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Anardana Review: The best Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni have a new address in Delhi

This festive season, host a celebratory dinner for your friends and family at Sangam Courtyard’s newest offering, Anardana.

Delhi’s Sangam Courtyard reeks of nostalgia. Nostalgia that is hard to shake every time a Delhiite crosses RK Puram. It’s a kingdom of big laughs, mighty meals, cinematic experiences that create memories for a lifetime. While there’s oldie but goodies like Cafe Delhi Heights, there are new restaurants as well that promise international flavours to their loyal audience. And your next visit to the Sangam Courtyard should definitely include a feast at Anardana, that is, if you love your Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni.

Anardana is where you should come for a flavourful North Indian meal

Marking its third outlet (after Vikas Marg in Delhi and Chandigarh), Sangam Courtyard’s Anardana is special. The shoutout that follows their name is ‘elevated dining experience’, which screams true as soon as you enter the restaurant. The pomegranate red complements the navy blue upholstery like the dull grey bar setting complements the metal gold decor everywhere. Their digital artwork of iconic movie posters of Indian cinema reminds you of the classic Hollywood posters at The Big Chill restaurant (a true Delhiite would know), but it bounces back with the ‘extraness’ of the place, which is very Indian with a contemporary twist.

Anardana Sangam Courtyard

Similarly, their menu is traditional with a few modern experiments. They serve a fusion while keeping the essence of the dish intact, which is a sign of ingenuity you should bear in mind as you glare through their menu. Although they have a dedicated salads and soups section, I would recommend summoning your inner foodie because you don’t want to waste any time ordering their starters and main course, which is generously portioned. Instead, order chaat. Non-vegetarians should start with the Zafrani Lamb Galouti, Chotemiyan Sheekh Keba, and any of their ‘Dilli Wale Momos’. Also on the menu are wood-fired pizzas and small plates such as Tandoori Butter Chicken Wings, Black Garlic Chicken Tikka, Ricotta Dahi Ke Kebab. Honestly, they pair well with cocktails, so if you’re not in the mood for the main course, these will keep you suffonsified!

Anardana Sangam Courtyard

Talking about the main course, Smoked Raara Gosht and Rajasthani Laal Maas are eye candies on the menu. However, take a pause and ask for their Anardana Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni. Trust the server to recommend Dal Makhni — it’s an in-house favourite, too. The Butter Chicken reminds you not of Havemore, Gulati, or Bukhara, but the dhaba-style melt-in-your-mouth gravy chicken, which is piquant and sleep-inducing. The flavour of the ‘anardana masala’ dominates the dish, making it extra special. The same flavour is carried on to the Dal Makhni, which grows on you. While it’s not spicy as a classic North Indian curry, the taste settles in your mouth with an aftertaste that is rather addictive.

Sangam Courtyard’s Anardana would be incomplete without drinks. Like their food, their bar appreciates fusion. The ‘melange of spirits’, as they call it, celebrate it all — the theatrics of cocktails, the playful experiment of colours, and the sweetness of fruits. From jalapenos to mango puree to tamarind juice, cocktails here add character to the meal.

Anardana Sangam Courtyard

To end the Anardana affair on a sweet note, request a Zauq-E- Shahi 2.0. This Indian-style Tiramisu comes in a jar with layers from bottom to top of chocolate brownie, mascarpone with jaggery and gulab jamun. It is the best dessert on the menu.

Elevated dining at Anardana is not about a comfort meal but a comforting experience.

Price: Rs 2,500 for two (including alcohol)

Ambience: Friendly and welcoming

Where: Plot no 9, Shop no. G-6 & G-7 Sangam Cinema Building, Sector 9, Rama Krishna Puram, New Delhi, Delhi 110022

All images: Courtesy Anardana, Sangam Courtyard

Anardana Review: The best Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni have a new address in Delhi

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