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LSA Tastings: Veneto – Bringing the streets of northeast Italy to a trattoria in Kolkata

Bringing the concept of a trattoria from the streets of Italy to an upscale restaurant at South City Mall in Kolkata, Veneto is ticking all the right boxes. Founders and owners, husband-wife duo Vanita Bajoria and Amit Bajoria are the masterminds behind this place. Drawing inspiration from Italy, Veneto boasts of an exquisite wine collection, like no other place in the city. At LSA, we believe in bringing the best of food stories for our gourmand readers, and here’s what we thought about Veneto.

LSA Tastings

A Review of Veneto, Kolkata


Veneto or Venetia is a region in northeast Italy, which is known for its various dining establishments, known as ristorante, trattoria and osteria. Staying true to its source of inspiration, Veneto is all about Italian cuisine. From hand-stretched Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas to lava grills, pasta, risotto, expect a taste of authentic Italian fares here.

We Recommend


Vino Bianco


A platter of fresh seafood, this one comes loaded with fresh prawns and succulent squids. The splash of colours on the plate is refreshing, and the seafood definitely shines. However, if you’d like chicken instead of sea fare, you can have that too. A must-have if you love all things garlic in your seafood. It’s priced at INR 445 for chicken and INR 575 for prawn.

Calamari Fritti


Panko-crusted calamari are deep fried and served with garlic mayo. This is perfect for when you are looking for a small and simple start to your meals. It’s priced at INR 575.

Main Course

For the main course, I had to try their wood-fired pizza.

Spicy Chorizo Pizza


Priced at INR 675, this was the first on my list, as I was still reeling under the chorizo hangover from my recent trip to Goa. With generous portions of spicy chorizo and a drizzle of olive oil, this is a must-have.

In pizzas, they give you a choice to choose your crust between thin crust and Neapolitan crusts. This was certainly a highlight for me, as you won’t find this option at a lot of places in the city.

Risotto Apescatora


This is another dish I would recommend. Cooked in white wine in a light tomato base with generous servings of seafood, this bowl of risotto just had the perfect balance of everything. This is one is priced at INR 595.

Ravioli con Alla Zafferano


Yes, if the name piqued your curiosity, I’ll plug in my disclaimer here. This is exactly what it sounds like. Ravioli in a saffron cream sauce. I was apprehensive of tasting it too, but one bite in, I remember having noted ‘highly recommended’ beside it. Priced at INR 525, this spinach and ricotta stuffed ravioli cooked in white wine and a tomato, saffron cream sauce leaves behind the rich aromatic aftertaste of saffron and it was a perfect 10/10.


Veneto’s Tiramisu


Italy’s classic dessert is a simple concoction of some amazing ingredients. And yet, it is concerning how so many places don’t get this right. Veneto’s tiramisu is non-alcoholic, so that kids can enjoy it too. While I personally like a boozy tiramisu, I decided to give this a try and boy, I was not disappointed. Priced at INR 425, a bit on the sweeter side, this tiramisu has gotten everything right, even without Kahlua.


Veneto’s bar menu is elaborate with a huge collection of wine, some classic cocktails, and some Veneto signatures.

Purple Fairy Fizz


Out of Veneto’s signatures, the Purple Fairy Fizz is something I would highly recommend. Priced at INR 495, this one is a blue pea infused gin cocktail, with refreshing floral and fruity notes of elderflower. It is just what you need to set the mood for the day.

Butter Beer


Vanilla infused vodka, beer and bourbon with caramel, honey, lime juice and more, this drink – priced at INR 495 is a clear winner.

Bean & Gone


Would recommend this for coffee lovers who love their Espresso Martinis. Cold brew espresso is shaken with vodka, coffee liqueur and vanilla, this one’s not for the faint-hearted. This one is for INR 495.

Our Takeaway

Kolkata really needed good Italian places, and when I say good, I mean beyond its usual offerings of poorly-made white sauce and red sauce pastas. Veneto is a breath of fresh air. Even though it’s a mall restaurant, it’s got the vibe of a standalone one when you walk in. Featuring a wood fire oven, and an exclusive wine collection of Mateus Rose, Zonin Chardonnay, Soro Toscana Rosso, Black Tower Riesling, and more, Veneto really has a lot to boast about. Oh, and did I mention that they import their cold meats, like prosciutto crudo, smoked salmon, pepperoni, lamb chops, and sausages from Australia, Spain, Germany and New Zealand?

Quick notes

Price for two: INR 2,500
Address: South City Mall, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata
Timings: 12:00 pm – 11:30 pm

All Images: Courtesy Sreetama Basu

Hero and Featured Images: Courtesy venetokolkata/Instagram

LSA Tastings: Veneto – Bringing the streets of northeast Italy to a trattoria in Kolkata

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