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These 8 home bakers are offering the best Christmas cakes in Bengaluru

Plum cakes, with a generous soaking of rum (or without), Dundees, Gingerbread cookies, Yule logs, fruit cakes, and more. These home bakers are whipping up a storm with the best Christmas cakes in Bengaluru.  

SpiceCharmer Bakes

Christmas cakes in Bengaluru

Jyothi Varne has a wide spread of traditional Christmas goodies – from the Christmas fruit cake made with mixed fruits soaked in rum for over six months to the Dundee. There is also a rich hazelnut flour cake topped with orange peel and chocolate chip for those who want a non-alcoholic goodie, along with crowd favourites Gingerbread men and the Linzer cookie with a raspberry torte. This year, Jyothi has also introduced edible dark chocolate baubles filled with mixed dry fruits and salted caramel, and Kipferls – an Austrian Christmas cookie. She offers eggless and non-alcoholic versions as well. You can order Christmas hampers across three price ranges and customise your hamper too. 

Spices and Toasts

Christmas cakes in Bengaluru

Saakshi Ray may be young, but she has magic in her hands. Her Christmas menu will include a lot of the popular favourites and some specials. “This menu is everything I think of when Christmas baking comes to my mind!” she says. What’s great is that it will be available till the end of the year. And if you want to sample things ahead of ordering, you can catch her at her Christmas pop up at Kallidora in Domlur on the December 20. On offer will be 12 different products, each of which you can sing songs with for ‘the 12 days of Christmas’. Ray will be making an assortment of preserves, barks, loaves, brownies, cheesecakes, and festive breads!

Sini’s Bake House

Christmas cakes in Bengaluru

Sini is one of those quiet wonders. Anything that comes out of her home oven is usually the stuff that indulgent dreams are made of. For Christmas this year, she has a lineup of Christmas cakes, fruit cakes, date and carrot cakes, cookies, yule logs, brownies, cupcakes, cake pops, and more. “Rest assured that what you get is a Christmas experience that is freshly baked at home with the best ingredients and no additives or preservatives whatsoever,” she says. 

You can also contact her on +91 98445 62062

RJ’s Healthylicious Bakes

Christmas cakes in Bengaluru

Rekha Joseph’s Christmas menu will have a dark caramel cake infused with a range of dry fruits, soaked in homemade grape wine. She will also have a range of semolina breads (free of refined sugar/refined flour), Babkas, x-mas tree bread (with fillings of cinnamon-spiced sugar or a cheesy garlic mix), Santa bread (stuffed with cheesy margherita), Christmas special cakesicles, cake pops, and brownies. She will also be making customised Christmas-themed cream cakes.

Klaa Kitchen by Rhea Aaron

Christmas cakes in Bengaluru

Rhea plans to do a Christmas hamper with a mix of sweet and savoury goodies. It will include Aaron’s special Christmas cake, Victoria marmalade sponge cake, shortbread sugar cookies, filo apple pie cups, savoury cookies (bacon and maple cookies, sour cream and chives, cheddar cheese cookies), and homemade chocolates. This hamper will be on a pre-order basis. “I come from a family where food plays a major role in our day-to-day life. Christmas is that time of the year when we all come together and make it a feast to remember. This year, we want to share the same experience with our customers, and I hope to do that with my hampers,” says Rhea.

You can also contact her on + 91 95617 11497

La Saveur by NM

Christmas cakes in Bengaluru

Namrata Mittal loves bringing something new to people each year. For 2020 she has the Christmas special eggless plum cake with or without alcohol. Her menu includes Christmas-themed cupcakes, cakesicles, and dessert hampers with brownies, chocolates, and dessert jars. Mini tarts are another new inclusion. Interestingly, Namrata offers DIY kits for kids to make chocolates, cupcakes, cookies and for cookie décor. 

You can also contact her on +91 98455 00159

I Dream of Cakes

Christmas cakes in Bengaluru

Megha Tank has a delicious menu on offer this year, which includes a plum cake with rum, spiced with wintery fresh ground spices, 18 types of fruits and nuts, baked and then basted for a month! She also offers a Scottish Dundee Cake, predominantly orange flavoured with dried fruits and no spice, butter rum cake with a rum glaze, spiced rum caramel sauce with freshly crushed spices. And she has everything available in eggless options as well.

You can also contact her on +91 98242 71078

Smack Chocolates

Christmas cakes in Bengaluru

Milan Vijay Bajaj’s plum cakes are usually booked months in advance. She uses her own special blend of spices and has her fruits soaking months ahead. “I personally love the crunch of nuts and don’t soak them with the rest of the fruits,” she says. Besides the cakes, her rum balls are another bestseller. New on the menu this year is a rum-infused ice cream that you do not want to minus. 

You can also contact her on +91 81478 98021

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These 8 home bakers are offering the best Christmas cakes in Bengaluru

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