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Occo: Vagator’s newest beachside resto-bar with impeccable delicacies and stellar ambience

Sometimes all you need to do is unwind, give yourself the vacation you deserve, and recharge. Occo, a stunning beachfront restaurant is the place to go for rejuvenation. It will make you fully appreciate Goa’s beauty. With its aesthetic decor and delectable menu, Occo’s main goal was to serve people who want to savour delicious food and cocktails in a stylish sundowner setting.

The directors of Richboyz Entertainment, Gaurav Parikh, Ketul Parikh, Anuj Chugh, and Varun Chugh, had the idea to disrupt the Goa hospitality industry, which led to the creation of Occo, an elegant indoor and outdoor beachside restaurant. They have pushed boundaries and created a unique experience for their guests. The Occo Sunsets Boutique Festival, a disco event that will awaken the party animal in you, adds to the pleasant atmosphere of the location.


Varun Chugh describes OCCO as “a coastal setup offering an artfully crafted culinary experience in a light and airy setting. As for the menu, it features modern dishes with a twist and handcrafted cocktails.”

From Occo’s elaborate dining area, which has wooden-hued flooring, wooden chairs and tables, and cushions that give it a refined yet rustic feel, you can see the sun kissing the sea. The walls are a creamy white colour with a design that looks like a wave that runs across their entire width. There’s also a bar, and the walls are painted pristine white and dotted with intricately designed ornaments. This by itself is all that could possibly be needed to lift your mood and make a stimulating and refreshing atmosphere.

The enjoyment of a delicious meal in the midst of a stunning sunrise and sunset is the icing on the cake. Occo’s menu adds to the overall memorable and enriching experience. With its mouth watering selection of fresh salads, comforting soups, juicy burgers, flavourful starters, aromatic curries, scrumptious sushi, varied pastas, and desserts that will take you to another world.

These are some of the dishes to try at Occo:

King Manchow Soup that contains the spicy goodness of king chillies, Turkish Kuzu burger which has a minced lamb patty top with a cheese slice, fried eggs and served with fries; Miso Garlic Tofu served with crunchy mushroom, Vermicelli Wrapped Prawns served with gochujang mayo, marinated Grilled Chicken Leg seasoned with sea salt, paprika, herbs served with hasselback potatoes and greens; homemade Turmeric Potato Gnocchi pasta drenched in a cilantro goat cheese sauce, and more.

Also, Don’t forget to try their signature desserts to quench your sweet tooth. Such as Baklava Roll, which consists of layered filo sheets loaded with dry fruits and Goan coconut cream; a fluffy Japanese cheesecake drizzled with Yuzu sauce; and Occo’s signature fusion dessert, Wasabi White Chocolate Cheesecake.

The stunning shorefront has a fully stocked bar that serves beers and breezers in addition to gin, rum, and tequila. Monkey 47, Makazai, Sauza Gold, and Martell VS are among their most popular drinks. Additionally, they offer an extensive selection of their signature cocktails and mocktails, all of which are designed to complement their delectable dishes.

Some of their in-house specials include:

Shawshank Redemption, a delicious mix of golden rum, pure honey, and lemon juice, aromatized with saffron; Muladhara,  a combination of white rum infused with lemon grass and martini blanco infusion with lemon, accentuated with flavours of coconut and basil; Marry Marry,  a sweet, sour, and spicy blend of guava, tomato, Indian spices, and chilli; and Goavian Vibe,  a delicious blend of blueberries, fresh cream, mango, pineapple, and basil.


Hero And Featured Image: Courtesy Occo Goa

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