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15 types of paratha that prove that it is the OG street food of India

Parathas just got voted as the 5th best street food in the world, and honestly, we second that! Native to South Asian countries, parathas make for hearty meals, filling breakfasts and snacktime munchies. There’s no meal that parathas cannot be a part of. Here are 15 types of paratha, with recipes, that prove they are versatile, easygoing and incomprehensibly delicious!

A flatbread made from all-purpose flour or wheat flour, parathas are a staple in Indian households. Parathas can be of many types- plain, stuffed, tandoor, pan-fried and whatnot. There’s a world of vegetables out there that you can use as stuffing for your paratha. Today we are looking at all the different types of parathas and their recipes in India.

Different types of parathas and recipes to make them at home

Aloo paratha

The original and the most common type of paratha, this is stuffed with boiled and mashed potatoes mixed with spices. Put a dollop of butter on top and it can beat any high-end food.

Pyaaz paratha

Stuffed with fried onions, this paratha is soft, fluffy and comes with the sweetness and crunch of the onion inside.

Gobi paratha

As winter is approaching, it’s time for the freshest veggies in the market. With fresh cauliflower, this paratha is going to taste even better now than it does throughout the year.

Methi paratha

Methi or fenugreek leaves get a complete makeover when it is used as a stuffing for paratha. These bitter leaves make for the perfect filling in this type of paratha.

Mooli paratha

You might dislike radish as a vegetable, but when it comes as paratha, can you say no? Grate up some mooli and turn it into a paratha!

Ajwain paratha

While this pungent spice is known to treat acidity, it makes for a great spice in the paratha dough. Pair this paratha with any sabzi.

Paneer paratha

Soft, succulent cottage cheese, or paneer, is a delicacy on its own. It just gets a whole new world of texture when it is used in this type of paratha.

Matar paratha

Like cauliflowers, ‘tis the season of fresh, crunchy peas. Boil then and mash them to make a paste and make a delicious paratha out of it.

Laccha paratha

A fresh change from the world of stuffed parathas, all the magic in this paratha happens in the making itself. This type of paratha is flaky and layered and goes best with heavy gravies.

Malabar parotta

A form of laccha paratha, this is Kerala’s very own prized possession. Like laccha paratha, this one, too, is layered and flaky.

Dhakai paratha

As the name suggests, this type of paratha originated from Dhaka, or undivided Bengal. It’s round and flaky and resembles a bhatura in size.

Mughlai paratha

A street food delicacy in Bengal, this type of paratha finds its origins in the culinary influence from the times of the Mughals.

Petai paratha

Another popular paratha in Bengal, these parathas are first cooked from one end to another, then beaten up and broken up into small parts.

Kizhi parotta

Another dish from Kerala, this type of paratha is made by steaming Malabar Parotta in banana leaves along with meat curries on top, which makes the parotta soft, spongy and flavourful.

Veechu parotta

This type of paratha is native to Tamil Nadu where the dough is folded multiple types to make a square shape.

Hero Image: Courtesy Pranjall Kumar/Pexels; Featured Image: Courtesy Hamza Dildar/Unsplash

15 types of paratha that prove that it is the OG street food of India

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