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These cake shops in Chennai are now delivering delicious desserts

Quarantines are all about learning a new skill. For some, it’s about staying productive, and social distancing might be a blessing in disguise – a chance for the lost soul to find itself, but sometimes, we just want to find ourselves in cake! Am I right? So, let’s get to ordering. Here are 7 of our favourite cake shops in Chennai delivering desserts in the city. If you’ve got any restrictions, feel free to give them a call. They’re great at customisation too.

Mug Cakes, Chennai

cake shops in Chennai

Mug Cakes little treats make you feel a little less guilty about the indulgence, from red velvet to banana cake – you can choose your base and DIY with an array of toppings. They’re also famous for their customised birthday cakes and readily available cake shakes – yup, that’s cake in a milkshake. If that’s not enough, you can always catch them on Instagram to view more options and place your order. Chef Shweta Kishore, of Mug Cakes, charges a base of Rs 900 for celebration cakes and about Rs 150 as a base for mug cakes and cake shakes.

Contact Number: +91 93616 90795

Hew and Frost

cake shops in Chennai

Mridula Ganesan, founder of Hew and Frost, refers to herself as cake and sugar artist. If you’ve peeped her creations, then you can’t help but agree. Her artisanal home bakery can really cater to all your cravings: pound cake, marbled macaroons, or classic vanilla birthday cake? Mridula has got you covered. But what she’s really known for are the meticulously crafted fondant cakes – made for weddings, birthdays, and other large occasions. While these fondant cakes are usually priced at around Rs 2,200, you can get in touch with her to find out the price of her other, smaller treats.

Contact Number: +91 95661 46499

Crumbs and Layers

cake shops in Chennai

Chef Sanjana Robinson, founder of Crumbs and Layers, was the first one to bring cake popsicles, a.k.a “cakesicles,” to Chennai. Now, they’re a roaring hit. She makes Minion cake popsicles, floral ones, and really anything her client fancies. Along with this, she’s also known for her vegan and healthy treats. Her Instagram page often features recipes for these treats and some savoury delights, as well. The cake popsicles and seasonal items, like decadent chocolate Easter eggs, cost about Rs 500 or less apiece. For larger and customised orders, it’s best to contact Crumbs and Layers via Instagram DM.

Contact Number: + +91 98402 95090

Bakeman Begins By Karthika

cake shops in Chennai

Chef Karthika Shravanti is the founder and boss lady at Bakeman Begins. Her feed unfolds like an ode to the love of good food and great baking! If you’re looking to send gifting chocolate boxes, cakes packed in jars, and the like, then you’re looking in the right place! Bakeman balances the art of stunning packaging with yummy taste. One look at their Instagram will show the range of cakes they can make, but all of this is only made to order. The large cakes are priced at about Rs 2,000 and WhatsApp enquiries are the best way to get in touch.

Contact Number: +91 95661 40988

Love, Sugar, & Batter

cake shops in Chennai

Pinterest-worthy cakes, scrumptious cupcakes, and pretty macaroons – Love, Sugar, & Batter will look like paradise on your feed. Order tarts, pies, croissants, and quiches with chef Kajal Raisinghani and if you need any dietary customisations, they’re sure to help! The Love, Sugar, & Batter studio is based in Kilpauk and most items are made-to-order. They charge upwards of Rs 850 for 1 kg of cake.

Contact Number: +91 98847 17922

Bake My Day

This Chennai home baker is based out of Anna Nagar. Chef Samyuktha Vale is a young cake artist, offering a range of desserts – from cookies to birthday cakes. Her fondant work is absolutely gorgeous, and this small operation can give any seasoned baker a run for their money.

Contact Number: +91 98846 95954

Bakealicious Chennai

I’ve never seen such a colourful array of birthday cakes, a range that will make every age group happy! This home baking establishment has really nailed themed cakes: they’ve got BTS (Korean Pop Band) theme, watercolour cakes, marble cakes, and more. Their feed is a real feast for the eyes and the taste? Well, it doesn’t disappoint.

Contact Number: +91 98844 46363

All images: Courtesy brands and Getty 

These cake shops in Chennai are now delivering delicious desserts

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