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Review: Bandra’s Plum by Bent Chair’s fare is as Insta-worthy as its design

Plum by Bent Chair opens at Bandra, bringing their audacious suave from Kamala Mills to the suburbs. We went ahead and reviewed the most Insta-worthy spot in Mumbai.

We’ve seen many ‘Instagramable’ restaurants and bars in our time, but never one that was designed for this purpose. Plum have built quite the reputation of flexing fancy furniture and chic cocktails down at Kamala Mills over the years. Safe to say, their décor has a charm of its own. Apart from all the Pan-Asian/Japanese delights, the décor has also been their prime USP. Hot pink walls, velveteen couches and a flora-inspired roof. It’s one of those places you’d have to really ‘see to know’ what I’m talking about. Plum by Bent Chair is actually the lovechild of two worlds – the former, First Fiddle Restaurants by hospitality titan Priyank Sukhija, and the latter, a name synonymous with audacious furnishings and modern finesse, Bent Chair. Over this union, a striking resto-bar came to life which now has a second address.

As they drop another pin on their map in Bandra, we went over for a few cocktails and spicy momos.

Plum by Bent Chair, Bandra review: The house of quirky cool

Plum by Bent Chair

First things first, let’s talk about the décor.

Plum’s aesthetic is designed to break the status quo. Some might call it lush, others fancy but we think it’s quirky cool. It’s an abstract space for all things glam, boho and chic. The walls are pink, the ornamentations are golden, and the seats have a race-flag design. It sounds odd, but they come together elegantly and all of this is powered by Bent Chair. The bar and sushi-bar are illuminated by RGB lights, which can bring out different moods but seating directly across it isn’t the best idea. To add a touch of nature, the roof is decorated with saplings, which is something we don’t see often. I think each section of the restaurant aims to create a different ambience.

Straight out of Kamala Mills, they’ve brought forth their Pan-Asian finesse, this time, specially curated by Chef Sagar Bajaj. The menu is a mix of the aforementioned and Japanese cuisine. Since Plum has a resto-bar vibe to it, we focused our evening on cocktails and starters, the things we’d like to indulge in on a Friday evening.

Heading straight to the Japenese section, we started off with Salmon Spicy Mayo Uramaki and Tempura Prawns. Even though it has ‘Spicy’ in its name, I think this Urumaki is just the right amount of it. It’s certainly something nice and light to munch on initially and the fish was undoubtedly fresh. The prawns, just as we expected, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Don’t forget to give both dishes a generous dip in soy.

Plum by Bent Chair

Next, Cream Cheese and Truffle Dumplings and Pan Seared Chicken Gyoza. If you’re someone who likes a burst of cheese, these dumplings are certainly for you. Absolutely flavorful. On the other hand, the Gyoza seemed like a textbook choice for chicken dumplings. No fuss, totally by the book but with an interesting dash of bird eye chili.

Plum by Bent Chair

We paired this with a Tokyo Old Fashioned and an Orient Express. I often judge a place by their approach to a classic and well, Plum certainly didn’t disappoint. The Old Fashioned was potent and had the punch of bourbon and sake I was expecting. The chocolate bitters added in certainly gave it an interesting touch. The Orient Express, is truly a drink for the elegant woman. The play of cucumber, kiwi and elderflower work nicely with its vodka base.

Plum by Bent Chair

We then moved on to the Cantonese Sliced Chicken and the Spiced Mongolian Lamb. These are two of my top dishes of the evening. The Slicked Chicken was a cool concoction of meaty tenderness and spices. I think it a great dish to be coupled with a drink and yes, it can be filling too. On the other hand, the Lamb is a playground for chili – With Mongolian spiced peanut butter and banana chili, it was a dish well thought of and a job well done.

Plum by Bent Chair

With these, we sipped on a Japanese Gimlet and a Mexico Meets Thailand. The Gimlet, again, a textbook gin drink reinvented with a twist and a true ladies special. The one I’ve been waiting to talk about is the Mexico Meets Thailand. This isn’t a drink for everyone but its name certainly gets you curious. If you’re in an experimental mood, this is the one to try. The punch of tequila mixed with orange juice and passion fruit is what you need to loosen up on a Friday evening.

Plum by Bent Chair

Final Verdict

This is what we’d like to call ‘The house of quirky cool’. Their audacious Kamala Mills suave has carried to this new address and it’s more vibrant than ever. I think that’s almost their USP, and it’s certainly working like a charm. The food too was great. The vibe seems like a mix between casual dining and a club, tilting more towards the latter. I think Plum in Bandra has multiple personalities but they come together very well and the flex doesn’t hurt – it’s Insta-story-friendly too. You might find me here on a Friday evening.

Address: 28th, VN Sphere Mall, 199, 3rd floor, Linking Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai.

Price: Rs 3000 for two.

Ambience: Lively, energetic

Alcohol: Yes

All images: Courtesy brand

Review: Bandra’s Plum by Bent Chair’s fare is as Insta-worthy as its design

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