazelnuts, Slow Roasted Nuts, Organic Jaggery, 24 Karat Gold, and Kashmiri Cashew & Saffron. Place your order on WhatsApp using this link, or call 022 61628422 / 022 61628000.

Arq Mithai

First up are the modaks themselves but reincarnated to suit modern needs. At Arq Mithai, we saw Pista, Paan, Mathura, and mawa modaks vying for attention. The melt-in-your-mouth Shahi Paan Modaks are a treat as are the Satvik Saffron Modaks.

Ornamental Mithai 

Mulund-based sweet house, Ornamental Mithai is known for its unique, beautiful showcase of modern mithais by chef Neelam Saini. The boutique luxury Indian dessert and sweet store has a lot of ideas for Ganpati. Their honey nut crunch modaks are already a hit, and the Maha modak is destined to be an amazing gifting suggestion. We also liked the Preserved Rose and Almond ones and the regular steamed modaks, if you are looking for different options.

Sassy Teaspoon

This Ganesh Chaturthi,  the Mumbai and Pune-based restaurant and bakery is showcasing their specially handcrafted Chocolate Modaks in six delicious flavours: Rose and Gulkand, Kaju Katli, Red Velvet, Nutella, Kesar Peda & Dates and Cardamom. You can pre-order a box of 6 or 12 and all of them are eggless.


Have you ordered your box of Limited Edition Paleo and Vegan Modak’s yet from Raveena Taurani’s Farm to Fork delivery kitchen? If you are health-conscious but looking to have a little fun, these are the best ones to go for. Each order (minimum two boxes) comes with a palatable seed paper Ganpati card that you can plant right away.

Rosarté Chocolaterie & Bakery

If you don’t like traditional modaks, you must try modak-shaped sweets and chocolates that give you the same joy. Enter, Rosarté Chocolaterie & Bakery that makes the most decadent chocolates. The Delhi-based chocolaterie also has some amazing Coffee Cream Bonbons with a smooth and silky coffee ganache that brings out the rich notes of coffee and Belgian chocolate paired together – the perfect addition to your Ganesh Chathurthi gourmet stash.


Another interesting addition is gifting Baklava for Ganpati, a novel concept alright. And here’s how you can ‘Unlock Celebrations’ at home with Hurrem’s handcrafted, 100% vegetarian baklava and Turkish delights prepared by chefs trained in Gaziantep, Turkey. There are bespoke, artisanal food hampers in the mix too. Look out for their specials: Fistik Dolmas, Vegetarian Midyes and Havuc Dilmis.

Try bonbons, fancy dates, and gourmet modaks for Ganpati this year

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